Today was NOT a good day, Cube.

Just a quick one today.  I have typing during commercials of the Steelers game and am trying to put away my computer for the rest of the day.

  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. Why do I have to put my computer down and do other stuff later?  Because all I am doing right now is watching the Steelers, and all I did yesterday was watch 10 hours of football and work for about 5 of those hours.  I traveled this week for work, we host a work conference this week so I will be out of pocket, and travel next weekend for play, and needed a on the couch weekend for this one.
  3. I already overwork myself, but HAVE to when I am post trade show and pre-Denver show.  Not optimal.  Well, except for the leads, which I need.  I said the word “leads,” so HAVE to post this for those who have never seen the gem of the sales world.
  4. Image result for glengarry glen ross scene
  5. Oh.  Schedule.  Because we host a conference this week and I travel to Dallas next week, I will post one blog on Thursday before I work and go.  I will try and have something for you Sunday, but it might be more of a delay before that next one.  Busy week.
  6. What a DAY to sit and watch football all day though.  In a week where there was only one game featuring two ranked teams, it was supposed to be a yawner day.  NOT so.  The day had a great compilation of awesome plays and competitive games.
  7. I honestly forgot there was any baseball was on I was so wrapped up in the football games.
  8. And I had action on a LOT of those games.  Small bets all over the place and that makes me happy.  Not much reward to speak of, but I keep using the same money, and damn is it fun.
  9. Here is a simple example of yesterday’s craziness.
  10. That play lost my buddy a silly $3 parlay with like 8 teams that would have paid like $300.
  11. Did Dannon have a WAITING LIST?  Not only did they drop Cam Newton this week for being an idiot, but they already picked Dak Prescott as their new guy AND have already picked out commercial shoot dates.  I didn’t know the yogurt commercial industry was so ahead of things and competitive.
  12. The definition of insult to injury is losing your starting QB for season DURING a loss to your in-state “other” rival.  Michigan losing to Michigan State AND losing Wilton Speight is not a good thing for those Blue fans thinking THIS was the uptick year for serious contention.
  13. I am not editing this thing as I don’t have an intern nor a lot of free time (because watching football IS doing something), so sorry for any grammatical errors.
  14. I didn’t look at my fantasy lineup until Thursday evening.  With us only having a four player bench, things are difficult for roster pickups.  When the two players you COULD drop already played the Thursday game, when your starting two receivers are on a bye (bad planning), and when your stud RB probably won’t play, you have problems.  It is the second quarter of most games right now, and with Wentz lighting it up, I am supposed to lose by a cool 70 points right now.  
  15. The Nuggets upped Gary Harris.  Forget his stats.  He is still young, has been consistent on the court, I liked him in college, and I like him right now still.  If the Nuggets get ONE of their perimeter players to step up to semi-stardom over the next year or two, they will be tough to handle for everyone given their interior bookends, Millsap and Jokic.  Nice promise on this roster.
  16. Unfortunately, they play in the West, so maybe they make the playoffs for the illustrious honor of getting smoked by the Warriors.
  17. My betting yesterday was fun and a roller coaster ride, but I ended up good thanks to calling the late games perfectly.  My main complaint yesterday was Navy.  They were up 31-10 and my 7 team, $5 parlay was looking stellar.  Somehow, a triple option team let a triple option team come back by THROWING the ball.  Non sequitur.  Image result for non sequitur cartoon
  18. We watched Hidden Figures last night.  With space, math, and Kevin Costner playing the same old character, of course it would be a winner for me.  Overall?  Solid movie.  Think a woman version of Men of Honor with math instead of diving.  Honestly, I didn’t feel it get uncomfortable enough in some scenes (a little too happy go lucky considering the issues being discussed) to fully appreciate the ending.  I also would have altered the approach on a few scenes.  I give it a B+.  Image result for hidden figures movie kevin costner
  19. I just saw my new favorite commercial.  Southwest.  Coach tells kids he trusts them so much he already bought them tickets to the Finals city.  Everyone is pumped up.  Kids come back after losing, and narrator says something like “your plans change, so we don’t charge change fees.”  On point, and funny.
  20. Wow, I hope last night’s Bryce showing means he is about to kick it into another gear, whether corn rowed or not, running hard or not.  Image result for bryce harper
  21. What an idiot.  Talented idiot, but what an idiot.
  22. I keep forgetting these MLB series right now are short series, and that is just stupid (again).  You make the wildcards play a freaking one game playoff and then you throw them in a short series with a rested team?  Rethink this, people.  I can’t believe I am saying after a 162 game season your postseason is too SHORT.  Glad ONE sport has that problem.
  23. Someone somewhere is spending money they won on the Iowa State money line yesterday against OU.
  24. What a surprise that is.  I married into the OU family so I feel the pain directly.  Never saw that coming, saw them maybe dropping a tough conference road game, and they might be the captain of confusing losses in the last 10 years or so.  They had the world in the palm of their hand and then BLEW it.  Sure, they might be able to still make the playoffs…IF a lot of other teams drop some games.  But, losing at HOME to an unranked team?  Not going to fly with the strength of their remaining schedule.  The Big 12 might have solidified themselves as the big conference left out in the playoff.
  25. My wife had some on point things to say about the OU defense.  I would publish those comments, but don’t want to upset Cam Newton during his game.
