When you have too much going on during a big game when trying to blog for first half, sometimes this ends up as your theme…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  Since Bill Simmons ripped off my co-blogger’s half written blog today, let’s do this a la Bill Simmons in journal style while I sit here and watch entire game (I will be WATCHING game in between hooks so it won’t be 2.5 hours long technically).  Anyway, today’s blog snuck in the middle of journal.  Let’s have some fun.

Mr. Royal:


Simmons stole my next blog. I was going to write about why I stuck with the Pacers:

1. David West

2. Their hate for Miami

3. That they (like the Terminator) been built with one purpose in mind: beating Miami

4. Miami isn’t as good as we think, but Lebron is

He literally took every one of my points.

2)      Game tips and feels very much like a rivalry.  But, as Dwayne Wade reminded us, it takes a team to beat the other once to actually be a rivalry.  That hasn’t happened yet no matter how close they have gotten to the Heat.  Not a rivalry yet.

3)      (I was going to do more play by play.  I am already too interested in the game to write during play.  How the hell does Simmons do that?)

4)      Probably because his motivation is that he gets PAID for multi-tasking.

5)      9:10 1st Quarter: Dwayne Wade might be the best mid range shooter of our generation.

6)      7:20 1st Quarter:  I have now seen West, George, and Stephenson take it to the hole.  LOVE the mentality.  Screw the jump shots until they stop you.

7)      6:49 1st Quarter:  James and George still guarding each other.  Love it.  Best on best.  Which is probably why Wade has 8 of first 10 points.  Sucks when a team has TWO future HOF’ers.

8)      5:20 1st Quarter:  George misses, Hibbert tips it back.  George misses, Hibbert tips it back.  Stephenson hits a jumper.  If Roy has his head in the game on what he does best, they are SO good.

9)      Commercial:  Bud Light has a Platinum beer now, some margarita thing, and Miller has Fortune.  What the HELL is going on?  Stay in your freaking niche.

10)   Pre game note:  Someone tell Jalen Rose the US Open is ALSO a golf tournament.  You KNOW what I am talking about if you saw it.  11 year old he thinks is playing tennis.  Ugghhh.

11)   Pre game note:  I agree with Mr. Royal.  Although the Cavs made a HUGE jump in the NBA draft order, with Embiid’s back problems, Wiggins lack of aggression on a consistent basis, and everyone moving up and down in mock drafts, this is really not the most advantageous draft to jump all the way up.  Hell, I saw McDermott top 15 today because of a 36” vertical and Julius Randle down at FOURTEEN because of…I don’t know.

11a)  Interesting Cleveland won the #1 pick about 8 minutes before LeBron’s game tipped…

12)   Pre game note: The Bucks rep/ daughter of someone important in organization was extremely hot, but then she started talking and I decided she shouldn’t have been sent.

13)   4:35 1st Quarter:  Did Dwayne Wade just try to go behind the back IN the paint?  He is crazy.  18-10 Indy.

14)   Pre game note:  That damn Pitbull K$sha Timber song is SO damn catchy.

15)   1:04 1st Quarter:  It has felt that Pacers are doing what they want relatively, yet score is 20-19.

16)   58.7 1st Quarter:  Second foul on West.  No Bueno.

17)   46.2 1st Quarter:  Ray Allen just shot an airball.  THAT doesn’t happen often.

18)   21-20 End of first quarter.

19)   I respect a lot of things Adam Silver has done already, especially with this Sterling thing.  It might make sense to wait until after the season to take care of this thing.  But, he is squeezing the vote in BEFORE the NBA Finals, showing he means business in getting this behind all of us.  Props.

20)   Love that JT, in the middle of winning SEVEN awards the other night, said I would like to thank everyone out there but Donald Sterling.

21)   I know it is not official, but SO glad Kevin Ollie is staying at UCONN.  There are times to not to be in someone’s shadow.  Sure, Jim Calhoun put them on the map.  But, he advocated HIRING him in the first place, is still around the university helping, and Ollie already has a title.  Sounds like a hell of a plan to me.  Mentor helping you displace HIM.

22)   I think the Rangers roll in the series against the Habs with Montreal losing Price.

23)   9:26 2nd Quarter:  I am sure we all at this point said that Norris Cole would be a difference maker in this game thus far.

24)   8:35 2nd Quarter:  27-27, with LeBron on the bench and not doing anything.  Does anyone ELSE find that scary?

25)   I am in my mind thinking during commercials about combinations of Adams, Collison, Perkins, and others to substitute for the loss of Ibaka, but I can’t figure one out.  I can’t at least figure one out with a smart team like the Spurs with so many weapons.  I will watch tomorrow to see SOMETHING for life, but can 2 superstars running NO offense with no inside help do it?  Not sure.

26)   Mathis, stop telling us the media is misleading us.  We don’t believe you, just like we pretty much never have.

