When I got tired, I slept. When I got hungry, I ate. When I had to go, you know, I went. When I had to blog, I blogged.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Not an airplane cast.  Sunday afternoon post Steelers game Cast.  Super-speed version.  I am grumpy.  Let’s turn and burn.

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  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Short one today ( I always say that and just start typing) with lots of pictures.  One sentence per hook only.  I am grumpy after the Steelers loss and Jets win and really don’t feel like talking.
  2. But, I have learned three things in life. One, better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it (thanks, mom, for making me a pack rat), fight battles and worry about wars when you have down time, and my blogs are better when I am grumpy.  fam-IMG_3027 (1)
  3. Point of clarification, Vince. I ALMOST used the DVR.  Lindsey had the capability to do it, I was in jeopardy of missing an NBA game, and I put it in the holster.  I never actually used the DVR, and still love commercials.
  4. JJ, mild pops. Just a couple beers down the street since my unbelievable run of the Steelers being on national TV ended this week.  
  5. Hey, there are a COUPLE of my co workers in this one.
  6. One sentence per hook. Let’s move.
  7. All of those college football games I didn’t watch sounded very exciting yesterday, including UCLA losing to Nebraska.
  8. Nebraska ALMOST got to a .500 record. SO close.  
  9. I told Lindsey that she could have it worse-I COULD watch every single bowl game.
  10. But I don’t, and just take off work to catch the college football playoff game.  joewCapture
  11. Joe Washington…OU legend.
  12. Yesterday, the clock struck noon, and I started cleaning, and then I just KEPT cleaning, until 10pm.
  13. I couldn’t stop cleaning-I cleaned everything.
  14. Uh oh as that is an accidental Forrest Gump reference, and going to be REAL hard not to make that my theme.
  15. Speaking of Gump, Grantland posted the 25 most rewatchable movies of all time.
  16. Princess Bride was #6-get your shit aligned.  
  17. Star Wars #1 I can deal with.
  18. NOOOOOOO Top Gun????  
  19. Rankings 11-25 weren’t bad, with some flaws.
  20. Yes, Matrix should be ON that list, whether you hate the movie or not.  
  21. http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/whats-the-most-rewatchable-movie-of-all-time/
  22. I didn’t realize that was an old posting.
  23. I have never seen more than 5 minutes COMBINED of the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings series.
  24. Whatever men are voting for The Notebook, I would like to punch them in the face.  
  25. Pretty Woman is good for one time.
  26. Washington continues to oddly win, and Chip Kelly misses the playoffs for the second straight year.
  27. If I am a team with a gray area QB starter next year, I am texting RGIII right now.  
  28. I won’t comment on the Peyton Manning PED story until I have a little more info, as it appears that a report was put out, and the guy giving the info was lying about when he worked there, but said he was name dropping to see if he could confuse the guy writing the story.  
  29. Plus, I can’t imagine Peyton Manning stealing a pack of chewing gum, let alone cheat in sports.
  30. I was going to say I didn’t believe the Pitino “obscene gesture” story until I read “my recollection was I was saying we are #1.”
  31. So glad that Steph Curry is beating a horse for athlete of the year.  
  32. Just when you hate Tom Brady, he does nice stuff for an 8 year old on Xmas.
  33. Today, I HATE Tom Brady…after all the Steelers did for them, they screwed us today.  
  34. But, he DID post Top Gun music on his FB page so I hear before the Jets game…that is likable.
  35. You should have watched the UL-UK basketball game because you like basketball, because you like dudes shooting underhanded free throws, to see some of the best athletes in the nation, and apparently…obscene gestures.  
  36. In an era when I don’t work a full time job, have a life, and still write about everything, I will be happy to break down the IU-DUKE and VA TECH-TULSA football games.
  37. I know I am a dog guy, but it was a gift, and how can I not like this demon TyRion/ Jackson thing?  j-regalCapture
  38. J-Perch-Capture
  39. One of my favorite things as I have said before about Lindsey is her love of cartoon movies, and I have to say that Home was pretty damn good.  
