So close, yet so far away…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Work break/ sanity check.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Peyton Manning is at the top for fan votes for the Pro Bowl this year.  Well, deserved, and considering the injury he is coming back from, I give him about a 5% chance he will play in that game if selected.  Well, I forgot how NICE of guy he is.  He will probably drive his humble Buick to DIA and make the trip.  Tom Brady will be the one with an undisclosed shoulder injury that Belichick won’t tell us about.

2)      ESPN suspends Rob Parker for 30 days for his RGIII racist remarks.  Make it more.  Make it at least until the end of the football season. He needs to learn and have more quality thinking time.

3)      Have you met Kelly Lundy in Vegas?  Rings a bell?  That would be a BAD thing, by the way.  Kelly Lundy is the alter ego of Favor Hamilton, who was the USA’s best long distance runner years ago.  Why does she need an alter ego?  Because she does favors for you…down there…as a prostitute…in Vegas…using the name Kelly Lundy…while married…ugghhh.  Favor admitted the story of her being a prostitute was indeed true.  What a perfect real name for a prostitute?  Favor.  That is like…well, there are a lot of jokes that would be good.  Gotta keep moving.

4)      The Rangers actually signed ON a player instead of losing one.  They signed A.J. Pierzynski to a one year deal, meaning they will be fighting for HIM next year also.  What’s that?  I agree.  I also feel like he will be playing when I am 70.

5)      You heard it here first.  I keep saying the Minnesota Timberwolves will be a scary force in the Western Conference playoffs by the end of this year.  Well, who stopped OKC’s 12 game streak?  Yup.  The T-Wolves.  Boom goes the dynamite.  Them getting Rubio back is like a poor man’s version of Hickory adding Jimmy.

6)      Check this out.  There are TWO separate stories out there about the Jets.  Talk about disarray.  The first centers on how the are exploring Sanchez trades.  The second is how they are exploring Tebow trades.  Better watch it, guys.  With YOUR lack of attention to detail over there, you might accidentally trade all  THREE of your QB’s and not have any starter.

7)      Dibs to Chris Johnson.  He is an idiot when talking about himself and his mad running skills, but he saddled up gifts for one of the Sandy Hook families.  Good stuff.  See?  You ARE a good guy.

8)      Mike Ditka has come out and said he is a Packers fan.  What?  That is cool with me.  Why do you have to like who drafted you?  Hypothetically, if I would have been the wide receiver I might have been made to be if I actually tried playing, and I made the NFL, and the Lions drafted me, and I became the best ever for the Lions, and if you asked me years later who I liked, I would say the STEELERS.  I was born a Steelers fan, and that will NEVER change.  All good, Mr. Ditka, and not like anyone is ever going to front you up on the topic.

9)      UCLA is leaning towards replacing Ben Howland.   You should have done this two years ago, and now what is your situation?  If you let him go, you better talk to that bad ass recruiting class he just got you, because if they leave, you are TRULY dead in the water.

10)   There is a kid.  He plays basketball.  11 years old.  He is 4’5”.  He scored 91 points in THREE quarters…against the middle schoolers.  Yikes.

11)   Oh.  And he wants to play basketball for John Cheaterpari at Kentucky.  Great.

12)   LeBron James bikes to home games here and there.  I think he actually LIKES reading and just HAPPENS to be on camera while doing it.  I think he just bikes to work to have the story leak and to make him more popular.

13)   In the 80’s, the bad ass stars ONLY came out with bad ass movies to give them more excuses to show off their bod.  In the 90’s and 2000’s, run of the mill actors OCCASIONALLY did bad ass movies to show off their new bod.  Now, one of my favorite actors, Mark Wahlberg, has decided to make a movie SO obvious in this realm that it is funny.  They are bad guys, and apparently have to be the most buff guys in the world to do their heists.  The other guy is The Rock.  Nice work, Marky Mark.

14)   Is AOL still around?  They are like the Blackberry of the internet.

15)   The Soup was hilarious the other night.  He did his Mayan End of the World episode.  Along with having usual segments throughout, he had an occasional “horseman” come out and enter his spaceship that was leaving before everything was over.  All the horseman were of course reality show stars…his main target on the show.  Anyway, he ended the show with a fantastic parody of We are the World.  I didn’t recognize anyone (and I was proud not to), but apparently a lot of the reality people are in this clip.  Check it out.

16)   Not sure if it was a gesture to the older gentleman across the hall, or a total diss on me, but I either got “let go” or “fired” from cat watching my neighbor’s cat.  Shame.  I actually liked that cat and amazingly it LOVED me.  Anyway, I guess that is the end of that.

17)   I only caught the end of it, but can’t WAIT to see the rest of You Don’t Know Bo on ESPN.  Lindsey kind of missed that time period, so I am excited for her to see a show about the greatest “what if” athlete of all time.  To this day, people, Bo Jackson is the only person to play in the MLB All Star game and the Pro Bowl.  Crazy shit.

18)   I used to be able to name all of the bowl games before all these sponsors came into the mix.  Now, I couldn’t name one.  You have lengthy ones like the “S.D. County Credit Union Poinsettia” to the simple ones like “Belk.”  Interesting, and ridiculous.

19)   Denver has the brightest people in it.  I haven’t heard the sirens yet, but I hear they were planning on testing 80 HUGE sirens today.  THAT would have gone over well with the whole Mayan shit and gullible people out there galore.

20)   NHL games have been cancelled throughout January.  Thanks for sharing, but pretty sure we ALL already knew this.

21)   YES.  Pagano is coming back to the Colts soon.  One of the BEST sports stories of the year, and it will only get better if they make some noise in the playoffs.  Great story even without the noise though, and I am sure he didn’t think he even had a prayer at coming back when they were in the playoff position they are in.

22)   Edwin Jackson and the Cubs agree to a deal.  Solid pickup, and since they are about to lose Dempster, this would be a step BACKWARDS.

23)   Some people are taking off Monday at our work, but not traveling.  I don’t get it, unless you just want a quiet day or have family activities.  Damn right I am working since I am not traveling, as I am pretty sure the day will be cut short.  I don’t see the sense in taking a full day off when the people who are working are just doing a half day anyway.

24)   Jabari Parker, the #2 recruit, will be going to Duke.  This isn’t a fit if you ask me as far as the kid, but I am sure Coach K will be happy to make it work with the ridiculous talent.  By the way, if Florida got ANY of these kids who they were second choice for, they would have a downright SCARY recruiting class.  They keep missing out on a lot of the big ones though.  In the words of Hall & Oates, they are “so close, yet so far away.  Sad as it is, I still quote that line and then sing the chorus when a situation arises that the song works for.  Sad but true.

25)   That is it.  Back to work.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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