Y’all both look like Gerald Ford!

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  I have work to do.  Let’s turn and burn.

1)  Johnny Manziel wins the Heisman.  It truly didn’t matter which player you picked between Manziel and Te’o.  It would still be the right one for a multitude of reasons.  If they could do a tie, then this was a good year to do it.  Fact is this.  Manziel’s numbers were better than Tim Tebow AND Cam Newton, and they both won.  That being said, if you WERE going to give it to a defensive player, this was the year.  I think Te’o should have gotten it, but also because I really wanted the acceptance speech in that crazy outfit he had on.

2)  Illinois basketball beat Gonzaga at Gonzaga.  That will be a nice resume builder down the line, because I don’t see the Fighting Illini having the athletes to hang in there for the entire season.  Conference play will bring them back to earth.

3)  If you have never seen the Army/ Navy game start to finish, you are missing out.  The game is the main attraction, but watching all of the other things about both locations is well worth it.  You missed it this year, so make sure you set some time aside next year.

4)  Mavs OJ Mayo had 40 points the other night.  He is finally living up to all of that hype that has followed him since he was in his early teens.  The question is not whether he can keep it up.  The question is how him and Dirk will coexist once Dirk comes back from injury.

5)  Pitcher Zack Greinke signs with the Dodgers.  In case you haven’t noticed over the last few years, the spending spree areas have moved to the other coast.  It used to be the Yankees and Red Sox fighting it out with their wallets.  These days, it appears to be the Angels and Dodgers paying the high prices for the big names.

6)  I seriously do not need a clock on Sundays.  I truly have an internal time clock as to when the Steelers game starts.

7)  Hey, what do you know?  The NHL sides have rejected the most recent proposal.  No progress.  No hockey.  They already had one of the smaller groups of fan bases, but this is not helping…at all.

8)  The Jets HAVE to be doing this to us on purpose.  After fending off all talk about a QB controversy, what do they do?  They make the guy who won the game for them inactive.  Weird.  To make sure Greg McElroy didn’t come out and actually do good things, and therefore make overpaid Mark Sanchez not the common choice, the owner probably told Rex Ryan to just bypass that whole situation by making it impossible.  Nice.

9)  I never saw it coming, and neither did he…at least on that punch.  Marquez knocked OUT Manny Pacquiao.  Freddie Roach has been trying to get Manny to get more knockouts instead of going the distance every time.  Manny made a promise to Freddie earlier this year that this fight would be by knockout.  Well?  I guess he made good on that promise-just not the way he had it mapped out.  I guess with one single right handed punch, all possibilities of a superfight with Mayweather and Pacquiao are now off the table officially.

10)  Michael Young gets traded to the Phillies.  So, after trading away some of their foundations last summer, I guess the Phillies are officially done that mood swing and are now trying to win again.  Glad you are back, guys.

11)  Well, it made it home, but Eleanor stalled Friday after work and right after getting fixed…and had some problems waking up this morning.  I know I used to like gambling, but it is not quite as fun walking out to the car not fully knowing that things will go smooth with the ride.

12)  I went ice skating with Lindsey Saturday night.  It was fun.  I obviously looked like someone had hadn’t laced them up in a very long time, and basically wasn’t able to do the cool hold hands and skate thing since I was the weakest link.  She said I was skating scared.  I said I was simply “acknowledging my limitations and recognizing my capabilities.”  It didn’t look smooth…at all.  It is not like I am really rusty.  I just was never good at all to begin with.

12a)  The coolest thing about the skating night was that even though Denver didn’t get much snow over the weekend, the amount we got happened RIGHT as we were skating.  Very cool.

13)  I don’t get into Jay Glazier being on pre game, but he did say something funny before the games Sunday.  When asked how he knew that Tim Tebow was ok from his injury, he said that when he threw the ball in practice, it looked like his normal, ugly semi-spiral.

