They might not have long hair and makeup, but they are definitely keeping it real these days for the Fillerbuster.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  I need a breakfast burrito, the early games are starting soon, and the Steelers are a couple hours away from starting.

I feel the need…the need for speed.

1)  Ask and you shall receive.  Friday, I complained about lack of action on my Rant Squad, my team of athletic bad, odd, and misfit guys.  Actually, “people,” as Jennifer Capriati and Tonya Harding were on it back in the day.  Anyway, my team came through.  No, it wasn’t Ron Artest at a strip club or Janikowski drugging a chick, but it will do.  There is officially an arrest warrant in Virginia for Marcus Vick.  He was driving with a suspended license and never showed up in court.  It is not the most glamorous charge, but I still need to fly to Virginia for the hearing.  I have to explain to the judge that he needs his license, as he is my chauffeur for all new Rant Squad members.  Let him walk, Your Honor.

2)  I am watching the early football games and just caught the new Samsung GS3 commercial.  It is BRILLIANT.  It starts out acting like it is an iPhone commercial, showing all of these long lines and conversations in them.  Then, a guy who is holding a spot in line for his parents, has a GS3 phone, and blows the minds of everyone waiting for the iPhone.  Awesome angle for a commercial.  Well done.

3)  I have been talking about the Baltimore Orioles streak in winning in extra innings for a while now.  They did it AGAIN.  16-0 in extra inning games this year.  Crazy streak, and one that is scaring the crap out of the Yankees.

4)  2.5 Men is moving to Thursday.  I don’t know why after all these years, unless they are going to tag team it with the underestimated Rules of Engagement spot on that night.  Good, it makes my TV scheduling a lot easier, and I guess I will be flipping from the Thursday night NFL game on those nights.

5)  Word is that John Fox and Jack Del Rio will be the examples of fined coaches for replacement ref abuse.  These two would be up there on my list of possibilities, but somewhere Rex Ryan is sad that he didn’t make this proud list.

6)  Jon Jones wins another fight.  I missed it, but after finding out it was a fourth round submission, I can imagine what happened.  Lots of kicks with his long legs, a bunch of elbows, and probably a fight that was never in real doubt.

7)  The Oregon Ducks move up to #2.  I HATE this stuff.  Yes, LSU survived a scare from a weaker Auburn team, and yes, Oregon looked pretty damn good.  BUT.  They both won, and LSU did it on the road in the SEC.  Let’s realign everything again and put Oregon in the SEC.  Their speed would survive fine, but overall size and strength and those ugly uniforms would not let them run the table.

8)  Well, I hope my football day goes better than Lindsey’s, as her Sooners lost to KSU yesterday.  Today, it is my Steelers.  It is fantastic having a girlfriend who not only is legitimately sad while watching her team lose, but then can break down play by play, position by position, stat by stat, WHY they are losing.

8a)  Do they have medics who travel with the Kansas State football team aside from the usual ones?  Bill Snyder looks like he could go any day now.  Dude looks OLD.

9)  Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay is only 10-8.  It just looks WEIRD.  If I didn’t have my chosen ones Washington Nationals proving me right this year, I would be much more bitter about this baseball season.

10)  Best MLB trade of the year.  Ichiro Suzuki should be receiving a thank you card in the mail this week from his executives.  If it wasn’t for that guy, the Yankees would be looking up a LOT at the Orioles.  I love that guy, I love what Jeter is doing, my Phils suck, and it pains me to say this, but I may be rooting for the Yankees this year.

11)  I have been a closet fan of “that guy’s voice” over the years.  I didn’t search it out, I just liked his songs on our alternative radio station.  Well, Lindsey puts one or two of the newer songs on her mixed CD’s (yes, I am lucky enough to still receive mixed CD’s from my significant other), and I have found out that he is from the All American Rejects.  Whether you write good or bad music, I think it is quite cool when I can hear 2 seconds of a singer’s voice, and I know exactly who it is.  You have an automatic niche.

12)  Hey, UVA coach Mike London.  You have lost two straight.  We have an ex-Bama recruit on the bench, who as my buddy Scott said, might be the first player on our roster that was also recruited by Bama in years.  USE him.  I love Rocco for his name and as a guy, but unleash that guy Simms.

13)  OU’s Jamarkus McFarland has the most amount of helmet rows I have ever seen.  You could play three simultaneous games of tic tac toe on his face mask.

14)  I don’t cook much, and when I do, it is pretty simple.  But I make AWESOME scrambled eggs.  I cooked myself some yesterday, with salmon cream cheese in the mix. It was incredible.  Shame it took me 30 years to find out how good salmon is when in some breakfast creation.

15)  VERY small blurb, but it is something to note in a weak National League this year.  Don’t look now, but St. Louis just got back a healthy Chris Carpenter.  Should they make the playoffs, watch out for him.  So, the Nats deduct one pitcher, and the Cards ADD one pitcher with creds.  I smell that series upset from a mile away.

16)  Odd stats.  The Fillerbuster is here for you.  Tell your friends that the amount of points scored in the first two weeks of this season in the NFL was the most ever over ANY two week span.  1556.

