The Creed guy used to be my roommate…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock, old format for another week, and let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Texas Tech hires Tubby Smith for basketball.  That school loves big name retreads, in an environment where basketball is not even prominent, maybe Tubby can bring on Ben Howland and Bobby Knight as his assistants.

2)      STUD.  You too, Bryce, but this is Clayton Kershaw’s hook.  Shutting out the Giants was a message to the league enough, but then blasting a solo shot to support his cause?  He even threw 6 less pitches than the usual decision making time of hitting 100 pitches mark.  STUD.

3)      Maybe the Shockers men’s team and UK women’s basketball team can hang out this week and have a Sunday Funday.  Just like UCONN stuck it to upstart and surprising UK, I have a feeling UL will dismantle Wichita State this weekend.

4)      The Yankees opened the season with a $230 million salary.  No word on how much of that salary was for presently healthy/ under 32 years old.

5)      In other Yankees news, Robinson Cano has fired Scott Boras and joined the Jay-Z team.  Are any of these rappers/ promoters/ agents actually allowing themselves time to write new songs and tour?

6)      The Browns traded Colt McCoy.  I am not sure which side I am sadder for.

7)      UK’s Archie Goodwin says he will turn pro.  The other two star youngsters will stay.  I don’t know if the Cats will be able to handle all of that sophomore leadership.

8)      Your All-American team:  McDermott, Burke, Porter, Oladipo, Olynyk.  All expected, although people outside of the west coast or tight bball circles are Googling “olynyk” right now.  “Ohhh.  THAT guy.”

9)      You might think everyone is closely monitoring the Kobe injury.  I think basketball purists know that it is the Ginobli injury that could swing the balance of power out west.

10)   Andy Enfield, famous for being the FGCU coach, was hired by USC yesterday.  Word is that he didn’t even look at the final contract numbers as he is already rich, his supermodel wife is excited about SoCal, and we have yet another quick, desperate reaction to a team winning two games in the tourney (and being bitter that Smart and Stevens won’t return their calls).

11)   The Dallas Stars shipped Jagr to the Bruins this week.  Cue up Creed and Nickelback, and you KNOW it is a shortened season when a team has already figured out they are sellers.

11a)  I remember an amateur comedian who did a bit about living with the guy from Creed.  Did you do the laundry today, Creed guy?  “YEAAAAHHHH.”  Hilarious.

12)   UL’s Kevin Ware was discharged from the hospital.  Good luck in rehab, kid.  Thoughts and prayers.  I tried to watch it again today.  I barely made it through one time.  Horrible.

13)   That is it.  Maybe I will go check to see if Bryce Harper has 2 more home runs/ and/or all intentional walks.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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