27)   El Tigre, I am a HUGE fan, and wish you would stop talking to the media until you KNOW when you are coming back.  You are coming dangerously close to my newly created No Fly Zone.

28)   Regular readers know what the No Fly Zone is.  I could tell you the members of it, but then I would have to kill you.  Unlike the Rant Squad, I announce your membership and then you are dead to us here in Fillerbuster land.

29)   7:45 2nd Quarter:  Great block by Wade.  I will add greatest 2 guard shot blocker of our generation to his accolades.

30)   7:25 2nd Quarter:  I love listening to Mike, Coach, and Mark, but a part of me really misses Bill Walton doing games.  Damn, he is such an idiot on the mic.  Car wreck that you can’t change the channel from.  “That might be the best block by an under 6’5″ guard that played for a school that started with the letter”M” I have ever seen.”

31)   6:37 2nd Quarter:  Norris Cole is still playing.

32)   I keep forgetting Rashard Lewis is on the Heat.  I always think about him for idiot contracts, and then my mind drifts to how Gilbert Arenas didn’t play basketball in the NBA last year but made $22 million and was the 30th highest paid athlete in the world in 2013.

33)   6:16 2nd Quarter:  Cameraman gets run over.  When are we going to move the camera guys on the baseline back 5 feet?  It is not like we don’t have the technology to make them APPEAR they are filming that close still.

34)   White Sox Jose Abreu has no structural damage, meaning MLB fans will get to enjoy more of his superb skills this year.

35)   I would love to disagree with the Vegas over/ under of the Steelers win total being 8.5, but that sounds about right after perusing the roster again in my free time.

36)   4:36 2nd Quarter:  Bosh just hit the side of the backboard on a three pointer attempt.  Those don’t look good no matter how you cut it.

37)   4:04 2nd Quarter:  West picks up his 3rd foul after checking in.  No Bueno.

38)   Derek Fisher had a pretty good game last night for the Thunder as a new Knicks coach.  Bill Walton would say that was the greatest game by a New York Knicks coach ever.

39)   Deadspin is dead on with this one.  Enjoy the breakdown of a guy who wore a non team jersey with 69 on it to a game.  http://deadspin.com/when-is-a-party-69-baltimore-orioles-jersey-appropria-1578748158

40)   Commercial:  Xmen.  Whenever I think about how cool it would be to have superheroes guarding the Earth, I realize that in movies they are needed because some bad superhero or monster is attacking.  No superheroes is fine.  I am too comfortable on my couch to worry about monsters.

41)   Commercial:  I actually USE Old Spice, but that commercial with the lady coming out of the bowling ball thing is just weird.

42)   No commercial:  I have noticed the Godzilla commercials have suddenly stopped.  As someone who watched it, I get why.  I will say I am glad I went for the 3d.  Damn, the overall movie sucked, but yet still made the last one look worse somehow.  Go see it drunk.  If you have to piss during the movie, either call me for plot development or just know Godzilla does stuff at the end.

43)   The NFL owners are tabling the playoff expansion talks.  In related news, they came out of their phone calls with the realization that the sky is blue and the grass is green.

44)   1:47 2nd Quarter:  I can feel the stress of the Indy crowd as the Heat are up 38-33.

45)   1:08 2nd Quarter:  When you are calling a timeout at this stage of the quarter for NOT just calling a play and because of score instead, it is no Bueno.

46)   The owners are filing a trademark on California Chrome.  You mean to tell me NO one out west in the auto industry or something has grabbed that?

47)   34.5 2nd Quarter:  However they are shooting on the offensive end, Miami’s transition defense is incredible almost all the time.

48)   I am glad the $60 million high school Texas football stadium couldn’t even last a couple years with some concrete.  Where did THAT money go?

49)   0.0 2nd Quarter:  Stephenson gets off a tip play on the final play of the half.  Surprised the Heat would let that happen.  No one was even guarding him.

50)   Halftime.

51)   Floyd Mayweather will fight someone on September 13th, and especially coming from someone who missed the first fight in real time, I will say I want a rematch of the last fight.

52)   It might not be the Kurt Warner story, but it involves stocking shelves.  Check out the background on Rockies pitcher Chris Martin.  His UPS story of him throwing a ball to coworkers in between package rows is pretty freaking cool.

53)   Minnesota will get the 2018 Super Bowl, mostly because of the new stadium they are completing by 2016.  Minnesota in February.  Indoors or not for the game, that sounds frigid.  Better have warm shuttles.  Watch that is the year I win some trip to the big game.  You know, instead of San Diego, New Orleans, etc.

54)   We would like to welcome the Bucs cheerleaders to the sue your employer party.  Everyone else just get in line.  Please make sure and give Deadspin your handbook.

55)   Dammit.  I forgot halftime isn’t even Charles and Co because we are on ESPN.

56)   Ok.  This really hasn’t been as much fun as I thought.  Maybe during a game I don’t care about, but I can’t do this.  This is too much going on.  I am going to concentrate on the second half.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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