14)  Marcus Lattimore is going pro.  That is a gamble.  His talent is obvious in the games he HAS played, but with running backs already being pushed back in the draft because of shelf life and injuries, you would think that he would want another shot to show he can make it through a 12 or 13 game season, let alone a 16 game one in the pros.  Plus, SINCE he was hurt, why wouldn’t he go back, prove he is healthy, and maybe pick up a Heisman while he is at it?

15)  I am just guessing here, but something tells me the rumors that say that the Arizona Cardinals mailed it in in the 58-0 loss this weekend…and kind of right.  That is NOT a pro score.  That is directional college worthy.

16)  Dez Bryant may need surgery on his finger.  That would explain the dropped balls, I suppose.  I bet it is not even hurt.  I think he is just giving himself an excuse to the media for not reeling in some of those well thrown balls.

17)  And my fantasy season appears to be over assuming Wes Welker and Tom Brady don’t get 50 points total.  That is what I get.  I take Anquan Boldin with my last pick and he gets 15 points this weekend.  I take Greg Jennings with my first WR pick, play him now that he is back from injury, and he gets 2 points.  That is kind of like someone being stubborn and starting Mark Sanchez/ your high priced player.  Guess who I started…

18)  The Ravens fire their offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.  This must go deeper than just performance.  It is not like they are out of the playoffs, they are leading their division, and this is an odd mid season firing if you ask me.

19)  Speaking of directional schools, Bobby Petrino DID get a new job (you knew he would).  Western Kentucky.  Good luck with THAT, Bobby.  I have a good intern/ Kentucky stereotype joke, but I think it crossed the line.  My mom reads this.

20)  Ted comes out on DVD tomorrow.  Coming from a guy who saw it on opening day in the theaters AND enjoyed it, I say go see it.  It is really funny even if you don’t get into Family Guy (although be ready for that type of humor), but it is extra funny if you are a Family Guy fan and can get the inside jokes.

21)  RGIII has a Grade 1 LCL sprain.  That is not bad, and now the city of Washington, DC can all slowly exhale.  Kirk Cousins, his pledge brother in the draft, looked good in relief.

22)  We all keep talking about whether Duke is as good as they seem to be, and yet we forget a really important other point.  The youngest Plumlee, Marshall, is about ready to go.  He is another big frame for the frontcourt.  If Ryan Kelly and Mason Plumlee keep playing the way they are, and Marshall is as good as advertised, then people will be scared of Duke’s size, which seems weird to write.

23)  Adrian Peterson has quietly snuck on the 2000 yard plateau.  Three games, 400 yards.  He says he is not concentrating on 2000.  He wants Eric Dickerson’s record.  Go see What About Bob, AP.  Baby steps.  Worry about Eric after you join the 2k club.

24)  My colleague’s contribution.  Could this be the worst free throw of all time?  http://www.yardbarker.com/author/article_external/12401089?mailing_id=2038&linksrc=mb_main_col_10

25)  There are some movies that just make me smile.  I also am amazed how a guy can go from literally the funniest guy on the planet, and then suddenly become NOT funny.  Kind of like a pitcher who suddenly can’t throw a strike.  Anyway, Eddie Murphy and Beverly Hills Cop II was on Saturday as I made brunch for myself.  That movie is hilarious. Think about it.  I hear the Pointer Sisters, and I think of Beverly Hills Cop, and Axel F is probably the ONLY song that you can play every 5 minutes throughout two full movies (the third installment wasn’t funny) and not get irritating at ALL.  Great tune.

26)  It is not a big name like Cody Zeller or anything, but remember this name.  Austin Etherington.  His season ending injury doesn’t take Indiana out of the hunt-not even close.  But, when we are talking about COMPLETE teams, losing the sophomore doesn’t help in the long term vision this year.

27)  I won’t be a homer in this column, and only talk briefly about my teams if possible.  The Steelers stunk against the Chargers, and were painful to watch.  The Steelers beat teams like the Giants and Ravens at their cribs, and then can’t even win at home against a lowly Chargers team.  That is not good.  I almost don’t even want them in the playoffs.

28)  Joking.

28)  I have to go watch football and work.  That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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