  26. ISU planted a flag on the OU field after, and glad Baker knew that was coming along with more daddy jokes I assume upcoming.  I don’t foresee any of these coming any time soon.  Image result for baker mayfield dance
  27. Pinch me.  UVA is 4-1.  I have been locked on with my prediction of UVA football this year…if you are dyslexic.  I had them at 1-4 right now.  Love you, Bronco.  Doing a heck of a job, and it will be scary to see what you can do with a couple of recruiting classes under your belt.  Maybe we can actually keep a few top 200 players in state?  Baby steps I know.  Image result for baby steps what about bob
  28. What a movie.
  29. Kiser is a STUD and one man wrecking crew on defense for the Cavs.  Wow.  First time I got to see him play a game start to finish.  Image result for micah kiser uva
  30. Ovechkin had two hat tricks in his first TWO games.  He is on pace for 246 goals for the season and one of those hat tricks was…in the first period.  Image result for alex ovechkin
  31. Even fans who kneel for the anthem are getting Ravenized.  See #lakers.
  32. I don’t think Joe Girardi knows he can’t save unused challenges for a rainy day.
  33. Harden is busting out my Bruce Harper CLOWN language when talking about Kevin McHale.  Perfect. #clowns  Image result for seinfeld clowns
  34. I have sat on my couch ALL weekend but yet will not allocate time to do my website dropdowns.  It is what it is.  Sorry.  I will get around to it after next week.  I don’t even know what is written or posted on those things.  
  35. The Colts unveiled a Peyton Manning statue, and still have to wonder why they gave away the face of the organization for no real reason whatsoever except for future potential.  Yeah, he was on the downslide.  But, he got you a title and you let him go down with the ship instead of being odd facts we didn’t know about OJ Simpson (wow, that would have segue jokes) and Franco Harris.  Image result for franco harris seahawks
  36. Just looks eerie and weird.
  37. That Miami-FSU ending was vintage, and even MORE vintage because a lot of people like me had Miami minus 2.5.  Perfect.  Image result for miami over fsu touchdown
  38. Glad they didn’t have that down the goal line view for that play…
  39. This Steelers-Jags game is FLYING by.  We look like shit.
  40. Florida remains what we knew them to be.  They are a great defensive team with no real offense of note.
  41. Shhhh.  Southwest locker room commercial…”We are NOT flying home today!!!!”  Yes, you are.
  42. Why would I buy a cat tree for $50 when I can give them a big empty box and they have hours of fun sounding like a thunder storm?  I was going to post a pic, but they seem to be on break after raising hell for an hour.
  43. Washington keeps beating the point spread.  Just saying.
  44. San Diego State keeps beating the point spread.  Just saying.
  45. Wisconsin and Penn State have been slow starters over the course of the season.  Both woke up a little Saturday.  Of course, since we don’t know WHO exactly Nebraska is so we don’t know if Wisconsin finally played anyone, we really don’t know anything I guess.
  46. Nebraska is pumped to welcome in Ohio State next week.  What a back to back home schedule THEY are having right now.
  47. Been a while since I have seen a live singing telegram, and this low voiced guy was pretty funny to my colleague at work.  
  48. I didn’t see Blade Runner last night, so that theme will have to carry over a few weeks.
  49. I am going to the Red River Shootout next week, people.  Dallas, here we come.  With NEITHER team now in contention of the playoff.  Ugghhh.  I like state fairs though, so that is good.  Image result for dallas state fair
  50. I guess we should have waited it out to purchase game tickets.  I assume they plummeted.
  51. Stat no one expected.  Kershaw got his FIRST postseason win at home this weekend.  Oddly, it was also the first time he allowed FOUR home runs also.
  52. After watching Game Day Saturday, I will admit to never having ANY clue about the Washington State flag previous to yesterday.  Mind.  Blown.  I can’t believe I had never heard of that story.  Dude takes the flag to ALL Game Day venues, even though the Cougars are not playing.  Image result for washington state flag at gameday
  53. So, without reading every single story on the topic, I will assume that the Landshark for Ole Miss is kind of like the Wahoo is for the Cavs.  The Cavalier is our mascot, but we all call them Hoos.  Is that ballpark?  Bears, rebels, landsharks…let me know, Mississippi.  Image result for wahoos cavaliers uva
  54. Dante Exum is thinking “at least Tracy McGrady HAD a career before being dismantled by injuries.”
  55. I was all excited to see another new SNL last night.  But someone named Gal Gadot was on there so I didn’t watch.  She was Wonder Woman I guess.  News to me, folks.  Lacking star power for the new year, or is the theme this year to build up up and coming ones?  I need a mission statement.  Image result for gal gadot wonder woman
  56. Ben just threw his second pick 6 in a row.  I was certain today was going to be a walk in the park at home.  Not to be.  Ugghhh.
  57. Two pick 6’s in FOUR pass attempts.
  58. And, for about 20 years, I have complained about a certain call at a certain yard line.  Deadspin already has me covered on this.  Fournette flew OVER the pile at the goal line.  WHY, besides injury which can happen at any time anywhere, do teams NOT do this anymore.
  59. Mike Trout was in the stands today since he is not in the playoffs, and the Eagles had him covered.  MUCH better than pissing like a dog, and very complicated.
  60. But fun…
  61. Steelers are looking like they will lose.  Amazing that OU and the Steelers both drop an odd home game in same weekend.  Not a great football week for this household.  Luckily, I like a bunch of later games for betting.
  62. Going to snow tonight in Denver.  Odd that the Broncos are on a bye and not playing at home so the entire nation can think it snows here all the time.  It was 80 the last week.  We will get pub for the snow though.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
  63. Talk to you Thursday.
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