Swear. Going camping in the mountains in Virginia.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Old format.  Evening, speed version, since I have worked a nice 12 hours today and this is my “fun” time with my laptop (I don’t play video games and don’t have an XBox either).

Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       The Bulls-Heat game just ended.  I loved the scrappy, old school, playoff style, and believe it or not, the final score is VERY misleading.  It was MUCH worse.  It doesn’t matter.  This isn’t soccer and tallied by goal differential or total points/ goals.  These games are either won or lost, no matter the score.  Urban rumors tell us the Rose thing for Game 4 is a slight possibility, and perhaps Hinrich and Deng can get healthy.  One way or the other, it is 1-1.  Mission accomplished in Miami.

2)      Hey, ESPN Mag, SERIOUSLY.  Your graphs need masters degrees to read.  Stop it.  You all need to stop trying to one up USA Today’s graphs.  I at least enjoy them and understand them by just looking at them.

3)      During the Knicks-Pacers game, the Pacers got behind a little and started gunning 3’s.  NOT your game, guys.  Stop getting sucked in to shooting from the outside.  YOUR advantage is your inside play, and the fact that every one of your players can D up AND play offense.  GREAT balance.  Mission accomplished.  1-1 and heading home.  Plus, I smiled at another hideous JR Smith outing.  Don’t bench that idiot.  The Pacers need him ON the floor.  Pacers are looking good in this I think still.

4)      I know he is retired, but is Shaq suddenly in a LOT of commercials?  He has as many commercials as the Rock has new movies, shows, and commercials.

5)      I have decided that Kush is my favorite rap song over the last 5 years without a doubt.  I don’t know if it is the piano, Dre, or whatever, but it is SMOOTH:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuJDaOVz2qY

6)      Tiger Woods said he wouldn’t have called in a violation he saw on TV.  Two things, El Tigre.  Some people (not me) still hate you.  Second, I once called the Denver Post because the offensive rebounds and total rebounds didn’t add up correctly for a Division II basketball game in a Sunday paper.  Some people are different.

7)      Phil Jackson has said he is not interested in the Nets coaching gig.  I like the guy, but wish he would either definitively say don’t call him about coaching, tell us WHO he wants to coach, take an owner or GM position somewhere, or fade away and just enjoy his new Twitter account.

8)      Memphis won Game 2 against OKC at OKC.  This is not surprising, especially when Mike Conley plays out of his mind and flirts with a triple double like he did.  I would love to see OKC advance, and I think the series MIGHT still be close, but who the heck is going to help Durant with the scoring load.  They need someone to come out of the woodwork, kind of like Butler is doing in Chicago.

9)      Hey, Noah, I know you are telling all of Rose’s critics to shut up, but it WOULD be SO cool for him to come back next game with a split against Miami in a heated series.  SO cool.

10)   Carrie Underwood will sing the Sunday Night Football theme song evidently.  I think I hate too many chick singers.  Is this the one that was doing it before that I hated, or is this a NEW one who I coincidentally ALSO hate.  I guess I could Google it, but it was more fun just ballparking.

11)   The Islanders tied up the series with the Penguins.  Yes.  I AM surprised, and that would be a MONUMENTAL first round upset.  Lock and load, Pens.

12)   Lots of Rant Squad actions.  Lots in the last 24 hours.  Dennis Rodman is a captain.  HE has tweeted a “favor” from North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, asking for the leader to release a prisoner.  Thanks for that, Dennis.  What else?  OH.  Michael Beasley, who if my Rant Squad was an NBA team, would be on the NBDL team.  Minor league.  Anyway, always looking to make the main team, the cops are investigating a sexual assault claim against him.  You ARE Mr. Consistent.  If you make the actual Rant Squad, I will call you Tim Duncan.  You like actually do bank shots.  FINALLY.  I have to think it over, but ex- Lions WR Titus Young has outdone himself.  The qualifications for my team are three arrests.  He isn’t on the team as of yet because he has a BUNCH of team violations, but no exciting ACTUAL arrests.  He changed that yesterday.  He got arrested TWICE.  I will mull it over and get back to you.  Here is his accomplishment.  http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/9252657/ex-detroit-lions-receiver-titus-young-arrested-twice-15-hour-span

13)   I have decided a good day at my work is when I don’t have work to do at night.  Using this calculation, I guess I have not had one good day of work this week.  I can’t even IMAGINE what my coworkers with FAMILIES do when they have to work.  I could MAYBE have a dog.

14)   Ugghhh.  Roy Halladay is going under the knife for his shoulder.  Maybe I should just FRAME my Phillies LCS shirt and not risk it getting it outworn or faded.  It might not happen again for a while.

15)   Lindsey is out having drinks with a friend.  She understands I am a workaholic, is having fun playing pool, and knows I am untalkable (I don’t care if that is not a word) when I rant.  Great woman.

16)   The commercial for Geico was just on with the Allman Brothers song in it.  LOVE that band.  Luckily, I already took care of seeing them live, in the rain, at the 25th anniversary of Woodstock event that I was supposed to NOT be at.  Thanks for being SO cool on that one, Mom.  I got busted when bringing home my laundry from college…with a Woodstock shirt in the load.

17)   The Nuggets George Karl was named coach of the year.  Great job with a young squad, and please notice that the 2nd through 7th place coaches are ALL still in the playoffs.  Just saying.

18)    Vijay Singh is suing the PGA for his doping allegations and bad press.  He is not making money on the tour, and he might as well go try and get a TOO hot of cup of coffee to see if he can make it TWO in a row in the courts.

19)   That is it.  Gotta say.  Felt like today’s was pretty solid.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

20)  Before I leave, this is priceless, and this is also why this world will ALWAYS need Deadspin:



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