17)  AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  Stop.  Tim Tebow is 2000 miles away from me, and the Denver Post makes me read a half page article about how Matt Cavanaugh is enjoying being Tim Tebow’s QB coach.  Why don’t you take that half page and break down Peyton’s 3 first quarter interceptions last week.

17a)  Yes, I realize that the Post didn’t MAKE me read the article, but you have never seen anyone take as long to read a sports page than me.  I can buy it at a convenience store and literally hold it over a trash can, and then drop the rest, and have also called the Denver Post to let them know that their offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds didn’t add up in a Division III game box score.  Yes, I actually did that.

18)  Hinder is a band that I got into because I was told that they were the last modern band with 80’s sound left.  They must have something new out, and I must go get it pronto.  I heard a song last night, and then took a few moments to place that it was them.  Check a song or two out:

18a)  I truly still love 80’s glam rock.  I have a couple drinks, and I want to listen to Winger.

19)  The Los Angeles Clippers quietly retained Eric Bledsoe.  Who, you say?  He is a solid combo guard back up, and you can just call him LCE.  What does THAT stand for?  “Left College Early.”

20)  My college picks.  I would hypothetically have made a lot of money over the weekend.  I went 4-3, but my two locks that I would have bet loads on both came in.  Kansas plus 9 and Auburn at home getting 20.5 were both joke bets.

21)  Awesome.  New face of the franchise Jeremy Lin still calls teammates to ask if he can crash on their couch.  Chandler Parsons just told another such story this week, and says the new 20 plus mil that the lad is now getting hasn’t changed him one bit.  Good to hear.

22)  Gronk Flakes?  Yes, they are coming to a supermarket near you.  I have nothing else to say on this unless it comes with his dancing video also:

23)  Big conference Baylor beats Louisiana Monroe 47-42.  If I am a Big 6 conference school, for the next few years, I am staying FAR away from THIS hyphenated school for a while on my schedule.

24)  Unless you know someone in the race, I don’t understand why people show up to WATCH a marathon.  My neighborhood yesterday was clogged from people going to watch other people run 26 plus miles.  I don’t get it.

25)  I think I like reading the robot blog comments as much as I like reading real people comments.  It is like reading a foreigner comment who barely has a grasp on English cliches.

26)  The Angels sign Albert Pujols, and the Marlins sign up a new manager and high priced players.  BOTH might not make the playoffs.  Would never have guessed THAT.

27)  Jets LB Bart Scott got into a scuffle with a reporter in the locker room.  I won’t clown on this, nor will I bust on Scott.  With my abrasive personality, I would get into LOTS of scuffles had I been a reporter.  Imagine me trying to interview Tim Tebow or maybe Rickey Henderson back in the day.

28)  The Chiefs just gave away the ball on the last play of the half against New Orleans.  Let me get this straight.  Everyone is getting stronger, faster, and longer through evolution, but no one will try a 63 yard field goal anymore, OR jump over the pile at the goal line???

29)  GREAT article in ESPN Mag on the best franchises in all of sports.  OKC Thunder came out on top, with the expected Packers and Spurs rounding out the top three.  It takes in account winning, coaching, fan experience, etc., and I concur.  That is a great franchise to lock onto.

29a)  My brother, Matt, used to be a trainer at a small NJ gym.  At that gym, Mike Trout used to workout.  Coming full circle, Mike Trout is on the cover of ESPN Mag this issue.  Pick it up.  Class act, a true 5 tool player, and great story.

30)  Contribution from Lindsey.  Kind of funny.!/mail/InboxLight.aspx?n=574678596!n=40196141&fid=1&fav=1&mid=54a09e94-0467-11e2-9c64-00237de33950&fv=1

31)  Contribution from Lindsey.  You might love him.  You might hate him.  BUT, THIS is quality stuff about the replacement refs:

32)  Tell your friends. ANOTHER obscure stat.  The Tampa Bay Rays have broken ALREADY the single season strikeout record set by the 2001 Yankees.

33)  I love sports.  A cop was fired after posting on social media his traffic stop of the Clemson football coach.  Awesome.

34)  Greg Jennings.  You were my #1 receiver pick in fantasy.  If it is or if it is not your groin that is hurting, get it better before Monday.  I am not a big adapting fantasy owner.

35)  Really?  The USADA hasn’t SENT the file to the cycling head guy about why they banned Lance Armstrong?  Too many MB’s?  Not true?  On vacation?  Send that evidence so cycling can be out of the headlines for 7 straight days.  Please.

36)  To my coworker, Craig.  Dude, I TOOK Michigan State minus the points in my picks and you didn’t cover.  Come on.  You must be in sales or something.

37)  Congrats to Kevin McClatchy.  He is the ex-CEO of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  He has declared he is gay, and that he got some flack for that fact during his tenure.  I hope I grow old for a lot of reasons, but up there in the top 5 is to hopefully live in a world that doesn’t care about race, gender, or sexual preference.

38)  That is it.  My internal Steelers clock is sounding the alarm, it is the only alarm I don’t snooze on, and Lindsey is patiently waiting while I finish my addiction that is my blog.  I hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.


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