I’m gonna kill the bear.


Just some quick thoughts for the day…got a lot to do and I have to work for two hours before that…

  1. France 2-1 over Portugal.  Book it.  Late goal by the hosts wins it.
  2. Serena wins, and anyone doubting her Grand Slam drought now?
  3. She tied my girl finally.  
  4. If you take 5 minutes and pour over every single offensive category in the AL, you would be amazed who is in the top ten in everything.  What is more, considering it is Ortiz, we are literally witnessing one of the greatest swan songs in history.  John Elway like almost.  Jeff Gordon like.  Amazing.  
  5. I did NOT enter the JT contest, but know I could have won.
  6. I was flipping in between Ocean’s Thirteen and The Edge, and The Edge won.  We ALL want to kill the bear.  If you haven’t seen it, it is only behind The Score on my list of the greatest movies not enough people have seen.
  7. The need dates movie with Mike and Dave was…VERY worth seeing, and will become a culture hit.  Like Old School.  Like Superbad.  
  8. Whoever the actor is on the right, he was EPIC.
  9. Our company has given everyone 5 minutes to pitch something “new” and I have decided to go in loaded “for bear” (see what I did there?) with bringing back cargo short and closed toe sandals.
  10. Cargo short go in and out of being hip, but they just make TOO much sense.
  11. Greg, I never knew you were such a Ben Simmons fan.  I have followed him since before high school.  Can’t wait to tell you A) the 3-4 reasons why he is special and B) the one reason he might not be anything special.
  12. If the Cavs are going to bring back Chris Andersen, I feel like Mike Miller deserves a call too.
  13. One week until poker.  Glad I won the buy in on my last work trip.
  14. I find it hard to listen to ANY sax player ever since seeing Maceo Parker play on NYE years ago.
  15. It happened again last night.  I JUST ate and someone had leftover pizza.  I ate the whole slice.  Took me YEARS to perfect, but the pizza stomach is a stroke of genius.  Totally separate from my typical human stomach.
  16. I have rented out the entire movie theater for three days for the Bourne movie.  Just saying.  
  17. I have entered that Bourne premier contest and at least have a set of dog tags coming to me if I don’t win.
  18. I could have gone to bed 90 minutes earlier last night, but then Good Will Hunting came on.  
  19. I am approaching 5000 tweets.  That is a LOT.
  20. Dustin Johnson is out of Rio, meaning Wayne Gretzky told his daughter to tell Dustin that he better not get her the Zika virus.  
  21. Wade can break down the relationship of him and Riley and his hometown roots all he wants, but still just another great trivia question 100 years from now.  “What team did Dwyane Wade actually FINISH his career with?”
  22. Pics that weren’t loaded before.  jazz at jacks blog
  23. One of my favorite dudes.
  24. pancho blog
  25. Some of my favorite people.
  26. friends blog
  27. My favorite sister.
  28. avery blog
  29. Definitely my favorite town.
  30. SD Boats
  31. SD Trees
  32. That’s it.  Probably a more colorful blog tomorrow.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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