This is the never glorified Allosaurus. It gets NO love. Golden Eagles either. Both are underrated.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Twenty minutes of hooks.  Work break/ sanity check.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)  Les Miles has been tabbed as the most popular college football coach on Twitter.  Congrats, Les.  I have a feeling that Nick Saban isn’t worried about winning that race, and probably writes down about five new plays on offense and defense each day in the time that you are posting tweets.

2)  RA Dickey says the Mets only offered 2 years and $20 million in their offer.  I think we are just trying to find out how many consecutive days this trade can be in the first 3 wire spots.

3)  Jovan Belcher apparently texted his woman saying he would shoot her.  I don’t even want to approach making a joke about this, so I will leave it that this fact is a shame.  I think I would actually feel better if it was just reactionary instead of premeditated.

4)  Mike Tomlin says that Big Ben is on board with the offense.  Don’t you worry, masses.  I hear that Todd Haley or Ben himself were going to make this comment, but that they were too busy arguing in the back room.

5)  The Bama AD says he is not worried about Nick Saban leaving for the NFL.  Nor am I, buddy.  Nick has the makings of a mini dynasty there.  That guy is going NOWHERE.

6)  Greg McElroy will start for the Jets.  Do well, Greg.  That will be a confusing mess with money and contracts should you win a couple games.  We all like seeing the Jets in more disarray than they already are, which we didn’t think was possible.

7)  Schwartz shoulders the blame for the Lions season after being semi-successful last year.  Don’t be so hard on yourself, Jim.  You were bound for a tumble back to earth after Matt Mullen Isiah Thomased you guys a couple years ago.

8)  My colleague, Brian, and I are pretty sure we want this shirt.

9)  I heard Big City Nights on the way home from work yesterday.  Talk about a little heavier guitar and an accent somehow getting you out of the whole Glam Rock label.  Queensryche and the Scorpions both dodged this label, along with Van Halen.

10)  There wasn’t much else on, and I was just relaxing since work, blogging, and gym were done, but Scott Hastings announcing a Nuggets game still bugs me a LOT.  A couple thoughts about the game.  Why the Spurs were shooting threes with 25 seconds left down 4 is beyond me.  Corey Brewer is really coming into his own.  There is a trade coming on the Nuggets front.  Bank on it.  And, McGee continues to do 1-3 things every game that pretty much no one in the NBA can do athletically.

11)  VERY cool.  Giants WR Victor Cruz went to visit the family of the Sandy Hook youngster who was buried in a Giants jersey.  Super cool, Victor.

12)  Once again.  Fox Sports Jason Whitlock sometimes is brilliant and sometimes idiotic.  His article saying that Kobe’s cockiness is the main reason for the Lakers troubles is a little off base.  SOMEONE has to score on that team, Jason.  He just happens to be the one who CAN.

13)  I am getting excited for the KU-OSU basketball game on Saturday.  You should too, especially if you missed the Indiana-Butler game last weekend.

14)  Lindsey made that awesome chicken with cheese inside of it again last night.  Delicious.

15)  I always talk about the Allosaurus and the Golden Eagle getting the short straw in comparisons with the T-Rex and Bald Eagle.  I am a HUGE Golden Eagle fan, and think that Allosaurus got overlooked during all of the Jurassic Park movies.  I would take my two over the popular bird and dinosaur ANY day.  Anyway, this is the speed version, so I can’t go too long on this.  The Bald Eagle, I bet, couldn’t do THIS.  Don’t worry.  The kid is fine, meaning this is just cool.

16)  Bulls Joakim Noah got a triple double last night.  Maybe it is me, but when he came in the league, I kind of expected a lot more of those things from them.  I am not dissing him.  And triple doubles are hard to get.  But, the guy is a special player, and I expected more.

17)  Utah State coach Gary Andersen was picked up by Wisconsin to be their coach.  This is what I would call “let’s pick up someone who might want to actually stay for a while.”

18)  The Family Guy where Peter carries around (and does other stuff) with a Kathy Ireland cutout was still funny to see last night, but I thought about 20% more of the show should have focused on the cutout and not Lois finding out she is Jewish.  The cutout was buried like 11 minutes in.  TOO soon.

19)  If you are hearing the name Mark Lyons being thrown around college basketball highlights and swore that you recognize that name, you have.  Mark Lyons is lighting it up for Arizona these days.  He was on the Elite 8 Xavier team a couple years ago.  Kid can flat out BALL.

20)  Speaking of Kobe Bryant, and after getting his back last hook, this is the one where I bash him.  He said in an interview that he could have 40,000 points if Shaq hadn’t been around.  Sure, kid.  You might.  You would also have 3 less championships and putting you in a sentence with MJ would be ridiculous.

21)  Matt Bush.  Way to make a life for yourself.  You were the #1 overall pick in the 2004 MLB draft, and what do you do?  You wash out, get your third DUI, and now are going to prison for four years.  If you make it out of the shower unscathed, I bet you will lead your prison baseball team to glory.

22)  I am interested in seeing how much “better” the Knicks get with Amare coming back.  Basketball is an odd sport.  It makes sense that they would be better, but chemistry is almost just as beneficial as star power for some teams.  They are already fighting dysfunctionality.

23)  That is it.  Back to work.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  peace.

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