1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  No focus hook again.  Just straight up SPEED.  Lindsey is gone tonight, but I have work to do, things to do around the house, and a football game to watch (Broncos-Chiefs).  One sentence hooks written only during halftime.  Started and posted.  One sentence only once again, and in and out time?  Shooting for 20 minutes.  Let’s…
  3. I believe the Steelers infected the Lions with their own version of lack of Red Zone touchdowns, and I am thankful for it.
  4. It is 17-3 Chiefs at halftime and you have to think about how this half would have been WORSE for the Broncos had Reid not called that silly Hill playing QB play.
  5. Isn’t there an option on that trick play to throw it AWAY?
  6. Justice Snow’s is closing in Aspen, and even though I go there in two weeks, I believe I will be too late for the best burger in CO, and at although I will be sad I didn’t get ANOTHER one, I feel REAL bad for the people who didn’t listen to me and never got ONE burger there.
  7. I believe if you did not hear or watch each OU game and only watched her reactions, the score would be assumed to be 45-0 starting in the first quarter.
  8. I watched some UFC late Saturday, saw Demian Maia again in a losing fight, and although ALL the announcers kept saying was to not let him EVER get you on the mat as he is a grappling expert, I have not ONE in TWO fights ever seen him get a guy all the way down.
  9. Although I respect the immediate meaning of the Houston anthem protest this weekend, I wish they wouldn’t have used the regular thing these days and done something DIFFERENT to let us know they were mad at their OWNER more in this round of the SSB.
  10. Do you think Jim McElwain ever lays in the grass and thinks about what IF he wouldn’t have left Saban’s side and how things would still be pretty good right about now after mutually parting ways at Florida?
  11. And I hear that McElwain got some phone calls from Spurrier and he said he was fine and THAT is a fireable offense ALONE (as I read today so know one thinks I steal ideas).
  12. It is a clusterF*(& in their each week as it is a very small place where people DON’T go for mimosas and only food, but Onefold in Uptown is amazing and I even ate the MONSTER burrito they serve this week…in one sitting.
  13. We went out Saturday, but more of an appearance and nothing to note in the cast.
  14. I saw the Stay Puff marshmallow man though, so that made it worth it.
  15. I woke up JUST in time Sunday morning for the Browns to start acting like themselves in the second half after giving the English crowd a close game for a not accustomed amount of time.
  16. They even know about the Browns over the sea.
  17. So, do we know if there is even interest, or are teams merely calling the Lions to get permission to CALL Megatron?
  18. Baker Mayfield wearing the Traitor Texas Tech shirt before the game was awesome.
  19. If you are curious which weeks the Bucs and Raiders act like the teams they were this weekend in no shows, just ask me and then do the opposite, as I have been dead ON about them every time…just the opposite times.
  20. But, consistent.
  21. We have had the lose early methodology pan out a BUNCH of times over the college football years, but I don’t remember a team making it back to the top THREE by the end of October.
  22. That Ohio State game is a game where I high-fived myself on my couch because it was one of those “don’t turn the channel because you never know and you KNOW this from experience” moments.
  23. I noticed Barry Sanders made a commercial, and I wonder if the guy needs money?
  24. Matthew Stafford has had a RB run for 100 yards or more in SEVEN of 116 games.
  25. Matthew Stafford and Clayon Kershaw went to the same high school outside of Dallas, and how many high schools have ever been able to say they have the highest paid players in TWO sports?
  26. Agnew is downright SCARY (like Halloween) when he gets the ball in space.
  27. I admit to being so happy with a tough road win for the Steelers that I went to bed in the 8th inning of last night’s World Series game…guilty.
  28. I am not editing this obviously.
  29. DeShaun Watson has 19 TD’s in his first 7 games.
  30. I don’t split the atom here on the cast, but I would say that Bell is getting the better of Mixon no matter WHAT is said on Twitter.
  31. Mike Tomlin has been coaching for 11 years and is still the seventh youngest coach in the NFL.
  32. The Cubs hired Martinez as their new manager, and that is fine, but I think we all are confused how they are still pissed for making the final four teams.
  33. I know it is just as much national news as to who the Phils turn to…
  34. Joey Bosa just set the record for most sacks in his first 20 games: 19.
  35. Everyone who didn’t GO there hates Notre Dame, and you can feel the national rooting against them just by going outside…they are going to jack everything up.
  36. I still think they lose again either at Miami or at Stanford.
  37. Pretty cool that at writing time, the Pats technically only have Brady on the roster as a QB after the Garopollo trade, but I assume they pick up the even more recently released Brian Hoyer?
  38. And you don’t think that…they will pick up…ummmm….nah….
  39. The Steelers bench press celebration was just dumb in my opinion.
  40. JuJu locking the stationary bike though was really, really cool.
  41. It has to be scary for drivers such as Denny Hamlin to get confronted by a fan as A) the fan wants to hit them and B) they see their fanbase in real life.
  42. Well, everyone in fantasy football is trying to HELP me, because I have lost three straight with the other person scoring less than 100.
  43. I write better than I draft in fantasy.
  44. Remember, once again, folks, the Steelers play 5 of their last 7 games at HOME, and before they get to that, they play Indy in Indy (yawn).
  45. Don’t like the Steelers, well sorry, and they now play after a bye week FOUR straight prime time NFL games so we will be force feeding you their season comeback.
  46. Too funny their losses are to the Jags and Bears.
  47. Clayton Kershaw unfortunately is finally cementing a postseason legacy, and unfortunately that legacy is that he has allowed the most home runs in the postseason…ever.
  48. The Dodgers were previously 100-1 when Kershaw started and they gave him four plus runs.
  49. The Broncos are third to last in turnover margin at -10, and being ahead of the Bengals and Browns isn’t exactly yelling it from the rooftops.
  50. I did NOT know this, but knew that Gruden LOOKS like Chucky, but dresses like him every single year???
  51. I thought I liked the guy before, but I LOVE the guy now.
  52. By the way, I feel like the Garopollo trade made the NFL trade deadline actually a little exciting…a LITTLE.
  53. It usually comes and goes with nothing but memories of Herschel Walker.
  54. Game about to come on.  Going more quickly now…
  55. The Texans traded Duane Brown and how many LT’s do they HAVE on the roster that they don’t need a Pro-Bowler?
  56. I just had a leftover sandwich, and it cemented the fact that cream cheese just be put on everything ever cooked.
  57. The Bears lost a LB for 10 games, but I feel like…we and they won’t really miss him too much.
  58. Fowler and Jankovich just both had TD’s that got away.
  59. Tiger is returning November 3 for the Hero’s Challenge, and I would have laughed at you 7 years ago if you would have forecasted not only that I would be laughing AND irritated by the news updates of his return.
  60. I will save you two hours of your life and PASS on the movie with Will Ferrell The House.
  61. I don’t want to even think any more about the Zach Miller injury…heal well, bro.
  62. There were FIVE plays in both games 2 and 5 of the World Series where the win probability shifted at least 25%…amazing.
  63. After losing enough bets against them, winning last week with them, and then not believing in them THIS week, I might be sold they are kind of a tough club to play.
  64. I gotta go…can’t focus on the game.
  65. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are more informed.  Will i blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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