RATING: Adequate. Not a revolutionary ending, but not bad either considering the brilliance of the season.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  Quick hitter today after the long one yesterday.

2)      Wichita State is 34-0 entering March Madness.  Know this, people.  This is not the St. Joseph’s from way back when that made an undefeated run in a conference no one trusted.  Read the bios on these kids.  Some had the chance to go to a bigger school and chose not to.  A couple are overachievers.  A couple are talented and feel slighted.  One or two did the junior college route.  Bottom line is this.  These kids are for real.  Make sure it is an experienced, quality team that you have bumping them out of your bracket.

3)      The Pacers have dropped 4 straight.  The Heat have dropped 3 straight.  The Bulls look like they might scare some people.  Toronto is the biggest secret in the NBA.  However you look at it, the East is a LITTLE more interesting.

4)      No it is not.  Check out the battle of the 9 or so under .500 teams for that 8th spot.

5)      Nice Sunday 78, El Tigre.  Sounds like the name of a song.

6)      The Jets released Antonio Cromartie and Santonio Holmes.  They are truly making a push to make sure fans don’t know ANY names of their players.

7)      Tennessee is looking rumor has it to trade Chris Johnson.  I would be very sad if this happened.  Unless he gets traded to the Jaguars or Browns or someone like that.  I just want him and his ego to be stuck on a bad team for the rest of his career.

8)      I think that Phil Jackson having a front office position with the Knicks is a good idea.  I mean, they can’t make any WORSE decisions, right?

9)      Tracy McGrady got an invite to spring training for a minor league team.  I think someone ought to give him a shot.  I mean, he is still like 14 or 15 years from Jamie Moyer’s age in his last year, right?

10)   Dennis Rodman says he won’t go back to North Korea if people don’t want him to.  I think he is misunderstanding us.  It is not if we care if he goes or not go.  We actually just don’t want to hear ANYTHING else about what he is doing in life.

11)   A sign of a good team that will be around for a while is locking up your key players.  Props to the Seahawks for locking up Michael Bennett before he got too far into the market.

12)   …on the same day the Steelers released  LaMarr Woodley.

13)   I am actually amazed that after a bad loss to Maryland that UVA hung around at #6 in the new poll.  Combine that loss with their resume, and I would have dropped them to 9 or 10 minimally.

14)   I have been lost for years on an actual NBA TEAM, but I did have a decade of loving a team more than anyone else did.  Bad Boys.  The forgotten run in between the Lakers and Celtics and then the Bulls.  Thomas will always be my favorite player ON the court and loved that team.

15)   Bill Self says that Joel Embiid will play in the postseason.  Without Embiid, KU is a young mid major first round upset waiting to happen.  WITH him, they are a Final Four contender.

16)   I don’t need to write a book on the finale of True Detective.  Bottom line is that the series and especially episode #5 and #7 were SO good that they were destined for failure.  It was what I would call “adequate.”  I was happy with it, but I felt like they took the beaten path at the end when they had been blazing a new trail the whole time.  Here is a guy from Grantland on ESPN saying basically what I am saying in a much longer, classier way. (Obviously, don’t read this if you plan on watching the series at some point, which you should.)


17)   Lindsey made lobster bisque AND lobster pasta last night.  You would think that is lobster overload.  You would be very wrong.

18)   I washed my phone last night in the washer.  Forgot to check on very important cargo shorts pocket.  Anyway, I have pulled it off before, and it looks like I might again.  I ran out to a restaurant after pulling the phone from the washer and got a bag of rice pronto.  Dries it out pronto.

19)   Ocean’s 11 is like the perfect Sunday movie.  I seem to be able to rewatch it at any time yet don’t consider it among my favorites movies.  Interesting.

20)   That is it.  If you need more, read yesterday’s and earn your Fillerbuster pillow.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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