“This will change the perception of what you can get at Taco Bell”

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Twenty minute work break.

Let’s turn and burn.

1)   It scares me what kind of people are out there.  Truly.  AND the scary ones who are on social media.  Skins WR Josh Morgan lost his head last week and got a penalty after the play that pretty much sealed the fate of his team late in the game.  I am sure the kid feels pretty bad on his own.  Now, he is getting death threats via Twitter.  LO-SERS.  Let. It. Go. Whoever IS calling him out in such an awful fashion, why don’t you stop yelling at your wife, go play with your kids, and take a walk in a nice meadow near your house?  It might be a job to the athletes, but it is a GAME to us.  Just because I am positive Neil O’Donnell threw that ball on purpose in the Super Bowl to Cowboys CB Larry Brown, I didn’t try to find Neil’s address, hunt him down, or go out and buy a gun.  Take a deep breath, everyone.

2)  Chris Paul took the time out of his schedule to inform the masses that he actually WANTED the Clippers trade as opposed to the Lakers.  Of course, you will say that now, Chris.  Did you follow that statement up with “the grass is green and the sky is blue?”

3)  The NHL cancelled its September preseason games yesterday.  Ummm.  Even if you figure it out within the next hour, you are not going to pull anything off for the first couple weeks of October as far as games.  Why don’t you just cancel those too?

4)  I was glad to hear that LB Brian Banks linked up with a UFL team.  He is the guy who was a star high school LB, was accused of raping a girl, went to the big house for five years, and then it came out this year that he was falsely accused.  I hope he makes something of himself.  Sad to see that the years he would have been leading the USC defense were taken away from him.  Good luck, bro.

5)  MLB has declared they will let Melky Cabrera win the batting title if it happens, even though he is on drug suspension.  Once again, they should have done it RIGHT away, and they sure as hell can’t do anything about it now without getting people mad.

6)  AMAZING stat I heard yesterday.  Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander has thrown at least 100 pitches in 82 of his last 83 starts.  Talk about consistency and being the workhorse.

7)  Derek Jeter becomes the oldest player to hit 200 hits since Paul Molitor in ’96.  As I have mentioned, love him or hate him, it is SO good to see an athlete breaking records without backing into them as they age.  He is tearing it up, and if it wasn’t for some youngster named Mike Trout, he would be about to add this year’s MVP to his amazing trophy collection.

8)  It would have been a lot worse had he won the fight, but it also explains a lot also about the loss.  Chavez, Jr., who lost his fight this past weekend, tested positive for marijuana.  Way to make your dad feel proud, and your proud country as well.  I guess you worked out at the gym and went home with a pipe and Taco Bell.  Maybe he even got that chef’s number I keep seeing on TV, Lorena Garcia.  Maybe they had a whole post boxing workout shindig.  Rocky Balboa would be proud.

9)  After me telling you the Orioles are 14-0 this year in extra inning games, what do they do last night?  They do it again.  15-0.  Crazy.

10)  Chad Johnson and his wife made the divorce official yesterday.  I predict Chad Johnson as our next athlete to do something really stupid and against the law.  He has no job, no chick, and no cool fake name anymore.

11)  Did ex-MLB’er Jeff Kent really get HURT on Survivor?  I just saw a blurb, don’t watch the show, and thought it was funnier than when I am writing it now.  Damn.  There is a joke-I just can’t place the wording.

12)  The Yankees Ichiro Suzuki watched Rocky the other night when I did I guess.  The guy went 7-8 in a doubleheader sweep of the Jays yesterday.

13)  And I thought MY finances weren’t pretty.  Arkansas football coach John L. Smith has announced he has $300 cash in hand, $500 in his bank account, and is $25.7 million in debt.  And he is still the coach of a top notch football team.  He might be the oddest person living paycheck to paycheck ever.

14)  Damn.  Lane Kiffin was about to say something dumb like I always expect from him, but he exited stage left.  The guy had a 29 second press conference yesterday, and then just said he had to go.  Maybe he was going to outdo Mike Gundy’s “man” press conference.  Even if you have seen it already, it is ALWAYS worth another viewing:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoMmbUmKN0E

15)  The NFL fined Seahawks WR Golden Tate for a block on Cowboys LB Sean Lee.  That is like the dream fine of all fines for a WR one might think.  It is like a receipt for a WR trying to do other things to the max besides being just a skill position.  Especially with a name like “Golden.”

16)  I love how times have changed.  If someone CALLS me on my phone, I am expecting either the best urgent news or the worst.  Texts have taken over.

17)  What is one Jones family doing this weekend?  More like, what is the MOM doing this weekend?  Jon Jones fights this weekend, and his brothers, Arthur and Chandler, both have NFL games.  Pretty freaking talented family.

18)  Lindsey and I watch Hot Tub Time Machine on top of one of her friend’s roof last night.  I had steered away from the movie, expecting the worst.  I will say that it was better than I thought actually, and was ten times better for someone in my age bracket who had to actually grow up listening to that trash music.

19)  That is it.  Back to work.  WIll I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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