Stop playing video games near a slide and jungle gym, kid.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock big time.  Quick and dirty version.  Going back to Littleton and my old stomping grounds today and tonight.  Long one will be tomorrow or Monday.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       The Champions League thing is going on right now.  I have it on in the background.  It is 0-0.  Because my boy Logan DOES care about this and is rooting for Bayern, I guess I will root for them.  I also just wanted to know the feeling of starting my rant with a soccer hook.

2)      Spurs Tim Duncan is divorcing his wife of 12 years.  This is a big day, people.  This might be the closest thing to negative press the man has ever gotten.  I am running out to see if there is a meteor shower.

3)      There wasn’t a meteor shower.  Moving on.  This is absolutely the worst baseball call I have ever seen.  This was called a double play.  Please observe.

4)      The Pacers tied up the series last night in a very, very solid effort.  For those of you who watched the first game and figured the Heat would “be themselves” in the second one, NOW do you believe me that the Pacers are a nightmare matchup for them?  The Pacers are SO balanced and so solid up front, and unless LeBron scores 40 a night the rest of the way, this thing is going seven games.

5)      If you give me a TRX, a jump rope, and a heavy bag, I can accomplish in 20 minutes what takes most other people an hour.

6)      Memphis and San Antonio do game 2 tonight.  I think this is the one Memphis steals, before San Antonio finishes this in five games.  Tim Duncan will too worried about rebounding TO actually rebound in the game.  Hardy har har.

7)      I had breakfast at McDonald’s and saw what I think the new generation is.  A little kid was sitting there playing with his game device in his hand, and there was a whole HUGE playground WITH a slide in this particular McDonald’s.  Are you kidding me?  I was about to go play on it.  A slide within 20 feet of a 6 year old and he chooses to play the video game?????

8)      I could never be a Red Box person for movies.  It means frequently you have to go IN a McDonald’s.  I highly doubt I could walk out without a cheeseburger and fries.

9)      As I do every day, I turned on ESPN News this morning while grabbing a glass of orange juice.  I was HORRIFIED.  The purpose of the freaking channel is 30 minute updates.  I use it as background ALL the time.  They had a LIVE women’s softball game on.  Ugghhh.  Are you all starting that ESPN REALLY ALL NEWS channel pretty soon?  Hey, Lindsey, if you care, OU is a #1 seed in softball.  I at least learned THAT.

10)   I don’t like racing, but THIS ending is pretty sweet.  Indy Lights Race.

11)   Sanchez lost a no hitter in the ninth last night.  He is presently listening to the Hall & Oates comeback song from 1990.  SO tough to get one of those.  We are in the golden age of pitching, so some of these guys are making it look easier than it actually is.

12)   Speaking of Sanchez, remember guys.  If your girl wants to watch a chick flick, but you are in the mood for sports.  You win BOTH ways watching For the Love of the Game.  Chick flick alternating with great baseball clips.  You are happy, she is happy, and you will get some after.  AND actually a good flick with Kevin Costner.

13)   The Warriors are apparently interested in Snowball.  They have some good free throw shooters on that team.  Maybe it will rub off.  Naahhh.

14)   Stop telling me about Don Mattingly’s job status, media.

15)   That is it.  Speed version.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

16)   After I play 9 holes of golf.  For you locals, hit me up if you would like to go hack up a cheap golf course.

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