Thanks for waiting until I was there for Pilgrims, boys.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Lots of movement coming in the NBA soon.  Snowball is talking to both the Rockets and Lakers, with the Mavericks also trying to make a play.  It is a LIGHT rumor, but check out THIS.  Rumblings of the Mavs possibly making a move for Rajon Rondo and Dwight Howard, with Dirk obviously being asked for.  It won’t happen like that, but it sure is fun to talk about all of this crazy stuff.  Dirk is not going anywhere.

2)      Because of lack of options, welcome to the about to be overpaid club, Al Jefferson and Monta Ellis.  You two are good, but your obvious flaws and how high you are currently ranked shows the lack of depth in this NBA free agent class.

3)      After all of the craziness at the beginning, it is looking like the men’s top seeds at Wimbledon will NOT make us Google the name of someone we don’t know in the Final.  Sure, Federer, Nadal, and Tsonga are not part of the festivities, but Djokovic is looking good at press time, and Ferrer and Murray have already advanced.

4)      Don’t x out of that main Google page though.  Serena went down today, and aside from Na, Stephens, and Radwanska, there are a bunch of mysteries.

5)      How SAD is it these days in American tennis?  Stephens is the last American in either men’s or women’s singles.

6)      My Widespread Panic gamble went flawlessly.  Dropped off at a parking lot in the foothills with a backpack, no tickets, and no ride home, it was a fantastic day.  Sunday used to be easier to get for Panic, but Schools warned everyone two years ago to NEVER miss a Sunday show, and then played an entire set of incredible covers.  That being said, people are holding on to Sunday tickets a little more these days after their year off.  Classic, stereotypical Panic story.  I got lucky on getting a ticket, and then thought I had secured a ride back to Denver.  I came out after the show, and my ride people were playing bongo drums with one guy running around with a fake horse with his shirt off.  Needless to say, I had to regroup on logistics.  Anyway, it all worked out, even getting dropped off on my block.

7)      Sunday shows have a different personality.  I LOVE them so much better than the night shows.  I got Airplane as the opener, Pilgrims, Pleas, Life During Wartime, and Traveling Light.  You could just give me Pilgrims with a bunch of blah blah blah and I am happy.  My favorite Panic song.

8)      Hello, Brazil.  Yes, we know you are VERY good.  They SMOKED Spain at the Confed Cup.  They are coming together right on time for next year.  They will be scary.

9)      The Knicks are trading for Andrea Bargnani.  Way to get a big guy up to speed and then get rid of him again, Toronto.  Chris Bosh and Andrea both thank you.

10)   Or maybe Bargnani is NOT excited.  I mean, the dysfunctionality of the Knicks might be the only place where it could be considered a lateral move or less with the Raptors.

11)   Matt Kenseth won in Kentucky.  They decided to do a fuel only (no tires) on his last pit stop.  Good gamble, and I really have no idea how important this is or how crazy the move was.

12)   Congrats to Seth Jones, who at #4 became the highest drafted African American ever.  What stunk about it was that Seth grew up in Denver as an Avs fan, there was no clear #1 pick, and the Avs picked first and passed on Jones.  That would have been pretty cool to be drafted by your favorite hockey club AND your home town.

13)   I don’t pay detailed attention to ladies golf, and really don’t know much about Inbee Park.  What I DO know is that if your name is on the same line anywhere with Babe Zaharias, then you are a badass.  Park became the second golfer ever to win the first 3 Majors of the year.

14)   This kid just will NOT act like a kid.  Dodgers Yasiel Puig simply had another ho hum afternoon with 4 more hits.

15)   Hey, Andy Murray.  Notice in your part of the draw there is ONE guy with a number next to his name.  Everyone else is unranked.  If you can’t do it this year, you have NO excuse.  You basically have ONE guy to beat in the Finals.

16)   HA.  Seriously.  AWESOME.  The Illini are offering Jeff George JUNIOR a scholarship.  Maybe he will follow in his pop’s steps and be great in college, be a #1 pick, and then flame out.  See “Indianapolis Colts.”

17)   The rest of the Cardinals are doing fine, but the fact that Matt Holliday is giving a true run at Jim Rice’s record(s) of hitting into double plays is funny.  Record?  36.  Holliday?  20.  Nice pace, pal.

18)   David Lee was on the trading block?  Didn’t one team already make the mistake of trading him away?  Unless it was for a ringer of course.  As Danny Ainge said, if Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem were tradable at some point, EVERYONE is.

19)   Neat tidbit.  The Devils used the last pick of the draft for Brodeur’s kid.  That is the OPPOSITE of the Jeff George thing.

20)   After about 17,000 months it feels like hearing that Thomas Robinson was going to be traded, he was.  The Rockets sent him to the Blazers for some draft picks.  They now can pay Snowball the max, making them a player in all of this.  That is all good and all, but this is about the EARLIEST I remember any team giving up on a top 5 pick.

21)   Hey, Ryan Mathews.  If you thought you got “cruel tweets” before, try now after your bar fight last night that apparently you were not arrested for but DID occur.

22)   Attention.  Michael Dyer wants a THIRD chance.  What a waste of an incredible RB body, power, and speed.  Will schools think he is past his synthetic weed phase?  Doubtful.

23)   Good job, Flyers.  Way to swing and miss on ANOTHER goalie.  Sergei Bobrovsky got re-upped by Columbus today.  He, of the 21-11-6, 2.00 goals against, .932, and 4 shutouts, was a Flyers gift in a bad trade.

24)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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