Seriously. Pick a date night. She will thank you and you won’t be in Notebook or Titanic hell…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock, but will keep it relatively brief (for me).  This is me blogging during the amazing British Open.  Morning rant on a Sunday.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)     I am blogging right now to hide my pain of watching Tiger try to be what he used to be.  He has much less “magical” shots these days on the final day of anything.  This will distract me from going through the pain of seeing him ON the leaderboard but not really doing anything.

2)    As I wrote that, he just made a birdie to move back to 2 under.  Maybe this blogging while he plays will actually work out.

3)    I am down for anything happening as long as Phil doesn’t win, and Poulter’s score doesn’t hold up.  Poulter is a jackass, and I have no idea why I dislike Phil so much.  He is just a really, really good dude that I somehow find irritating.

4)    Scary.  Tiger is playing about as bad as HE can play, and he is still within 4 strokes of the lead.  Nice OFF game he has.

5)    Lindsey tried to wake up and sleep while I watched golf this morning, but even found golf noises in the background too boring for her to sleep during.  She is simply counting the days until Sooner football starts.

6)    I truly once again would like to thank everyone for reading this blog.  Readership is holding up even without my FB alerts and emails going out.  Someone DID approach me and ask why I didn’t blog anymore.  I said I don’t send out emails, but I blog EVERY day.  Keep up, work colleague.  You know who you are.

7)    Dammit.  Mickelson just saved par.  Ugghhh.

8)    Thanks, Logan, my Twitter buddy.  He clarified the background of HOW DeAndre Jordan knew that Jon Hamm had big junk.

9)    This is the best reason to have a screwdriver like…ever.  Until next year.  LOVE watching the Open.

10)                       On to other stuff so my day is clearer after the Open.  Jerry Jones has come out and said that Jason Garrett is NOT on the hot seat.  Did anyone actually ask him a question, or did he just miss a microphone and headline?  Garrett shouldn’t be on the hot seat.  He is playing Texas hold’em with a pair of 6’s before the flop.  High cards are going to beat you every time.

10a)  I am not sure why Microsoft Word suddenly super indented my hooks.

11)                       I suddenly feel like watching Rounders again.  That happens a lot.

12)                       Good to see Paula Creamer in the mix on the ladies side of things in golf.  Not sure why I care or actually why I just made this a hook in my rant.

13)                       Do you think Tiger is sucking today because he has to hang out with Steve Williams all day when his ex caddy’s player is in the LEAD?

14)                       Mickelson proclaimed yesterday that even par will win this thing.  As I watch these players struggle through the final day, and since he is actually PLAYING the course as opposed to blogging while watching the thing in my living room with A/C on, I am tending more and more to believe him.

15)                       Steph Curry is not only the best shooter in the NBA but ALSO good at golf?  That just seems unfair somehow.

16)                         Rory McIlroy says he noticed “positive signs” during his two rounds at Muirfield.  I am glad SOMEONE did.

17)                       OK.  This Open might be MADE for Westwood at the end of the day.  I have seen him only find his ball on the third hole because he hit it into the gallery, hit an approach on 5 that was ridiculous, hit NO fairways through 9 holes, hit 3 bunkers in 3 holes, and just watched him hit if OFF the green only to have it trickle back to about 8 feet from the hole.

18)                       This plan is MARVELOUS.  Tiger just hit it within 8 inches of the hole on an approach to put him within 2 strokes.  Come on, bro.

19)                       Charles Schwartztel came out and said Muirfield was “unfair.”  Sounds like a quote from a guy who didn’t show up this week.

20)                       If you are at a bar sitting at the bar trying to get in “good” with the bartender, always at least OFFER to buy the bartender a shot.  They might say no personally or because they have to per rules, but they will appreciate the gesture.  By the way, etiquette is you DON’T tip on that shot you bought them.  They get it.

21)                       The Clippers picked up BJ Mullens for a cool $2 million.  Cheap price for the NBA, some of you might recall he was “B.J.” at Ohio State, and he is still a young, big, tall guy with some skills in a center deficient league.

