You are asking me if I would like to CHANGE the channel????

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Yes, I am like the rest of the population and am very happy a football game has been played.  I get it.  It is exciting.  These are glorified practices though, and that is it.  I only watch the first part of Steelers preseason games if at ALL (which is saying how non excited I am about preseason games considering I stop my life for regular ones).  Let’s just figure out lineups and get to September.  Congrats on your “win,” Tony Romo and friends.

2)      I am not saying that they are dead in the water, but those couple of times that Aaron Rodgers looks over his shoulder briefly after the Packers lost LT Bryan Bulaga COULD cost them plays/ games here and there.

3)      MLB suspends 12 and then gives A-Rod a special ban for 2014.  I glanced at the list.  I saw about 3 good players, A-Rod, and 9 subpar players.  Whatever they were taking…it didn’t work well in all cases.  It kind of is weird that they are banning them now…meaning they can come back for the playoffs.

4)      From my buddy Vince, who always is paying attention to those Onion headlines.  “That’s what the game’s about for me: It’s about jogging out on that diamond hopped up on anabolic steroids and firing a strike to the first baseman after fielding a slow chopper to third.”  ALEX RODRIGUEZ QUOTE.  Deadspin showed the press conference with him talking trying to “mimic emotion.”  Well said.  Dude doesn’t care.

5)      I wonder if anyone has seen Johnny Manziel at a party this week and asked what WAS that fee he was charging for his autographs and could they get one?

6)      Sent from my buddy, Chris, at The Cantina in Denver.  First, go to that place, as the atmosphere is awesome with the staff being the same.  11th and Lincoln.  Second?  Watch this dunk he sent me.  Some 5’10” dude jumping OVER Blake Griffin.

7)      If I walk into a place with a piano, I WILL get up on stage…rusty or not.  This would be me being in the vicinity of a packed Howl at the Moon in downtown Denver Saturday night…and getting up there.


8)      You know you have a cool girlfriend when you walk into a room with a channel already on and SHE asks you if you mind watching Shark Week.  Boom goes the dynamite, Lindsey.  That is dope.

9)      You should check out Deadspin daily ANYWAY, but if you do it for a football reason, check out their daily article entitled “Why Your Team Sucks,” as they go team by team.  Solid football breakdowns along with being extremely funny.

10)   I know you care, and I know you have been waiting for this information, but quietly the Packers gave Vince Young another team to irritate by signing him today.

11)   Shame that Tony Stewart’s broken leg will stop his Chase run.  Can I assume then that this would be the leg needed to accelerate and stop?  The other one just sits there motionless, right?

12)   Finally, in our Bubble Boy segment, John Wall said in an interview that he is the best PG in the league right now.  I guess he is not a numbers or stats guy.  I suppose this means he isn’t a win-loss guy.  I also get you have to believe you are the best to a point in your own mind to get there eventually.  But to say that out loud.  Are him and Derrick Rose having beers tonight?  Rose said he is better than LeBron.  Actually, them having beers won’t work because John thinks he is better than Rose, which would mean in Rose’s world, that John Wall was the best PLAYER in the NBA.  I just confused myself.  Get me a flow chart, and I will talk to you tomorrow.  Moors.  Moops.  Moors.  Moops.

13)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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