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Thoughts for the day…

  1. Sign of a good basketball night…when #12 UVA vs. #14 Notre Dame doesn’t get prime time.  I guess they are saving the Nova-UVA game for hype on Sunday.
  2. Watching this AWESOME KU-WVU game.  It never is boring when KU plays on the road.  It never is boring when WVU gets to play in their own very exciting crib.  It never is boring when Vitale is announcing.  Love it.
  3. If they want me to watch more tennis early rounds, they need to dodge THESE nights.  Plus, I can never figure out when Aussie tennis is live or taped.
  4. Sure, it sucks that Big Ben is questioning if he is coming back next year.  Maybe it is overall health.  Maybe it is because he has won two already.  Maybe it is because he has kids.  Maybe it is because of concussions.  Those factors all add up to about 30%.  The REAL reason he is thinking about it is because IF that is the AFC Title game defensive strategy Kevin Butler is going to roll out, then WHY would anyone want to try and outscore Brady???  Do what you want, Ben.  I get it.
  5. Wouldn’t suck as much if Landry Jones was our backup plan right now.
  6. (I personally think he is doubting coming back, but that he ultimately WILL-no worries)
  7. Hey, Auburn bball…just in case you thought you were doing well this season…
  8. Hey, Pittsburgh bball…just in case you thought you were doing well this season.
  9. (both are getting SMOKED by Louisville and South Carolina)
  10. Every time I wonder if Avs fan get mad at this cast’s lack of hockey hooks, I look at the NHL standings.
  11. IF Big Ben comes back, KNOW he has a very, very pissed off and dedicated second receiver.  Bryant looks like a STUD.
  12. I am not researching this.  I loved Legos as a kid.  I liked Batman too.  I have NO idea why there is a movie coming out about Lego Batman.  I have no idea what it is.  Moving on.
  13. I think while watching Nathan Adrian play tonight that he is now my favorite college bball player.
  14. Local guy who would ONLY play at West Virginia.
  15. And for those of you from out west who think that UVA likes or hates WVU, we don’t care…no rivalry whatsoever and only share part of our name.
  16. Averaging a monstrous point differential going into Miami, I am assuming not too many people took the money line on the Heat the other night.  Wow.  Crazy upset.
  17. I never caught just how MANY NBA players voted for themselves for the ASG game.  That is kind of funny and expected.  I might need to look at the volume.
  18. The Falcons are sure creating a root-for philosophy in the weeks leading up to the big game.  Wife watches NFC title game DURING labor????  Owner is taking ALL Falcons employees???  Fun stuff.
  19. She might lose in her next match, but DAMN is a Grand Slam better when Venus Williams is making a run.
  20. Coco is the next coming though…wait for it.
  21. Whoa.  Bob Huggins has something in his contract that pays him $25k to simply beat KU.  Then, he turns around and just gives it to charity.  Very cool.
  22. Roger and Stan will put up an epic match next round.  Bye bye, Tsonga.
  23. Did not know that.  All four of West Virginia’s losses are by 4 points or less.
  24. I haven’t tried to find it, but that Adam Jones police video sounds BRUTAL.  Sad he came back…to himself.
  25. I am back to my normal self and a workout guy through and through.  Worked out today even though I couldn’t rotate my left wrist due to an injury from yesterday.  Not back yet, but on my way…
  26. I have been unsuccessful in thinking of a good joke about Brandon Spikes and fish movers…but just glad that guy finally got his money.
  27. The Elway story I mentioned last night today made the wire.  AND that photo of Tony Romo and John…hmmm.
  28. I admit to not knowing this.  Was this released before the season?  Is this new news?  The NCAA committee will release the present #1 seeds on Feb. 11.  Interesting, kind of useless, but if there is a debate on a #1 and #2 seed, it will be much more debatable and transparent.
  29. Love how Joe Thomas said on Twitter how he is looking forward to Brady getting handed the trophy FROM Goodell.  Awesome.
  30. I kind of feel bad for not going to happy hours this week with our remote employees in town (our company meeting is tomorrow and Thursday), but I have Aspen this weekend.  Saving up.
  31. I love how the 49ers “froze” their ticket prices.  This might seem noble given their present state…but they are ALREADY the most expensive tickets by far in the league.  Hollow.
  32. Swinney says passing on Deshaun Watson is like passing on MJ.  Grasp the concept, but please don’t go there, and at least mention someone who got passed in football.  I am very sensitive about MJ references.
  33. West Virginia’s passing is SO impressive against a pretty good Jayhawk defense.
  34. The Dodgers got a 2nd baseman today, but I was more impressed that they traded for someone and are not just overpaying a free agent.
  35. Philip Rivers will play in the Pro Bowl as a symbol of his last game as a San Diego Charger.  Classy.
  36. What is not classy and very sad is that Tyrod Taylor and Trevor Siemian actually even got invited to the Pro Bowl…and had to pass.  So sad what this spectacle has become.
  37. 80-66 with a minute left.  Don’t do it, kids.  DON’T storm the court.  You are at home.  You are ranked.  You have had success.  DON’T storm the court…
  38. I hear Michigan will pay three football assistants $1 million a year.  First one to do so.  IMAGINE what they will pay them if they freaking WIN it.
  39. In your Deadspin moment of the day, HERE.
  40. WVU didn’t storm the court.  GOOD.
  41. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Onward and upward.  Peace.
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