Ummm. Just give me the Raiders and Bo Jackson.


Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock today.  On my 30 minute “lunch break.”


1)  Dolphins exec Philbin told the media that booting Chad Johnson was not just because of the isolated (yeah, it is isolated) incident of domestic abuse.  He said Chad “didn’t fit in.” Wow, we are really splitting the atom down there in Miami.  Johnson fitting in anywhere?  I don’t think so.  Did you all live in a bubble prior to signing him?  He MIGHT have the ability to “be tolerated” somewhere, but I don’t think he is ever going to win any awards for being a locker room presence.

1a) VH1 immediately pulled the new TV show with him and his wife also.

1b)  That is not what I find funny though.  This incident happen right after he changes his name back to normal from Ochocinco to be cute to his wife.  Then he hits her.  Sounds like a healthy relationship they got there.

2)  All for nothing.  Saints Mickey Loomis was known as the football devil when rumors arose about him eavesdropping on other teams huddles and headset frequencies.  No one could figure out how that would help him that last minute, and now we find out that the investigation found nothing.  Who is in charge of releasing these stories?  Fox Sports must have been the frontrunner on this one.  When in doubt, wait.

3)  Red Sox legend Johnny Pesky dies at age 92.  Happy trails, their fans will always love you, and that right field foul pole being named after you will make sure you don’t stray too far from their thoughts.

4)  The NFL might open the season with replacement refs.  I haven’t seen Keanu Reeves or Gene Hackman in a while on the big screen.  Do I hear the low ball version of Replacements II?

4a)  There are only blurbs, but the hockey union problem and lack of a new CBA has got to be flying more under the radar of any big news story out there.

5)  There aren’t too many top tier RB’s these days in the NFL.  Fantasy owners, rest easy. It looks like Ryan Matthews will be starting Game 1 for the Chargers.

6)  Some story about Julius Peppers’s transcript barely got me to open it, and even more barely got me to skim it.  I am on the clock.  I don’t have time for stories like this.  Moving on.

7)  Yay.  Derek Lowe’s forever journey continues.  The Yanks will pick him up for their bullpen.  It says he is 39 years old, but it just feels like that dude is making Phil Niekro’s career seem SHORT.

8)  Mexico will play the U.S. in soccer tomorrow night.  Do I care?  No.  It is a friendly.  How can I care about a game where nothing rides on it but barely pride.  Mexico just won the Olympics, and with EURO 2012 out of the way, just start the clocks to tick down to 2014.

9)  Anyone see those 4 Olympiads from Congo who haven’t made it back from London yet?  Check the huge bathrooms at the huge McDonald’s I would say.  Maybe they had too many Big Macs.  I wish the Olympics were in France this year so I could immediately quote Pulp Fiction after that hook.

10)  Michelle Obama teased Gabby Douglas about her fast food consumption on The Tonight Show the other night.  Gabby, don’t sweat it.  You win sweetheart of the Olympics, people are buying more Corn Flakes to get your pic, and all is good in your world aside from the massive stress of making it in gymnastics as young, tiny, girl.

11)  The Braves will be moving to a 6 man rotation as they have 20 straight games this month.  In a related story, the Phillies are moving to a 2 man rotation, being quoted on the reasoning as “it can’t get any WORSE.”

12)  I saw on Tosh.O that some genius figured out that by drinking a a sprite and eating bananas, you throw up (I see that the whip-it guy didn’t fully stay retired).  First of all, that is dangerous to tell someone like myself.  I see that as being a possibility of a dare in my upcoming future.  You just don’t tell the Fillerbuster things like that.

12a)  Speaking of Tosh, I laughed aloud when he rationalized the rising up of foreign countries over the last 20 years in basketball was the direct result of the Dream Team impregnating foreign chicks during the ’92 Olympics.

13)  To be or not to be.  Long term investment or not, I can’t believe they are still discussing shutting down Stephen Strasburg.  That city will lose it.

14)  Pulaski Academy got some more pub this week as San Diego State is evidently switching to their balls to the wall strategy during football games.  What is this crazy paradigm, you ask?  You never punt, you always attempt onside kicks, and you don’t try and catch it when other teams punt…just to name a few.  They have 3 state titles to back their theory up, once scored 29 points without the other team TOUCHING the ball, and made my old Tecmo Bowl strategy actually have some merit.

14a)  In college, we had Tecmo Bowl records.  I easily got the rushing yards in a game one.  I ran Bo Jackson forward to the 20, then ran with the QB back to the 1, then ran Bo to the 30, then…you get the picture.  I believe my tally in that game was 1400 yards.

14b)  In the first edition, you just threw pass 1 to the tight end for 12 yards every time with the Bears.  Always.  Or, you could use the Raiders and dive through the line with Howie Long and sack the QB…every time.

15)  That is it. 12:13.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.

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