I’ll Blog When I Am Goddamn Good And Ready! You Got That?!

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

On the clock.  Quick hitter.  Let’s turn and burn.

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The Clippers took game 2 against the Grizzlies as Chris Paul scored the last 8 points, including the last second winner.  If there was one series where I thought there would be a split, it was this series.  The Clippers are playing like that pre #4 seed team when they were rolling midseason.  If I am OKC, I am rooting for the Grizzlies to win two back home.  If the Clippers can’t draw the slightly easier Grizzlies out of this series, they at least hope that both teams wear each other down.


Gonzaga’s Kelly Olynyk will go pro.  He might as well.  He was a no one before the season.  He ended up All-American.  His stock can’t go higher.  He has the size, and he has the skills.  Toronto is in the lottery, meaning he has a slight chance to go back and play in his hometown.  And Gonzaga, you get the feeling, had their shot.  They had a weak region, a #1 seed, and blew it.  As once was said to Maverick by Sundown, “It doesn’t get to look any better than that!!!!”


Darrelle Revis says the Bucs will “make some noise.”  That is great coming from a newly signed guy who isn’t even forecasted to START game 1 of the season.  Get better first and THEN talk smack to the rest of the league.


After living through about ten half-ass snow “storms” over the last couple months, Denver is officially united as a city being ready for spring…even the skiers.  These constant ground coverings are irritating as heck and NOT the way Denver weather rolls usually.


This is an example of typical conversation between myself and my colleague and good friend, Brian C.

[1:34:12 PM] Brian: you know in westerns when they say “DANCE!” and shoot at the person’s feet, how come they never, ever get hit by a bullet?

[1:34:20 PM] Brian: (deep thoughts by Brian C.)

[1:37:58 PM] Mark: if they are dancing on dirt, wood, other, i can see how the bullet would go into the surface.  that being said, on ANY harder surface, i don’t know how a ricochet into the ankle would not occur.  more interestingly, if the person is f^&$%^ with the person enough to shoot bullets in their direction, and obviously might have future plans of killing them after this “mess with them” phase, then why would they CARE about their aim to miss them during the dance, therefore supporting your initial point in general.

[1:40:46 PM] Brian: exactly.  I could understand if they were just being a jerk and not intending on hurting them, then they’d just aim to the side of where they’re dancing.  But usually they do intend harm.  Either way, if it happens to me, I’m not going to kick my legs to the side at all just in case they’re not intending harm.

[1:43:00 PM] Mark: I would do the running man, looking straight ahead, to make sure of that also.  It would give me the smallest window and give them more room for the “not intending harm shots.”  Unfortunately, if they were intending harm, the running man gives them constant ankles in one confined area.  decisions, decisions, decisions…

[1:43:43 PM] Brian: that’s a good point.  Man…I think I’d just jump erratically.



The Following was solid last night.  Once again, I was tricked into rolling my eyes before being surprised by the creativity of where the writers were going.  We have a captured FBI agent who needs to pull a Kill Bill, an injured, drunk villain, and I am not sure how this will pan out into a second season.


Chicago drew a line in the sand last night and took game 2 against Brooklyn.  They got beat a few times, but it was obvious to me that they could live with it defensively as long as they stopped the penetration of Deron Williams, who did his own impression of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde.  Chicago made him look like the total opposite of the dunking PG from the first game.  Good adjustments, Tom.


I don’t think I would bust it out before a playoff game where the stakes are higher, but he is not the key element he used to be.  Either way, dibs to Jerry Stackhouse for busting out the national anthem before taking the court with his team.  Badass.


“Tyson counsels Suarez.”  Always looking for an “in,” Mike Tyson has come out in support of the soccer player who bit the arm of another player.  Ugghhh.  You might as well have Sebastian Janikowski counseling girls into saying “no.”  That doesn’t work, as he would be counseling the dudes.  Ummm.  How about that would be like Rolando McClain counseling a very loud, irritating, out of control peacock?

That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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