Save a horse…yada yada yada.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  It is halftime of the Broncos game.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)  You would think there goes the neighborhood, but it is Alabama.  They just reload.  Lacy, Milliner, and Fluker all announce they are going pro.  Fluker will be solid on the next level, Milliner is already the #1 CB in college and doesn’t want to pull a “Barkley,” and Lacy’s family must be poor since he would be a #1 contender for the Heisman next year.  Don’t lose sleep on their losses.  Saban and the gang will be just fine.

2)  The Cowboys sign up Monte Kiffin as their defensive coordinator.  Good hire and good defensive mind, but I assume that contract can’t be TOO long term.  Either that, or Monte takes care of himself really, really well.  Dude is 72 years old.

3)  The NFLPA will not do a probe on the Griffin injury to see if all rules were followed.  They have decided to concentrate their resources on concussions, and I think the Redskins have enough problems with RGIII’s wheels going on to worry about a “probe.”

4)  Urban Meyer says that Ohio State still has holes to fill.  Urban Meyer has been writing media speeches for about a year now, and is just happy to be using them now, as his team will definitely be in the mix for the BCS title next year…AND eligible now.

5)  Kyle Busch will stay with Joe Gibbs Racing, and their was some wreck on the Daytona track that I didn’t click on the link to find out more info.  You can go to sleep tonight feeling informed on NASCAR racing.

6)  The Hogettes are finally retiring.  I just wanted to write that line to be honest.  Read the story.  It will be fun for you.

7)  Vanessa and Kobe have announced that they will not divorce.  Kobe will celebrate with a vacation in Eagle, Colorado.

8)  Strahan, Sapp, and Ogden are NFL HOF finalists.  The Fillerbuster’s two cents are the following.  Strahan-yup.  Sapp-nope.  Ogden-damn straight.

9)  LeBron got lonely yesterday and announced that the media coverage on the Heat’s problems outrank the Lakers coverage this year.  Go read a book, LeBron.  Or bike to work.  Just because you finally got a ring doesn’t mean we care what you think on every freaking issue.

10)  Stop teasing the big game and watch THIS.

11)  I am proud to announce that I am now a country music expert.  At the Nuggets game last night, I heard a song, and told Lindsey it sounded like “those guys who wanted to save a horse or cowboy.”  I was right.  Big and Rich.  Yay.

12)  Lance will evidently admit to doping on Oprah on Thursday.  Barbara Walters has told the media that she is jealous.

13)  NC State beat Duke today.  Sure, it was at NC State’s crib, and to get to the next level, you HAVE to defend your home court, but it was big regardless.  NC State made a statement, and are finally starting to play some good basketball with their load of talent.  I would say the toughest decision was whether to storm the court.  They did,  I wouldn’t have.  You guys got a title back in the day.  It would have been a BIGGER statement NOT rushing the court.  Act like you have BEEN there before.

14)  Why wasn’t Minnesota-Indiana on TV today?  James Madison was on, and you can’t find a channel to give Minnesota some TV love?

15)  Syracuse basketball said James Southerland is being looked at for eligibility issues.  Deja Vu of the whole Fab Melo thing last year (how is D League, by the way, Fab???).  I guess the GOOD thing is at least Syracuse busts themselves before the NCAA does.

16)  Mason Plumlee’s free throw might be going in more these days, but it still looks WAY too flat of shot for my liking.

17)  NOW the Lakers are getting fun.  Durant torches them for 42, they lose, and to add insult to injury, Jack Nicholson walked out with 7 minutes left.  He needed a partner in crime, so evidently he grabbed Adam Sandler on the way out also.

18)  Rob Ryan might sign with the Rams as DC.  Come on.  Go to the Jets.  It will be media heaven.  Idiotic Batman and Robin.  DO it.

19)  I am SO over the Denver chant “In.  Com.  Plete!”  Impressed by your organization, respect you being the first crowd to do it, but please stop.

19)  Back to football.  That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

20)  Just a tagline.  I am off tomorrow.  Talk to you Monday.

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