The affair…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

ON the clock, but an evening rant.  Work killed me today, and I think that a 6am-800pm work day is enough.   ESPN news on in the background, and Lindsey is out for the evening.   Let’s use my laptop for something fun.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)      FIRST of all, thoughts and prayers for all of our losses on this day years ago.  Heroes rose up, too many people were lost, and we will never forget the tragedy that was 9/11.

2)      OK.  Let’s just get this out of the way.  It IS fantastic, and along with seeing it on my own, I thank the ten people who sent this to me for possible inclusion into the blog.  Here you go.  NFL bad lip reading.  It IS indeed hilarious.  Since we are back in the NFL season, here you go.  When is the NEW one coming out?  Someone get ON that.

3)      I don’t think the Giants are that bad.  I don’t think Peyton will throw 7 TD’s every game.  No, The Fillerbuster is not picking an upset on the record, but let’s just say I think this game will be more interesting than people think considering it is in younger bro’s crib.

4)      And how many people will it take to cover that monster Julius Thomas.

5)      I can watch that game, and then wake up and get ready to find out whether the Steelers are just messing with my mind, or whether they ARE that bad.

6)      Von Miller, stop texting me.  Yes, I know that going out with someone insignificant like me might let you break the law without getting busted, but I need to blog.  Having a quiet night.  It is a school night, bro.  Call Marcus Vick.  He is always game.  And HE might even have a license AND not speed.  He might even be cool with you bringing your dad again.

7)      Von Miller hasn’t done anything really funny or terribly wrong.  He is NOT on my Rant Squad quite yet.  I need another small one, something funny, or a guns or strip club incident.

8)      Thank you, Colts owner Jim Irsay, for telling us on TWITTER that you hope they protect Andrew Luck better.

9)      Speaking of Twitter.  Hey, David Wilson, stay OFF it.  You not only lashed back at your fantasy football base, but your passionate fans, too?  Dude, your best comeback to all of your Twitter mentions is just to go out there and NOT fumble.

10)   And welcome BACK, Brandon Jacobs, to the Giants.  No, I am NOT falling for putting you on my fantasy team again…ever.

11)   Boom, Logan.  The US looked GREAT last night against Mexico.  We are going to the show.  I guess it is finally time for me to A) figure out how to make the money B) look into Brazil airfare C)  decide how the HELL I can do BOTH Panic in the Caribbean AND the World Cup in 2014.

12)   UVA was ranked #23 in best schools in the nation.  Slackers.  Sure, you nailed down the #1 party school, and congrats.  But, in my day, we were both top ten party AND top ten overall.  #23 blows.

13)   If I were a dog, this would be me.  I am married to Cheez-Its, but have occasional passionate affairs with Cheetos.

dog c-Capture

14)   This is funny.  A guy wakes up all drugged up after major surgery, and can’t stop talking about how A)  the girl next to him is his wife B)  that she is smoking hot.

15)   The NFL fined Suh $100k.  Steep penalty, yes.  He will appeal it, yes.  Someone should sit him down and show him consecutively all of his cheap hits and decisions.  Dude, learn your lesson, AND realize you get to wear your uniform next week.  I think he should drop the appeal and then apologize for the hundredth time already in the NFL.

16)   Oklahoma State players were paid under Les Miles.  Oklahoma State players cheated academically while in the program.  Maybe I just want more Rant Squad members, but I am waiting to wake up and find out their were hookers too.  Hey, things DO happen in three’s.

17)   I just heard the response of Les Miles.  Give him the Oscar already for next year.  He is GOOD.  He almost sounded sincere.

18)   This can’t be right.  Maybe I am missing a word or two.  Maybe you should check it out on your own.  BUT, ESPN is reporting that the Mannings matchup is the FIRST game between two QB’s coming off 400 yard games.  Ever.  What?  That is just weird.  Someone dropped the ball on this one in stat central.

19)   As you know, I am VERY excited for the fight this weekend.  Mayweather will be tested.  I think Mayweather wins, but it might be a decision.  I will be rooting for Alvarez…I think.  Hell, I just want to see a good fight, where a decision is close enough that they have to fight again.  ANYWAY,  I think it is crazy that Alvarez is in De La Hoya’s CAMP, and De La Hoya has FOUGHT Alvarez, but that Oscar will be in REHAB most likely for the fight.  HORRIBLE timing, bro.

20)   Charles Barkley and I are officially captains of the Manziel Haters club.  He has come out and said he might even be ROOTING for Bama this weekend because Manziel irritates him so much.  I hear you, Chuck.

21)   That is funny because Chuck went to Bama’s mortal enemy, Auburn.

22)   Yes, even if it WAS just basketball that he went there for.  Still rivals overall.

23)   We both feel like this Bama bar with Johnny Football.


24)   That is it.  I had more, but got to shut it down.  I need to get back on the day schedule.  My laptop and I have decided we are done today.  It is over.  We both need some sleep.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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