Shut up, Rosie…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version, with the monster one coming tomorrow.   Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       So Minnesota beats Wisconsin in the all over the place/ taking turns leading the charge Big Ten.  Let’s put it this way, people.  When you go to pick your bracket this year, and you notice your final draft has a couple Big Ten teams going a long way, don’t second guess your choices.  There arguably are about 5 to 6 teams from that conference that have the ammunition to make the Final Four.  I say 5 or 6 because Minnesota has talent, but would need a lot of stars to align.  They have the metal at coach though.

2)      Since I tweeted about it today and have read many other jokes regarding it, I guess we are officially at the 24 hour time when now it is OK to make Pistorius jokes.  We have had a full day of being befuddled and confused.   Now we joke.

3)      Geez.  One guy has a birthday, and another turns 50, and suddenly we have all of these hypothetical one on ones and who would you take scenarios.  Jordan would take Kobe over LeBron, and Magic would take MJ over LeBron.  First of all, give me Jordan, Kobe, and LeBron in that order.  Reasoning?  The LOOK in the eyes that Kobe and Michael had in their titles I have still NOT seen in LeBron’s.  KILLER eyes.  STAY OUT OF MY WAY eyes.  Second, LeBron is only third at this point because he has like 10 years left in his career.  Third, I am not a gamer, but where did those one on one video games go anyway?  I remember playing Dr. J vs. Larry Bird ALL the time.

4)      Plus, LeBron is a slacker.  He had 30 plus points, but he “ruined” his 60% plus streak with a measly 58% that was determined on his last missed 3 pointer.

5)      This year’s NBA draft might not be a “glamorous” draft with big household names, but I personally think the middle players are as strong as any draft recently.  When I see Brandon Paul and Ryan Kelly at #55 and #59 in a mock draft, and DeShaun Thomas and CJ Leslie at the beginning of the second round, I would say the middle is pretty solid.  Good year to be a good team.  You WILL get someone worthy at the end of the 1st round.

6)      Dibs to my lady, Lindsey, who got me the best Valentine’s Day gift EVER.  Rant business cards, Rant mouse pad, Rant pens, Rant notepads, and Rant sticky notes.  It is the ONLY time I would rank second the Steeler fleece she also got me.

7)      Sorry to all of the injured people in Russia from that meteorite, but I would like to see something like that someday.  Of course, you are talking to the guy who drove to the Virginia coast and sat on the beach with a six pack of beer during Hurricane Gloria.  It was my poor man’s version of LT. Dan in Forrest Gump.

8)      Cam Cameron was introduced as the new offensive coordinator at LSU.  What a gig THAT is.  You have a pro style coordinator coming to a team with a badass defense and always in the championship mix even with a 94th ranked passing attack and 51st ranked rushing attack last year.  AND you have stud recruits.  No where to go but up…

9)      Colorado upset top 15 team Arizona last night.  This is karma after the whole 3 point shot call in the last game that stole the win from them.  Don’t look now, people.  Colorado is #15 in the RPI right now.  MORE interesting is the #14 team.  Colorado State.  Maybe Colorado people CAN play basketball with the big boys, or at least can bring in people from other states who can.

10)   Thanks Fox Sports for calling the Lakers losing to the Clippers a “home beatdown.”  I believe they are BOTH at home in the real sense.

11)    A shout out to my boy, Jason, who Lindsey and I saw on 16th Street Mall last night on our way to ice skating.  You are the man, and I definitely miss having drinks with you.  Much love, bro.

12)   Free ice skating was not NEAR as busy as I thought it would be last night.  Good thing.  After I managed one round of slowly going around in a circle holding hands in the Valentine way, I went back to just trying not to crash into people or falling while skating solo.  By the way, the DJ was playing pretty much the same skate songs I remember from back in the day.  I was half expecting THIS song to come on:

13)   FIVE Kentucky recruits were named to the McDonald’s All American High School Basketball Team.  FIVE?  I wake up every day waiting to see the “Calipari being investigated” headlines.

14)   Kevin Garnett has said that this will be his last All Star Game.  No mention if that means he will be retiring, or just admitting that he got in on name alone probably for the last time.

15)   HERE we go.  THIS would be an awesome QB controversy.  Ex-Duck Dennis Dixon just signed with ex-coach Chip Kelly and the Eagles.  Let the games begin.

16)   The Senators Karlsson is out for the season.  I thought I was going to be out for the season just THINKING about my Achilles being torn by a skating blade.

17)   Kevin Youkilis has arrived at Yanks camp with a disclaimer.  He will always be a Red Sock.  Yankee fans allegedly put a friendly petition together saying they totally understand.

18)   Ticket sales are down in Boston this year.  They are forecasting an early season end to their record 793 sellout streak.  That is sad whether you like the Red Sox or not.  I have been to Fenway one time, and it just OOZES baseball.

19)   Floyd Mayweather will once again have his father train him for the scheduled May 4th fight.  No word on his opponent, and no word on whether his dad talks as much shit as HE does.

20)   Diehard comes is out, and I am less than 24 hours until I personally see it.  Yay times infinity.  Shut up, Rosie Perez.

21)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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