Yes. He is still performing live for money…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version.  Day rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)      Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  Maybe Mike Woodson should have read my blog and pretended it was written on brick.

1a)  I am not saying it is funny, but you see where I went with that, right?

2)      If Steve Kerr takes over the Knicks with Phil overseeing everything, should we assume that they might run the triangle and then trade away Melo just because he won’t understand it?

3)      Mr. Noah was the NBA’s top defender this year.  Well deserved.  You can throw stats out.  That dude was simply BALLING most of the year on a squad where they just kept taking things AWAY from.  Plus, I believe that when you have a goofy free throw shot, it automatically pushes you over the edge for DPOY.  Did Shawn Marion ever win that award? Jk.

4)      Tyrone Corbin got axed as Utah’s head coach.  Look at my tweet from yesterday.  I am VERY respectful he pulled even 25 games out with that squad.

5)      What a heartbreaker.  The Blue Jackets bust their ass and take a game in Pittsburgh.  All is good, and heading back home to Ohio to show off their rabid fan base.  What happens?  They blow it by allowing THREE goals in the third period.  I see this series maybe turning.  Back to home ice advantage suddenly with one of them being a better squad.

6)      I am equally impressed with the color coordination of THOUSANDS of OKC fans as I was of that crazy four point play by Kevin Durant.

7)      Mad respect for the Griz.  They blow it, go into overtime at the other team’s crib, and SHOULD have lost their composure.  They did not.  That series is going to be a fight.

8)      The Raiders trade away Terrelle Pryor for a seventh round pick to the Seahawks.  What this means is two things.  They traded away the last Al Davis drafted player AND gave the Seahawks TWO QB’s that make more money than Russell Wilson.  Weird.

9)      Tony Parker says Tim Duncan didn’t talk to him at all his first year.  In my opinion, Tim Duncan can do whatever the hell he wants.  It worked out fine.  Silent genius.

10)   The Avs lost a guy to injury, which is more concerning, but I am still feeling pretty good about the Avs’ chances being up 2-1 against the Wild.

10a)  I am missing my Flyers play tonight.  My apologies, team.  Do it up, please.

11)   So, evidently the Warriors just simply pissed off Blake Griffin.  We get it.

12)   POWER hire.  Crazy strong hire.  After being turned down by the guy from Louisiana Tech, the Vols offered the gig to Southern Miss coach Donnie Tyndall.  Directional.  YES.  I don’t think that school will have to worry about a power struggle between basketball and football like at Florida any time soon.

13)   The Timberwolves are eyeing Mr. Donovan and Mr. Izzo.  Right.  Sure.  Yeah.  THAT will happen.

14)   IF you inserted the Knicks into the previous sentence, that is about one of three teams I see them even answering the phone with.

15)   Pop is coach of the year, meaning we have the pleasure of dry, witty, angry, brilliant interviews in the very near future.  Yay.

16)   Thoughts and prayers to former Jacksonville LB Randall Allen.  Dude didn’t get a concussion last year in a game.  He had a stroke.  Get better, and things are MUCH more important than football, bro.

17)   Mike Holmgren either missed media attention recently or really thinks he should have coached the Browns years ago.  Either way, we don’t care.

18)   In case some of you people don’t have technology and ESPN yet, just letting you know even the NFL playoffs are going to be on that channel in 2015.  You have a year to make that extra $30/month.

19)   Snowball says he has to DEMAND the ball and that is time to go to work.  No word on whether he snuck in some free throw practice in between interviews.

20)   I had a joke in my subconscious about the UNC athlete reading specialist resigning this week, but I LOST it.  Sorry.  It is like the piece of paper the maid threw away in Seinfeld.  I might have to make hooks up about “that thing in airports…”

21)   Warren Sapp says that Clowney lacks the fire for the NFL.  No.  He possibly lacks the fire to be GREAT.  That dude is athletic enough he could take plays off and still have a job.

22)   You might not care.  The person sitting next to you might not care.  But, MOST of the general college basketball population and fans DO care where in two weeks top prospect Myles Turner chooses to go to college. 6’11” and a PLAYER.

23)   Hmmm.  I have two topics left.  One short, one monologue.  Which one?  Sorry, Charlie, you lose (or win depending on how you think).  Charlie Strong says that Texas is not on pace to win it all this year according to his plan and the recruits they have and that Texas will NOT be in the championship game this year.  Dude.  When you play in a big conference.  When you have a decent recruiting class.  When you coach at a school that is used to being good.  When you are coach MOST people didn’t want.  You do NOT say you won’t win.  Plan, schpan.  They have been in ENOUGH pain since 2005 and Wonderlic boy.

24)   Monologue.  Some NBA execs are saying they would prefer to take Jabari Parker at #1 in the draft.  This is a very interesting draft, although we CAN’T be more surprised than last year I suppose with Mr. Bennett.  I like Parker also, and here is why.  You have Wiggins, who is basically a 6’8” SHOOTING GUARD with talent, athleticism, and oddly no drive.  I see problems in him taking over anything if he couldn’t even take over schools like Texas Tech.  Dude has no fire.  Michael Jordan wanted to beat you to the lay up line.  You have Embiid, who I will say two things about.  He is an offensive “project,” and already has a mini injury bug.  Chancy.  You have Exum, who is a foreigner who ODDLY has a problem with shooting.  His athleticism and body are fine.  But most foreigners can at least shoot.  You have Aaron Gordon and Julius Randle, who I will group together.  I am not saying they are the same player, but both are a LITTLE shorter than you want an NBA power forward.  Just saying.  Then, you have Marcus Smart, who I LOVE, but his one little temper tantrum put people on edge.  Then, Parker.  He can play SF, has an outside shot, is athletically talented enough to guard both SF and PF, played for classy Duke, and is a good kid overall.  In a draft when any of us can name one weakness of any player on the board, I am tempted to go with Parker overall.  This means I actually believe this as I hate Duke.

25)  That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?

25a)  I have been “sold” by my friend and former boss, Vince, to go see old school rap on a SCHOOL night tonight.  Ugghhh.  Slick Rick.  I suppose it will be fun, but don’t like being ANYWHERE on a school night past 7pm.  Concert starts at 9pm.  Ugghhh again.  He pushed me over the edge with excellent salesmanship and the fact that he bought my ticket.

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