Rollin’ with Kid ‘n Play…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Work break/ sanity check.  I feel the need…the need for speed.

1)       I had no work to do last night, had done my blog, was home from the gym, and it was just me camped out on my couch…with only the World Series on with non planned flippers.  What happens?  Blowout city.  Fancy. Waste.  Some random notes:

-I was going to mention Pablo Sandoval in my blog and his two home runs…and then he joined elite company and hit another one (my blog list literally says “2HR’s” and then “+1 HR”).  Dude had 12 home runs in the whole regular season, and has SIX already this postseason, with 3 being last night of course.

-The fact that you can SEE on camera Verlander mouthing “wow” after Sandoval’s HR was a sure sign of a problem.

-Listen to your coaches.  Verlander was visibly surprised by a coaching visit to the mound.  Well, he shouldn’t have been surprised.  The next batter, Sandoval lit him up for his second home run.  Maybe those coaches know something.

-Delmon Young not running the bases on the ball hit inches in front of the plate and then being tagged out wasn’t necessarily the difference in the game as the score was already bad.  BUT, it did NOT help the score though and is further proof that the Little League coaches telling kids to run out EVERYTHING are not wasting their vocals to hear themselves yell.

-Scutaro is simply on fire.  If this was NBA Jam, he would have flames coming off his bat.

-You know things are going right for your team when you get a ball bouncing inward on a dribbler AND your PITCHER is hitting RBI’s off of the best pitcher in baseball right now.

2)  A man won 25k for parlaying TWENTY THREE college football games on a $100 bet.  First of all, I actually think that should be a bigger payout, but I am greedy.  Second, interestingly enough, he only picked ONE underdog in ALL of his picks.  One.

3)  The Islanders are moving to Brooklyn.  I feel like Jerry when the maid threw out his paper with a joke on it before going on the Tonight Show.  I HAD a joke, but didn’t write it down.  Something about the Statue of Liberty, ice, the Nets…dammit.  CONVEYOR BELT (that is closure on the Seinfeld reference).  Moving on.

4)  I hear they don’t think there will be a full 82 game NHL season.  I am confused.  Are we even that sure there will be ANY season?  Why don’t you guys agree on something, and THEN worry about how many games there will be?  Talk about carts and horses and putting them in order (I like to say cliches wrong-it is a hobby).

5)  DeAngelo Hall said that Eli Manning didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out Victor Cruz was wide open on that last long play.  Nice reference, Einstein.  I didn’t think Eli ever THOUGHT he was a rocket scientist.  I am pretty sure rocket scientists aren’t good at football, and football players aren’t good at rocket science (except for the smartest man in football-Robert Smith from back in the day).  Don’t mix up occupations, Hall, and try remembering that the only way they beat you is to get BEHIND you.

5a)  Wow.  Victor Cruz still makes the minimum.  I am getting KGB as my agent if I am him.  “Pay him.  Pay that man his money.”

6)  Dammit.  I like a show, and it just disappears.  I liked Rules of Engagement.  It goes away.  I liked Men At Work.  It goes away.  I need to be like Costanza and do the opposite, and maybe shows will stay on the air.  “Hire this man.”

7)  OK, Vince.  Congratulations.  Vince thinks Lolo Jones is hot, and I get weekly updates.  Well, she made the bobsledding team.  Good job, girl.  Following right along in Herschel Walker’s footsteps.

8)  The Panther update.  The book is awesome so far.  I plan on killing the thing this weekend, half at the auto shop and half at home.  Anyway, the two badasses now know each other, and Corey is now in Yemen.  The next 500 pages are going to be just awesome.  Good weekend for you to go see the game of the week in Norman, Lindsey.

9)  We have a new Transfer U in college basketball this year.  Eastern Michigan.  They have NINE transfers on their team, plucking the unhappy high school stars from big name teams.  They have guys from Arkansas, Syracuse, and many others.  Those transfers have been sitting a year and are amped to start playing.  Note to self when brackets come out in March.

10)  Did you know that aside from never winning the big one, that Andy Reid IS good at one thing besides growing Tombstone mustaches?  He is 13-0 after a bye week.  Tell your friends.

10a)  Tell them quickly, as that might end this weekend.

11)   I am a casual hater of Notre Dame.  Not passionate, but I still dislike them for no reason.  Anyway, IF by some crazy chance they DO pull this weekend off against OU, and then finish the season running the table, NO one can complain about them being in the title game.  IF they run it, they will have had NO directional/ outside the big conferences schools, would have gone TO Michigan State, OU, and USC and won, and taken care of teams like BYU and Stanford at home.  They would deserve a shot.  Will it happen?  Nahhh.  THAT is why I had to write this hook THIS week.

12)  I love how every few years someone brings back the rappers Kid n’ Play…or at least the hair.  We had Brandon Jennings a few years ago do it.  He hasn’t gotten quite as good as we thought he would, but he still brought the do.  Now, UK super recruit Nerlens Noel is rocking it out.  He plays for a cheating school (HAS to), but I like this particular kid.

\Blue squad's Nerlens Noel, bottom, is pressured by White squad's Willie Cauley-Stein during Kentucky's NCAA college basketball Blue-White scrimmage at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Ky., Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012. Photo: James Crisp / AP

13)  Rex Ryan wants Reggie Bush to apologize about his “what comes around” comment.  I have already spoken with Reggie, actually.  Rex, Reggie and I have decided that if you shut your mouth for three consecutive days to the media, that he will write and broadcast an official apology.  Give me a ring, Rex.  We’ll talk.

14)  Lawrence Taylor got a chance to speak about his paying a chick in a hotel room to have sex with him.  He used phrases and words like “really pretty,” and “stacking the odds in his favor.”  I am still hearing those nails coming down the chalkboard.  This would probably be causing an uproar, but we are still so numb from the Sandusky trial.

15)  Seattle CB Richard Sherman, fresh off from asking Tom Brady if he was ok postgame and making media waves, has changed his Twitter name to Optimus Prime.  He plays against Calvin Johnson AKA Megatron upcoming.  Richard, I know Revis got hurt and all, but I don’t think that you are stepping into the “I am an island” role just yet.  What’s that, Richard?  Ohhhh.  You are being the defensive version of Chad Johnson.  Got it.  Go wrestle an alligator.

16)  Three time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond has said that all of cycling leadership should step down and that everyone is corrupt after this whole Lance Armstrong deal.  Careful, Greg.  They might find 22 year old samples of YOUR blood and start bringing charges against you.  With Lance out, you are now America’s cycling spokesman, but watch your step with these people.

17)  I have more to say, but time is up.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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