She said yes, Jimmy. Now can these commercials exit stage left?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

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I will be going back to the new format after March Madness.  I don’t have time to organize the new format until then.  Let’s turn and burn.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Skyler, that picture will go up later this week.  Most likely, I will toss it in the long Saturday one.)

1)       The Heat won their 26th straight.  I took a look at the schedule and it has a bunch of weak Philly, Charlotte, Orlando, and other weak teams.  That being said, their fourth game from now, at San Antonio, is looking pretty darn fun.  Don’t do your sitting of superstars for THAT game, Pop.

2)      I am out of my knockout pool for March Madness.  I got greedy.  I went with the stats and history against a coach that has won the whole thing before.  FGCU had another plan for me in becoming the first #15 in the Sweet Sixteen.

3)      Elvis Dumervil signed with the Ravens.  It doesn’t exactly fix all of the other losses they had already this offseason, but it sure stops a couple people from jumping in the shark tank at Inner Harbor.

4)      I already posted it, but it is pretty cool to see again.  Sergio climbing trees…

5)      LaSalle made sure we didn’t have to listen to a whole week of Marshal Henderson media coverage.  THANK you.  Glad you went out in style flipping the bird to the crowd, Marshall.  CLASS-y.  You scored 21, but I believe it took you 21 shots to get there.

6)      I still find myself drifting off in thought at how the HELL did I let my final bracket be Gonzaga in the Final Four.  Rule #1: Pick good teams.  Rule #2: Pick season TESTED teams.

7)      Duke is pretty good to go when they only have to guard one real scorer on the court.

8)      Minnesota fired Tubby Smith already it has been reported.  Quick trigger if you ask me.  He got them to the tourney playing a top 5 schedule AND won a game against a HIGHER ranked team, after playing a schedule in the toughest conference in America.  Come on.

9)      I know it is a contract thing, but I would much rather been listening to Seth and Jay breaking down the games at halftimes.  Get rid of the NBA guys, bring in the NCAA experts, and toss in Charles for fun.

10)   I can’t win with you, Arizona.  When you are supposed to be good, you lose in the first round.  When I expect you to nosedive, you over perform.  Make up your mind.

11)   Colorado State fans should not get too sad about their loss to Louisville.  They had a solid squad, they have new stars coming in next year, and their foundation for going to the next level is pretty solid.

12)   It wasn’t that if I would have stayed in Vegas I would have lost at the sports book badly, but I imagined cocktails amounting and then wanting late action whether I had circled a game or not, and I think I would have given good day money back both days.

13)   Funny comment from Lindsey the other morning.  “Did I hide the pepperoni or did you eat it?”  I am worse since I don’t have that food in MY place these days.  It is dangerous putting it anywhere around me.  Or bacon.  Or cheese.

14)   You know you are foreshadowing your bracket being wrecked eventually when you are rooting for Temple in the game against Indiana when you have Indiana in the final game.

15)   My mantra during the brackets and who I am rooting for in games is this.  “If I have an x, I want everyone to have an x.”

16)   I think Virginia has a GREAT shot at being the best loser in the nation.  Meaningless stuff that NIT stuff is.

17)   Since that kid finally said “yes” to free cash, is that end game with the Jimmy Fallon Capital One commercials?  Are we done?

18)   That charging call against Iowa State involving Aaron Craft was BS.  It would have given Iowa State a chance to go up 4 points instead of giving the ball back to Ohio State.  You hate for refs to decide a game, and don’t even tell me the ref did or did not see a heel hovering over the floor.  You make that charge call only if it is obvious, and it looked like he snuck in that spot pretty darn late while they were in the air.

19)   UCLA fired Ben Howland as their basketball coach.  Are you firing him because he happened to have a bunch of misfits for years on his squad who had no chemistry, or because when he finally got talented, somewhat normal kids this year, he couldn’t make the Final Four with a bunch of youngsters?  He got you a couple Final Fours years ago.  I think you should have given him a shot with slightly mature kids next year.

20)   I like Kenny Smith’s analogy of Indiana’s offense…like plugging holes on a leaking damn.  Once you stop Zeller, then Hulls beats you.  Once you plug that hole, the Oladipo hole starts leaking.  I still like them to get past Syracuse and then Miami.

21)   North Carolina, at times can look like a Final Four team.  Other times, they look lost.  They chose the latter Sunday.  I was hoping for a classic with two programs that overlap with players, coaching trees, and history.

22)   Six left in my Elite 8 still, and aside from Gonzaga, I haven’t lost anyone monstrous.  Anyway, I am going to head out.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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