Seriously. Can we take this show off the air? Please?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Work break/ sanity check.  20 minutes.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Before last night’s game, the Patriots were 21-0 in the second half of the season since 2010.  That is pretty impressive stuff.  Actually, that WAS pretty impressive stuff, as that is now OVER.  I would love to tell you more about the game, but the Fillerbuster was tired and crashed early.

2)      Damn the Pats.  With the Steelers controlling their own destiny for the 6 seed, and with the Pats losing to the Niners, you pretty much get the feeling that the Steelers and Pats will be meeting in the playoffs WAY earlier than normal.  Hey, Cincy fans.  It all comes down to next week.  Put up or shut up.

3)      Florida lost to Arizona Saturday night in a game the Fillerbuster missed for a work party.  So, I will just move on.  I can’t watch them ALL, although I would love to actually do that.

4)      Michigan football suspended 3 players for their upcoming bowl game for violating team rules.  It is college, folks.  What makes this even more idiotic was that TWO of them were seniors.  They are done…for good.  Way to exit, gentlemen.

5)      Sergio Garcia won an event across the ocean by shooting a 61 in the final round.  What I personally found odd is that the 2nd place guy ALSO shot a 61 in the final round.  That would suck-shooting a course record and still losing because the other guy did the same exact thing.

6)      Pittsburgh-Dallas.  Ugghhh.  I can’t talk much about it as I am still disgusted, but here are a few tidbits-speed style. 1)  Antonio Brown, you are an idiot. Fumble, letting a punt go, and then running out of bounds.  Idiot.  2)  I am surprised the Steelers even CARRY that many CB’s on their team. 3)  The way the Steelers fans travel is amazing.  4)  The Steelers had a 2nd and 2 on the 15 yard line…a got a field goal.  Disgusting.  5)  Thanks to the Broncos for playing earlier, so I could watch that pain all by myself on my couch.  6)  Ben literally KEPT the Steelers in the game.  He is SO important to that team.

7)      A world class mountain biker died…while street biking.  Odd.

8)      Kyree Irving scored 34 points in his first turn with the mask for his broken jaw.  Looks like we might have another Richard Hamilton in the works.

9)      The RA Dickey deal is about done with the Jays.  That American League East is just downright SCARY these days.

10)   Green Bay beat Chicago to get back to where it belongs in the division.  I haven’t heard much out of Jay Cutler’s mouth in a while.  Have you?

11)   I used to be able to name ALL of the college FBS bowl games.  I wouldn’t even have a chance these days.  Utah State beat Toledo in the “Potato Bowl” if you care.

12)   I have no NHL updates.  I don’t think they do either.

13)   Shhhh.  Not that we care about swimming for another 3.5 years, but Ryan Lochte quietly broke the 100 AND 200 IM World Records.  Dirty.

14)   I think that if a guy wanted to sit in his “lucky seat” in my apartment to watch his 49ers, I would be cool with it.

15)   I got a new phone because my other one was ancient and dying (sounds like my car).  The difference between the car and the phone is that I only paid $40 for the phone upgrade.  I would love to tell you about it, but I am quite scared to really touch it.  Razor M.  It apparently is technologically acceptable these days, so I am now hip again.  I was depressed to find out only one phone in the store had an actual keyboard that slid out.  I took that as a subtle hint to not get that one.

16)   I liked the announcer during the Broncos game.  He said “Baby Steps.  He should get a first down first.”  He must be a What About Bob fan also.

17)   Does anyone else think it is absolutely crazy that the place I ended up living at in Denver has the EXACT numbers in my hometown zip code, but just rearranged?

18)   Knowshon Moreno’s hurdle over a defender was awesome, and I am glad I watched it real time.

19)   Talk about a crap shoot.  Who do you give the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award to?  It is a dead heat between A.P and Peyton.  Include the MVP conversation in that dead heat also.

20)   All of the phones in the store looked the same to me.  I am frightened of fancy stuff.  I think I made the right choice (well, Lindsey actually made the final call since she knows me), as all of the background colors are blue.  Considering hell will freeze over before I change default settings, I guess that is a sign that it is the right phone for me.

21)   Brian Urlacher ripped his Chicago fans for booing the home team.  Ummm.  Brian?  Have you NOT played Philly lately IN Philly?

22)   I was flipping through channels and noticed that Comcast gave 21 Jump Street FOUR stars.  It was ok and sort of funny, but four stars?  I think not.

23)   Matt, I am holding off on the Kenny Mayne hook until another rant this week.  I am still formulating my angle, and am going to wait until I am not doing a speed version rant.

24)   Survivor is still ON?  I don’t know of anyone still watching it.  I admit I sent a video in for the very first one to get on.  I admit I have never watched it since 5 minutes that very first season.  I can’t believe it is still around.  Please tell me The Apprentice is at least off the air.

25)   In the Denver game, that INT TD near the end of the half when Baltimore was threatening was just plain sloppy by Joe Flacco.  You can’t expect to make the next step to the Big Game if you do stuff like that.  You CAN run fast though, Joe.

26)   I would like to win the Bud Light contest for 50 years of NFL tickets.  I would just sell them all of course, and I guess I actually need to enter to win, but it sounds fun.

27)   That is it.  Back to work.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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