22)                       I didn’t realize Broncos WR Eric Decker’s wife was so hot.

23)                       Great story in Yasiel Puig this season.  Let’s all hope the $12 million law suit has no merit to rain on THAT parade.

24)                       Dammit.  Mickelson has an eagle putt on 17.  Ugghhh again.  If you know ANYTHING about Muirfield, you know that Hole 17 ALWAYS is part of the story as to who wins or loses.

25)                       Tiger, even if you suck for the rest of your career, and now that people have started forgetting about your Perkins days and signed with Nike, can you STOP cursing on live TV after a bad shot?

26)                       I went out the 16th Street mall to simply get a Droid tablet protective case yesterday.  I came away from the experience realizing that Ross is a dangerous store to go into after a couple drinks.  I WAS lucky on ONE front.  I have size 14 shoes, so I don’t need to worry about buying stuff I know they don’t have.  I needed khaki’s, I needed gym shorts, and I needed casual shorts though.

27)                       I love in golf that unless you are Tiger, the networks just stop showing people when they fall off the grid.  I just realized that Hunter Mahan and Angel Cabrera haven’t been on TV in about 30 minutes.

28)                       Just when you thought the rebuilding plan in Houston couldn’t go any worse, they have a pitcher stop his OWN no hitter.  I know you have had a bunch of surgeries, Erik Bedard, , but you still can walk off before you hit 110 pitches for the game?  Come on.  Have you NOT seen For the Love of the Game?

29)                       Kevin Costner can be laughed at.  Fine.  But, I will say this about him.  He has definitely two of the best baseball movies, arguably the best golf movie, and For the Love of the Game is the perfect guy-chick flick.  You have true love cute stories combined with a baseball game going on.  Use it, guys.  We will skip the twenty or so movies when he is just FUNNY while trying to act.

30)                       Classy.  Red Sox fans actually cheered Mariano Rivera.  Good work, Boston.  Your rivalry is fierce, but he deserves your applause.  Maybe not the ASG MVP in my book, but at LEAST applause.

31)                       I was listening to a rap song yesterday while wandering around.  I have so much respect for those guys.  They can rhyme whenever they want in whatever setting is going on.  They can’t hide their talent or lack thereof.  Golf and rapping.  Two professions I never kick myself about not chasing.

32)                       Phil is two strokes up.  What was looking like an eight man playoff has quickly turned into one of the most boring endings that I remember.  This whole “blog while Tiger is playing” thing evidently didn’t work.

33)                       Phil’s approach shots on 16, 17, and 18 were absolutely phenomenal.

34)                       Lindsey and her friend were watching Movie 43 yesterday.  I was cleaning and stuff.  Let’s just say that movie is OUT there with a HUGE amount of big time stars who signed on for small parts.  Off the wall, weird, and I had to come into the living room to SEE what was going on to make some sense of it.  Vulgar.  Don’t watch with your kids, people.

35)                       The Nuggets are looking at Mike Miller.  LOVE it.  Sign him.  I will go from a semi-Nuggets fan just because I live here to possibly an actual FAN.

36)                       Quietly, UGA football signed the #2 DT today.  Congrats.

37)                       The Bruins are having Justin Bieber in house.  They have roped off their locker room logo just in case he gets any ideas like in Chicago.  “Bieber proof.”  Classic term.

38)                       That is it.  Going to watch the end of this painful experience.  I mean that in jest.  I love it, and once again who I root AGAINST wins.  Phil just sank the birdie on 18.  Players still have the par 5 17th, but 3 strokes is WAY too much I think to overcome.  If Phil wins, I might have woken up early and just watched the best closing three holes ever in a Major.  By the way, Phil. You LIED to us.  You said EVEN would win it.  You didn’t tell us you were going to put up the score you did.  Wow.  Hope you enjoyed.  I know I have.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

39)                       Lee Westwood and Dan Marino need to go out for drinks…soon.

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