You’re going to like the way you look, Ponto.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock as far as when the captain tells me to turn off my device, I stop.  Early evening airplane rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Do you remember the team that made the most major moves over the winter?  Do you remember them playing the first month or two at the bottle of the division?  Do you know who just won 8 straight and is SO quietly 1 game under .500?  All answers would be the Bluejays, and that team has too much talent to do what they WERE doing for an entire season.  They are officially part of the AL East party as of about right now.  Happ is coming back during the All Star break, and Reyes is doing a couple of minor league starts after being out 9 weeks.  Look out.

2)      The Flyers bought out Danny Briere’s contract.  I know it was a cap hit, but you guys DO know A) Briere is pretty good B) you didn’t make the playoffs, right?

3)      A warrant is “prepared” against Aaron Hernandez.  I caught a little of ESPN before the plane took off after my work meeting and I guess that means that either the lawyers are talking a deal, or that they almost have the proof that needed info for the investigation was on one of the things he destroyed/ cleaned.  Lindsey sent the following pic over yesterday, and now it is even more true with the developments in the last two days.

4)      I think that if I had a bunch of press people outside my house, I would do something really funny and odd in my front yard no matter how much trouble I was apparently in.  Hmmm.  Like build a fort.  Play freeze tag with two other people.  Or play ladder golf.  Just SOMETHING.  I guess when you are guilty these jokes aren’t exactly going through you head, are they?

5)      Hey, St. Louis, thanks for educating me that you actually have BAD humidity and also reminding me how much I hate it.  LOVE Colorado.  No bugs, no humidity, no hurricanes or tornadoes.

6)      You shouldn’t have called the actual CLEANERS, Aaron.  Should have called the cleaner from Pulp Fiction.  Or Newman.

7)      This is going to be a pretty big cleanup grammatically after the flight.  Pretty bumpy ride.  I personally like bumpy, scary plane riders.

8)      Amazing how certain things stress people out.  I am calm in a lot of situations, but evidently my colleague, Ponto, is much more relaxed when you are in the situation of cutting it close on a flight.  Ponto, I know I was grumpy.  Pretty sure I was MORE grumpy because it is Friday night, a missed flight would be cutting into MY time, and since I am starting moving tonight into Lindsey’s, it wouldn’t be good at all to miss a night of moving my stuff.

9)      Why don’t the Clips and Celtis just let us know what happens in their trade talks?  I am tired of the updates.

10)   I feel like St. Louis has more disjointed intersections, weird one way streets, and MUCH longer lights.

11)   Realize  when reading this that if something is wrong as far as updates, I haven’t looked at ESPN since this morning, I had to catch my plane after my meeting, and I am blogging instead of paying $4.00 for ESPN for a stinking hour and a half.

12)   Officials are looking at Val Ackerman for their new head.  She must have already made it through the gauntlet of actually naming the schools IN the Big East.  I know I couldn’t.  I am in post realignment confusion.  Seriously, I might get five of them.

13)   What a way to do something very few of us care about.  Not only did Abby Wambach (can you TELL I am clearing my list?) break Mia Hamm’s record of all time goals, she scored FOUR in the game to do it.  Was she the chick who stripped down to her sports bra?  No?  Oh, that was a different one.  I will Google it.

14)   Spain beat Tahiti 10-0 in soccer.  In Jim Rome’s very accurate way of translating that for American football only fans, the score was 140-0.

15)   I am going home to unpack from a trip, and then immediately pack more stuff to move.  I need this whole process to be over.  I hate having two home bases.

16)   Two headlines that I am not writing hooks on but made me laugh.  “Torre’s daughter catches falling baby.”  And “Michael Vick’s fighting dog rescued.”

17)   Ed O’Bannon, former UCLA baller, is leading his cause on getting money to college kids when schools are making so much money.  This is a quiet story right now, and only in sports people circles.  The latest update is that he is changing the lawsuit to a class action.  The story might be small now, but if he accomplishes anything on this, it could end up a BIG story.

18)   George Orwell’s 1984 always hangs around the top 300 best sellers.  Interesting, and maybe it is all of these crazy world/ nation end movies that the book jumped up to the #48 spot from #207.  And thank you USA Today for that tidbit and all of your pretty pictures and graphs.

19)   Tell your friends THIS tidbit.  The Men’s Wearhouse guy got terminated.  You know.  The guy who says “you’re going to like the way you look.”

19a)  Ponto couldn’t believe this either.  I was happy to share non related sports news to someone FIRST.  Thanks, USA Today.

20)   Hank Haney has come out and put down Tiger for his lack of preparedness these days.  Is it more jacked up that Hank literally plans on things to say about his last famous pipeline, or that the media is actually quoting him and reporting it?

21)   Dan Brown has a new book out?  Word.  How’d I miss that?  I will have to pick it up this weekend or before my lovely upcoming trip to West Virginia.

22)   Ponto, our “Not You” T-shirt idea seemed funnier last night.  No hook about it.

23)   I ordered “arugula” as one of my ingredients on my personal pizza last night.  I forgot it was green.  Ugghhh.  I actually ate it and didn’t mind it, but THAT mistake will never happen again.

24)   This rant WILL be shorter.  I was through most of my list, then closed my ideas for a bit, and we are now getting warnings about electronic devices.  Guess I better talk about last night’s game and finish up.

25)   Last night.  Wow.  It is not like LeBron has too many weak parts of his game, so you just have to aim at the less spectacular ones.  The Spurs dared him to shoot it from the outside.  And he did.  And he was spectacular.  I still don’t like him putting his own chess pieces in place to win a championship, but I come away from this that he is beyond special as a player.  He was down 3-2 against a 4 time champion and WON in awesome fashion.  I mentioned yesterday I was wondering who the X-factor would be.  Allen?  Miller?  No and no.  What a shooting exhibition by Shane Battier.  Now he can concentrate on being President someday.  It must be SO much fun to be on that team.  With Bosh, James, and Wade taking SO much of the attention away defensively, the shooters get a lot of open looks.  I came away from this also knowing Kawhi Leonard is going to be one special player.  What a great series overall, although some of the early games were not barn burners.  The series overall was a great coaching and athletic chess match.  LeBron is the best player in the world, and he played the best the last two games and then some.  I am sure I will be commenting on this series in the next blog also after things marinate a little more.

26)   That is it.  I hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

27)   Disclaimer.  I am moving.  There will most likely be one blog over the two days.  Enjoy your weekend.  I am about to be wheels down.

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