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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version.  Day rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  Less topics and a little talk on the 30 for 30.

2)      Donovan McNabb had to serve one day in jail for a 2013 DUI arrest.  He probably felt the same in jail as he did alone in a room at his house after 5 NFC Championship games and 1 Super Bowl didn’t turn into a ring.

3)      The Flyers-Rangers score looked bad.  I watched the game.  All you need to know is that it was a heated, tied game at 1-1 throughout most of 2 periods.  Then, a rookie (Ackeson) in his first playoff game gets called for not only a high stick, but a FOUR MINUTE high stick major.  The Flyers gave up TWO goals (thankfully the rules don’t allow more on that) in the blink of an eye and the entire complexion of the game instantly changed.  Pain.  Ful.

4)      Luckily, it was in NYC, so as the saying goes, they were supposed to lose that one.

5)      There is no saying like that.  I made that up.

6)      Frank Haith left a Big 6 Conference, the SEC, to go to…TULSA.  There are upward moves.  There are lateral moves.  Then, there are Frank Haith moves.  If I am Tulsa, I am BLOCKADING the doors from any directional or Division II school officials from even entering the gym.

7)      I think all of Yasiel Puig’s antics over the last year have made me not really care about these threats on him about his defection.

8)      I am not sure when Mark Cuban says the “$550 million selling price for the Bucks was a bargain” was a cut on the Bucks, a cut on the selling price, or just letting us know once again how much money he has.  I think he calls that “mattress money.”

9)      Nick Saban hosted Peyton Manning on a “mutually beneficial” visit.  Why not?  Love him or hate him, Saban networks and welcomes new ideas.  Plus, when you hang with Peyton Manning, people know there is only noble, honest, and clean things going on.

10)   At this point, I don’t care whether those Mankato players play or not.  Get out of the headlines.

11)   Amare Stoudemire has once again found a way to try and explain his very sudden diminishing of skills by saying that the players “didn’t buy into Woodson’s system.”

12)   He is still coach, Amare.  He can hear you.

13)   I was NOT aware that Robinson Cano JUST hit his first home run as a Mariner LAST NIGHT.  .271, 1 HR, and 8 RBI’s.  This would be the Pujols Contract Syndrome.

14)   That is catchy.  I just made it up.  I am going to ride that one more.

15)   Rodney Hood goes pro.  Ok.  Parker, Hood, both leaving, and some of you are thinking there goes Duke’s title shot next year.  Let me be clear on this.  Losing those guys only makes it a CONVERSATION now as opposed to a given who would be preseason #1 next year in the NCAA.  NOT having them merely gives more playing time to this SICK, SICK recruiting class they have coming in.  Trust me.  They are going NOWHERE.

16)   CC Sabathia has an ODD power of attracting triple plays.

17)   I didn’t watch the Avs game, and I obviously didn’t GO to the game.  But, DAMN, that game sounded exciting as HELL.

18)   Before my monologue, I would like to salute Pablo Larrazabal.  I will NEVER make fun of you, and I think we are both great minds.

19)   What?  Who IS he?  Why, he is the Eurpoean golfer who literally jumped into the water during an event when chased by huge, scary hornets.  Being petrified of those things, I would have done the same, and held my breath under water for a record amount of time.

20)   Monologue.  30 for 30.  Bad Boys.  WELL done.  I spotted some tweets about how they really didn’t go into how Thomas never made the Dream Team.  The 30 for 30 was about the team, not him.  I had no problem on them just mentioning it in passing.  Why was I so interested in this 30 for 30?  Well, I have noticed in the NBA as opposed to other sports, I follow PLAYERS, not a team.  The moment Isiah Thomas was drafted, I became a diehard Pistons fan, at least while he was playing.  I had teachers who were Celtics and Lakers fans, and the jousting back and forth was severe.  And the WAY they ascended was methodical.  Losing in the Eastern Conference Finals in seven games.  Losing the NBA Finals in seven games.  Then, winning one going through the SAME two teams in the Celtics and Lakers, along with that guy MJ too.  And then falling off almost as fast as Amare’s skill set because they were exhausted.  Amazing story, and they singlehandedly stopped the Celtics-Lakers roll and made MJ SO pissed that he might not have won his first one if he didn’t hate the Pistons so much.  During this time, I went on a family cruise, had the luck of sitting at a dinner table with a Detroit family, and then giving them money to send me bad Boys stuff that was sold locally (this was pre-internet, people).  Anyway, I was obsessed, complete to the point that my lucky number to this day is Isiah’s jersey number, #11.  Not quite as catchy as Jim Carrey’s love for the number of 23, which as I write this I realize that is Jordan’s number, which makes this improve even more weird.  ANYWAY, and, I think I relate to Zeke because no one liked him either.  Watch the 30 for 30.  It is high quality.  They talk about how the Pistons won with the method of Rick Mahorn and Bill Laimbeer being the bullies.  Then, after the first one, they lose Mahorn to the expansion draft.  Everyone who talked about losing the big guy broke down and got choked up.  If that wasn’t proof that the team was truly a “family,” I don’t know what was.  They show the greatest quarter ever in Finals history, where Zeke had the bum ankle and scored 25 points in the third quarter.  I remember watching that and rolling off the couch in hysterics.  They talk about things how basketball is CHEMISTRY, and the pieces of the puzzle they put together in the late 80’s in Detroit was PERFECT.  They talk about how Joe Dumars went off in one game, complete with a shot that looked like it came down from heaven.  Come to find out that his dad had passed away right before the game, the family called Isiah, and specifically told him to not tell him until after the game.  They talk about how Mark Aguirre watched first game tape when they looked HORRIBLE the next season after winning their first title, realized what they were doing wrong, and said he needed to be coming off the bench and that Rodman should be starting.  Rodman won the Defensive Player of the Year that year.  Who in today’s game would DO that?  No one.  They had a remix after the show where they pull Zeke out to further discuss.  Zeke is pretty straightforward on what he did and didn’t do wrong  (basically piss off the three best players outside of him of the time).  They talk about how although Jordan and the Bulls said the Pistons were how basketball SHOULDN’T be played, that by the 1996 season (and arguably the greatest team of all time), the Bulls had THREE Bad Boys ON their team (Edwards, Rodman, Salley).  They talk about how Vinnie Johnson could have been a superstar on ANY other team.  They talk about how Zeke could have easily averaged 30 points a game should he have wanted to play a different way.  They talk about a lot of stuff.  I recorded it tonight as I will make Lindsey watch it with me.  Check it out.

21)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or at least are more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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