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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock (I have a three hour flight tomorrow where I can clean up the remainder of my list).  Old format.  Evening rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       The Heat finished off the Bulls.  It ended up like anyone outside of Chicago thought it would.  That being said, this thing would have gone 7 games had Rose come back, Hinrich been healthy, and Deng not getting some crazy flu bug.  They match up so well with the Heat, or as well as anyone CAN against that team.  The Heat have lost 3 times in the last two months.  Two of them were against the Bulls, with one on a skeleton crew.  Root for the Pacers to close out tonight against the Knicks.  They will give the Heat a better run even if no one on their squad is a household name.

2)      Yay.  Too much free time.  Hot news.  Chad Johnson has an arrest warrant.  I don’t even care what it is for.  I am so sad to see new recruit Titus Young being locked away that it makes me smile to know my old school captains haven’t lost their touch at being idiots.

3)      One other note on the Rant Squad.  Rolando McClain, who JUST got signed recently, is retiring at age 23 from the NFL.  I hear he wants to concentrate full time at being a criminal.  I think he has the talent.

4)      The vote has come down.  Sacramento will stay where they are.  DeMarcus Cousins would have looked good underneath an umbrella, and his neighbors in Sacramento went out and got pissed off/ sad drunk when they heard the news.

5)      Someone gave a server at a diner in Indiana a $446 tip on $5.97.  A couple notes from a 14 year bartender.  There are three types of people in the world.  Those who make the BOTTOM line a round number, those who tip percentage, and those who TIP a round number.  This monster tip makes no sense, although charitable.  Why $446?  Why not $450 or $500 if you have so much money?  I know, I know.  $446 is technically a round number and qualifies in the last group, but not at THAT level of number…

6)      Tell your friends.  Useless stat.  Jason Kidd has broken a record.  He has scored NO points in 8 consecutive games where he has started at least 15 minutes.  No one has ever done that in the NBA.  “I want your mother and your sister out of my house immediately.”

7)      Floyd Mayweather has been named the highest paid athlete in all of sports.  That makes sense.  How Drew Brees is not only #3 but ahead of people like Kobe and Tiger is beyond me.  Drew is projected to reel in over $47 mil this year.  Yikes.

8)      I was very impressed at my first run at the Quizno’s Chicken Carbonara this afternoon.  I am sure it might be one of the worst for you sandwiches out there, but the thing was ridiculously good for a fast food sandwich.

9)      Two players on the course with him backed Tiger on him getting clearance to hit that shot at the Players.  Shut up, Sergio.  Go win a Major and THEN bitch to the media about the best player in the world.  And yeah, he IS #1 again.

10)   Yankees Stadium will have two outdoor hockey games in 2014.  I got an idea.  Instead of making the rink two miles away from the nosebleeds and regulation size, why don’t they bend the rules for those two games?  Flip a coin, the winning team on that gets the more narrower end, and play the ENTIRE field.  My phone is not exactly ringing off the hook for NHL hockey ideas, but it IS my blog.

11)   The Phillies picked up Carlos Zambrano for a minor league contract.  I like this pickup, although some would say they are reaching.  The dude has 132 wins, averaged 14 wins a year from 2003-2010, and is ONLY 31 years old.  He is a young guy on that team,  they got him for next to nothing, and what IF he had some old school magic left in that arm?

12)   Pens and Kings won last night.  Dammit, Jonathan Quick.  You win the cup by riding a hot goalie, so why are you suddenly playing like your title run before?  I like the Sharks, so go back to regular season Jonathan Quick.  I am not commenting on the Pens game, because even with stars being down, they are so DEEP it is scary.

13)   The Griz are going to their first conference finals.  Rudy Gay is in a strip club in Toronto.  How’s it going up there, Rudy?  The Griz are the biggest Warriors fans in the entire world tonight.  They don’t want any part of the Spurs now that the “young Big 3” has become Joseph, Green, and Leonard.  That doesn’t include 4 other guys who are consistent role players.  If the Heat get by the Pacers or Heat, they will face a DIFFERENT Spurs team.  And it is an odd year, so book it.  The Heat can have even numbered years.

14)   Anyone notice the Rangers made only downgrades in the offseason, decided to ride their current roster, and are like 7 games cleared of Oakland in their division?   Think Yu Darvish was a good signing a couple years ago?  How are YOU doing, Josh Hamilton?  When you are 20 games, should I order you that delivery beer/ liquor service to your front door?  Josh has said he is “off” this year.  You can say that again.  I bet Albert is even trying to get you to bars.

15)   I have never seen such a meltdown, let alone in tennis, where someone STILL got SMOKED.  You have heard stories about this.  Here is the link of the dude going crazy, and basically carrying a camera out to the spot where the ball touched.  I believe he still got smoked 6-0, 6-1.

16)   I like it.  He sticks to his brand.  MJ apparently busted Bow Wow wearing Iverson sneaks while crashing at his crib.

17)   I am glad I am out of town.  This is within a mile from my house, and Lindsey just sent it over mid rant.

18)   Thanks to the mad number of new registered readers oddly over the last 3 days.  I VERY much appreciate you enjoying my mind paraphernalia.  Crazy number of registrations.  I kind of felt bad for not posting last night.

19)   I like DC.  I love Denver except that there is no beach.  That being said, being that I was a low key guy who grew up among Jersey people, the best decision was for me to go to an ALMOST big city more WEST.  I couldn’t do this high strung stuff day to day.  Some people find it exciting and energetic.  I can’t wait to leave every time.

20)   LeSean McCoy is being looked at for possibly assaulting a woman on a party bus.  And you are calling VICK for doing you wrong (during their 40 race)?  I am sure there are lots of dog fighting comebacks in your conversations, but come on.

21)   My colleague, LaTonya, has an odd paranoia of walking on grates on the sidewalk.  If you have ever been to DC, you can just imagine her sidewalk walk.  She looks like a point guard being guarded by Chris Paul.

22)   Mike Wallace has said that Ryan Tannehill can be as good as Big Ben.  Ok.  Grass is greener, and after your Jason Collins derogatory tweets, I guess you are saying something “good.”  Speedster, traitor, idiot.

23)   When my boy Bryce Harper gets tired at practice this week, do you think he tells the coaches “I hit the wall.  Sorry.”  Of course he does.  That is a CLOWN question, bro.

24)   JR Smith has said the Knicks deficit is on him alone.  That is the most intelligent thing you have said…ever.  Maybe you will inspire Melo to admit he doesn’t pass.  Maybe Chad Johnson will agree he is an idiot.  Pay it forward, boys.  We can build something here.

25)   Harrison Barnes is starting to look like a solid pro (nice, Vince).  That being said, this is a time where you get the hell out of the way unless you like kids’ posters.

26)   Where is Hubie Brown in these NBA series?  I truly LOVE that guy announcing.  I would watch Charlotte vs Washington if he was on the mic.  That is true and funny if you follow the NBA.

27)   Two repeat links before I go since it is a blind, non link rant tomorrow.  The Manziel throw:

28)   New Lions kicker repeat link by popular request…and for those who missed it.

29)   That is it.  I am organized for long flight tomorrow, and plenty to say.  My flight gets in at noon.  I will post by 2pm Mountain.  Thanks for reading.  MUCH appreciated.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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