Think “Star Wars.” Think “hovercraft.” Think “golf.”

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Old format.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Rutgers AD Tim Pernetti is selling some trash that he never actually VIEWED the video last year when the ban was given to Mike Rice.  So, my man, either you are lying overall about NOT seeing it last year, OR you allowed a $50k/ 3 game ban go active WITHOUT checking out the incident that initiated it????  Yeah.  Whatever.  EITHER would be wrong.  Foot in mouth.  Covering tracks.  Whatever.  Interestingly enough, this morning Jay Bilas told a story about how he pulled an assistant coach aside last year because he didn’t like what he was seeing in practice live (not NEAR what was in the video he said).  The assistant he pulled aside was an assistant who got “let go” shortly after because he didn’t like the practices either allegedly.  Pull out the flow chart, people.

2)      Gophers fans almost had a heart attack yesterday when they found out their new basketball guy was Coach Pitino.  RICHARD Pitino.  Don’t fret, Gopher fans, Richard is a class act, a great basketball mind, has genes hopefully from his pops, and almost led a subpar  FIU squad into the tournament.  Good hire.

3)      The Columbus Blue Jackets landed Marian Gaborik before the trade deadline.  Good pickup, and raise your hand if you thought the Blue Jackets would be buyers at this point.  Thought so.

4)      Great story that Kevin Ware has been cleared to travel with Louisville.

5)      If you like golf at ALL… If you don’t know if you like it, but wouldn’t mind playing someday.  Screw it.  Even if you HATE golf, this might be the coolest thing EVER in the world of golf.  Think “hovercraft.”


6)      Has the city of Seattle WATCHED the Sacramento Kings play?  They are horrible, and yet everyone is fighting for them.

7)      Tom Brady was seen working out with T.O.  Why not?  He already did ok with Headcase A on his team (Moss).  You might as well complete the cycle with Owens.

8)      Can we wait until a little closer to the draft for this Cuban/ Griner crap?  I will touch on this at a future date.  This is a speed round.

9)      Melo had 40 last night vs. the Hawks.  Someone contact the Hawks and let them know that double teaming IS allowed in the NBA.  JR Smith played well also.  I am not worried about JR Smith’s skills going into the NBA playoffs.  I am worried about what is between his ears.  That being said, with them getting healthy, I will now say they might take the Heat to SIX games before losing.

10)   Classic.  You would think there is one person who is in charge of ceremonies to make sure the flow is good and everything goes as planned.  The Lakers did fine on that for the Shaq jersey retiring ceremony.  Check.  Then, there is probably an A/V person.  Good sound on that too.  Check.  Then, there is the person MAKING the jersey.  They are probably not checked on as much.  “Just make a Lakers jersey with his number on it.”  Check…KIND of.  They are hanging the front of his jersey instead of the traditional back of it.  Nice job, THAT person.

11)   So I hear that Auburn is being charged with cheating with payments and changing grades with their players a few years back.  That is like whether OJ Simpson actually murdered anyone or not.  I just assume they AND he did.

12)   That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

13)   Disclaimer:  Opening day is tomorrow.  I HOPE to blog tomorrow early before the game if possible.

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