  40. The irritating guy from Big Bang Theory didn’t even have to act…just be who is appears to be.  
  41. Plus, when I think og Big Bang Theory, I just think of:  
  42. I had moonshine for the first time my sophomore year in college while shooting skeet in the woods in VA, and having it last night made me amazed how I was hitting anything that day.  
  43. Someone had leftover moonshine at our Christmas…
  44. Seriously, the theme song for Making of a Murderer sounds like Game of Thrones, and I told Lindsey from the other room while I was cleaning yesterday “I know what YOU are watching.”  
  45. I heard just enough from the other room that I am now interested in what happens…dammit.
  46. Too funny…she just turned it on as I told her I just need to see the last quarter of the Cards-Packers game.
  47. Steelers-couple of notes.
  48. The definition of a trap game is when you play someone out of the playoff picture with a double digit spread at their crib when they have a new QB starting for them.  
  49. I deserved it-said HERE Ryan deserved a job somewhere at some point.
  50. Tomlin needs be adventurous and brave, but not stupid.
  51. First and goal and a pass play where they got lucky with an offsides call?
  52. First drive and going for a fourth and 1 in field goal range at their crib?
  53. Losing to a team with 19 IR players to date…  
  54. I hate Todd Haley…moving on.  
  55. We stayed in the three nights before, so we wanted to go out, and it will dent your wallet a bit, but DAMN is the Beast and Bottle not the best brunch in Denver.  
  56. When eating brunch, we heard the song “I Think We’re Alone Now,” and I told Lindsey she was lucky to not grow up with Tiffany ruining that fantastic song.  
  57. I HATE her and don’t even know her.
  58. For the record, I called the Falcons winning, and Lindsey probably got tired of me telling her that while watching my boys lose today.
  59. I am hearing the reviews on The Revenant, and they are what I figured they would be from the long preview that I previously blogged about.
  60. Give Leonardo the Oscar right now, but the movie won’t win anything.  
  61. I did NOT go see Concussion this weekend, as it was cold, I was having my productive day, and I read many reviews telling me it was just ok.
  62. The only thing that sucks about being engaged for two years is that I think “wife” would sound a lot cooler than the silly word “fiancée.”  
  63. Maybe the dingo ate your baby…  
  64. I have retired from Draft Kings this year, as I have $1 in my account (spent $20 all year), and it sounds laborious to put in my credit card again.
  65. Poker night is Friday, and can’t wait to lose some cash against 2 or 3 real poker players.  I am told we can NOT take pictures this time.  Noted.  ross-car
  66. DeSean Jackson complained about being booed in Philly after catches when he wasn’t the one to choose to leave, and maybe he forgot that every person, 2 years old or 97,000 years old, BOOS in Philly.
  67. I am from there, so can crack on that item.
  68. I went to see my favorite future HOF baseball player, Mike Schmidt, play live and he went 0-4 and I was the only one cheering him.  
  69. One of the best 3rd baseman of all time, my favorite, and the second coolest dude in a mustache like ever.  
  70. Ok.  THIRD best.  
  71. The booing might have contributed to me moving out west…
  72. Lindsey hasn’t done the east coast run I was lucky enough to have as a kid, so I still need to take her on the cobblestone streets of Boston, to the Empire State Building in NYC, on South Street in Philly, to Abe’s house in DC, and to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.  
  73. We sat next to three girls “watching” the Pats game today and it contributed to my stereotype of girls never watching football for three straight hours, unless it is my girl watching OU.
  74. You are reading the wrong blog if you expect detailed Prem League updates, although a lot of stuff happened, and I am aware.
  75. The bartender said bless you after Lindsey sneezed her customary one of two, and I flashed back to Seinfeld.  
  76. Gump, Revenant, or Seinfeld.  Today, Gump wins.
  77. No prizes, Marty…got to do one more extremely productive thing this weekend to make this weekend legendarily productive in my life.  I have cleaned everything.
  78. That’s it. Hope you enjoyed or are more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.
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