You are CRAP, Star Trek.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Old format.  On the clock.  Evening rant.  In DC.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       I am watching SportsCenter.  Check out what Bills draft pick EJ Manuel just said.  He said he did things in a different way in college, and now a different way in the pros, therefore now it is a little (pause) different.  Can we include Allen Iverson and Tim Tebow in this conversation so we can include talks about “practice” and people being “excited?”

2)      Tiger took down the Players Championship, with a little help from a bunch of water balls by Sergio.  Hey, Garcia, if you are going to talk smack through the media about Tiger Woods, I kind of feel that you might want to back it up and/or win a big event at some point.  Maybe you should treat a microphone in the opposite way than you treated that green back in the day when you so adorably ran after it post swing.  It was cute, but maybe run AWAY from microphones.  Feel free to run TO the driving range though.  I know Tiger is “not your favorite player on tour,” but I am pretty sure you are a very SMALL group’s favorite.  I remember when you drove us all MAD taking about 50 practice swings and 5 freaking minutes hitting a 70 yard straight ahead pitching wedge.

3)      Hey, just saying.  Tiger already has four wins and we aren’t even to the second Major.  Just talking here, but it IS the fastest to four wins of his career.

4)      The Warriors tied up the Spurs as Steph Curry played hurt after having a pow-wow with his mother.  I break down the matchups and still draw the same conclusion.  It is a great story, but I don’t see HOW the Warriors take this series.  They rely too much on outside shooting with Lee’s absence.  Pop will figure this out, or their shots will start missing more.  It HAS to end. It is just logic.

5)      Thibodeu has been fined $35k for his post game comments the other day.  I am sure this fine is the last thing on his mind as he preps to do another game with a skeleton crew against two of the best players in the league.

6)      Yes, Chris Bosh.  I said that.

7)      Apparently there is an illness creeping around the Knicks.  What a weird playoffs with injuries, flu, and 99% healthy players not suiting up.  Something tells me that JR’s extremely limited level of logic wouldn’t be affected by being a little light headed from sickness.  Dude is an idiot, so therefore he would just be a stuffy nose idiot.

8)      Is there someone out there that placed a bet in Vegas saying the Griz and Warriors would play in the Western Conference Finals BEFORE the season?  THAT would be a sweet payday.

9)      I am a Star Wars guy as opposed to Star Trek.  This new Trek flick?  It doesn’t even look good in the previews. In this day and age, if you can’t make a movie look cool even in the previews, you have little going for you.

9a)  Plus, who has the foresight to make the first movie the FOURTH episode?

10)   Do I need to see either of the first two Iron Mans to see the third one?

11)   Nadal wins the Madrid Open and Williams does also.  If you had to lay money down, these two would be pretty safe bets in the upcoming French Open.  You crazy tennis betting people, you…

12)   It is official.  While I was mulling over Titus Young being on my Rant Squad, he must have read my blog.  The minimum number of incidents/ arrests is three to qualify for my team.  Just to be SURE he had a case, he decided to resist arrest, assault a police officer, and do it all over again.  I laughed hard enough to not totally figure out HOW he was still on the streets after the previous two arrests.  Confused.  Dude, you are on the team, but I am worried if you will be in jail long enough now to not let us enjoy future shenanigans.

13)   I am in DC for the week.  My hotel has literally the best fitness set up I have ever seen (lacking a pool and hot tub, but no one is perfect),  but kind of irritating that the TV doesn’t swivel to where my work area is.

14)   How the HELL did I forget my HAT?  It is LUDICROUS.  My Steelers hat comes in my importance list somewhere after my family, Lindsey, and work.

15)   Yes, it comes in ahead of my Jeep.  This is true.  Sorry, Eleanor.  You are RIGHT after it though.

16)   If you are in DC and like to find the hole in the wall bars, Linda’s Lion has INCREDIBLE burgers, Bottomline is a good place to watch sports, and Rocket Bar is a basement bar with lots of games and cheap drinks.  THAT is why I am on the clock…to hit up Rocket Bar before the game tonight.

17)   I went to a Walgreens to load up for the week on food that will save me money, yet satisfy my tapeworm.  I will be eating a LOT of turkey this week (not like that is different from any other week).  Milk, yogurt, turkey, bread, cheese, orange juice.  Good to go.

18)   A HA.  Not saying it will happen, but I am right on so far for the Rangers-Caps series.  I still like the Rangers.  I think Lundqvist will get them there.

19)   The Cubs might be after Jacoby Ellsbury?  Ok.  I get the whole change of mentality over there with Theo, I get the going after Boston thing, but he does know that no one would want to go there presently, right?  They just SUCK and are the definition of a rebuilding project.

20)   It is police week here in DC.  I just got out of the elevator where a guy had yelled to his buddy down the hall, “who has the guns?”  Like, figuring out which room they left them in.  Kind of funny, and not a lot of other hotel situations where you would hear that phrase.

21)   I have my hair short for the conference.  Needless to say, people are assuming I am a cop.

22)   #1 basketball recruit Andrew Wiggins will announce his choice tomorrow at noon.  This is exciting.  Ok, it is exciting for bball junkies like me.  Anyway, he has made visits to Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Florida State.  Solid group of schools.  It will most LIKELY be one of those schools, but here is a small tidbit that is interesting after this year’s tourney.  Andrew’s brother plays ball at Wichita State.  Hmmmm.

23)   The Wings beat the Ducks surprisingly in game 7.  They have the experience and the brand name.  This is their last year in the West as they are in the East with the new approved alignment.  AND, another year of hockey, and another low seed making noise.

24)   Colorado football fans might be thinking optimally since they have a QB coming back who played all last year.  Jordan Webb has experience.  Good.  He NOW also has experience being in jail, as him and Nebraska transfer Alex Lewis were both arrested Saturday night.  Sometimes you look at Colorado football, and have to pinch yourself when you say “they have won a national championship in the last 25 years.”  Weird.

25)   I consider myself a master packer for trips.  I am making a mental note of three things (besides the hat) that I am including on all future trips.  An extra backpack (for swimming gear, walking, etc.), goggles (they have a resistance pool that I want use, but I am NOT buying another pair of goggles considering it took me like 5 tries to find a pair that fits my odd shaped noggin.), and a lock.

26)   That is it.  Rocket Bar and then basketball watching at home are calling my name.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.

27)   My buddy texted me the answer to a question I asked him the other day.  He said “That is a CLOWN question, bro.”  Kyle is funny.

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