Again, a focused article on sports, with my hodgepodge of scary thoughts that circulate in my head…


KEEP IN THE BOAT (focused):


Seems like a good time to go on the record for the year for things already in motion and things about to begin.


I am not sure you can beat the Dodgers when they have hit stride.  They have pitching and an incredibly potent lineup.  They already have gone through their slump.  I hope everyone who caught them during that time had a blast and enjoyed it.  Now, they just worked OVER a very, very good Cubs squad.  They also get a little bit of rest while the Yanks and Astros finish their deal.  Everything points to the Dodgers winning it.  I like the Astros though.  I just like the way they play together better, and I like the way they were built.  And I want Verlander to be the one that slams the door shut if possible.  Love that guy.  And who can really dislike them in reality?  They play the game like it is meant to be played.  They seem to be having fun WHILE being really, really good.  Seems right to have arguably the two best players in the game (Correa, Altuve) be on the winning team.  Astros in 6.  This overrides my high liking of Mr. Kershaw.


Ummmm…GSW over the Cavs.  I am not stupid and neither are you.  They are the one team that could sustain a MAJOR loss at a position and still win everything.  Their bench could give most teams a run.  THAT is the problem.  And, what I love about this team.  They have their superstars at each DIFFERENT position (more on that in a second).  Klay and Steph are guards.  KD (hate you) is a legitimate 3, and Green is a 4 or mobile 5.  The Spurs will be adequate and quality, but not flammable enough to outscore GSW.  The Rockets are legit, but very guard heavy and Ryan Anderson is not a Robert Horry solution.  The Thunder are star heavy, but my problem is that Melo and George play the same position relatively, and one of them can’t D up…at all.  Basketball is not a summation of just the best players.  It is a summation of the RIGHT players.  The Nuggets and Wolves are fun and dangerous, but they are maturing and need a year or two.  I talk about the East more below, but the Wizards I think are the best contender to de-thrown the Cavs.  Like their lineup a lot.  The Celtics have all the makings of a 2 or 3 seed that gets upset in the first round by someone like the Bucks.  The Raptors are…the Raptors, and will confuse us to how they lose a playoff again this year.  Celtics will be in the top 3, but will miss Hayward in the playoffs.  The Bucks will be the upstart team with the Freak, Malcolm, and others.

In the finals, LeBron would do everything he can again, but Kevin Love’s slow defense and the team’s reliance more on just jumpshooters will expose them…again.  LeBron can’t D up everyone on the floor.  And the reserves for GSW are almost as lethal.  I would love to pick against the Warriors, but I can’t.  The Cavs could win a game, or best of 3.  Best of 7?  No.


Granted, I know basketball, and Duke, Kansas, and Kentucky are who they are.  They have reloaded and are really good and deep.  And, two of them will be in the Final Four.  That is really going out on a ledge, I know.  But, who do I like?  I love the Arizona Wildcats’ depth and star power.  We have been waiting for them to take another step and they haven’t.  They make the step and make the final game.  Sean Miller finally does SOMETHING with these ridiculous recruiting classes he gets yearly for the last 5-7 years.  Too much talent.

Who do they lose to?  Michigan State.  Give me a deep bench, stars and potential, a Hall of a Fame coach who has been there and won it with lesser teams, and the guy who is the first player to come back for another year after averaging the stat line he did last year.  He is Miles Bridges.  He will be your player of the year.  MSU cuts down the nets.


Well, in my last blog, we identified the most consistent teams (hardly any) in a season where we don’t know anything.  So, let’s use that synopsis to generate the Super Bowl teams.  In the NFC, I like the Skins, Eagles, and Falcons as the contenders.  The Seahawks will sneak in and scare or eliminate one of those teams.  I think the Vikings go away.  But, in the end, even though I said the Eagles in the last blog, I think I have changed my mind and still like the Falcons to come out of that conference.  Their offense will hit their rhythm during the season and be just as dangerous as last year.  In the AFC, the Broncos, Steelers, Pats, and Chiefs are who we look at.  The Broncos have QB controversy all the time, the Chiefs have Hunt and now big play capability, and the Pats are the Pats.  My kicker here is this.  The Chiefs and Broncos and Raiders will all beat up each other, with the Chargers stealing a game or two from them also.  They will be out of the home field conversation.  The Pats will hang around, but the pesky Bills or Dolphins will get a game or two out of them.  The Steelers will get home field advantage because FIVE of their last seven games are at HOME.  That will propel them to home field through the AFC.  The Steelers take down Brady with their revamped secondary.

Give me the Steelers over the Falcons in a very entertaining Super Bowl.


Well, Bama…ok.  There is one spot.  By the end of the year, Jalen Hurts WILL be in the Heisman conversation also.

Ohio State meets its maker next week against Penn State.  I think they win that (they get PSU at home), and run the rest of the table.  I would put them in.  Wisconsin will run the table but lose to OSU in the Big Ten title game.

USC is going to kick themselves for having the road paved in the Pac-12 and BLOWING it.  With Washington and Washington State both losing away last weekend, this is the big conference that gets left out.

Clemson, Virginia Tech, NC State, and Miami find a way to eliminate themselves.  Miami drops games vs. Va Tech or Notre Dame or both.  NC State loses to Notre Dame or Clemson or both.  Virginia Tech has back to back games at Miami and Georgia Tech.  Clemson does something stupid and loses vs. FSU, South Carolina, or in the championship game.

Notre Dame?  They lose at Stanford at the end of the season to end that debate.

So, Bama, Ohio State…

I think OU runs the table from here out and that win at Ohio State rings true in voting.  Their defense is beyond suspect, but they find a way to win each game.  If Ohio State won a championship when losing to Va Tech at home, then OU can make the playoff with a home loss to Iowa State.

I think Georgia runs the table, loses to Bama respectively in the SEC Championship, and they sneak in.  You can go to the playoff when you don’t win your conference IF the other big conferences have already had their share of hiccups…which they have.


I ran out of time, so I will keep this short.  I think we get something absolutely adorable and media crazy in the Stanley Cup Finals.  With what I think is much of the power in the East, I think the Oilers and budding star Connor McDavid make the run.  Give me Sidney’s last stand (again) in the East.  New vs. Old, and it will be magnificent.  I think Old takes it down once again.  Too deep of a team with the best player.  Pens in 5.

Chris Long:

He is not in commercials.  He does not rank in the top 20 salaries in the NFL.  He doesn’t play a fun skill position.  The fact he doesn’t make any of these lists and did what he did is INCREDIBLE.  We sometimes hear so many BAD stories in sports that the good ones get small print or get swept under the carpet.  Chris Long makes $1 million annually.  That is mattress change in comparison to some of his more flashier colleagues.  But, he is giving it ALL for quality equality education.  Keep in mind this is the same guy who was the first white player to make a move on the anthem and put his arm around his black teammate earlier this season.  He MEANS it and is backing it up with everything he makes.  Pretty stellar story if you ask me.  The kneeling is noted and we probably should have a flow chart or tracker for who does it and who doesn’t.  I admit some is indeed fluff.  But, check this out.  You got one white player who is playing and donating everything.  You have the initiator of the movement about to go to $1 million in donations and he is unemployed.  I love this and hope that people get on the same page for this cause.


Gordon Hayward:

The injury was horrible to watch.  Not as bad as the Louisville kid from years ago, but pretty darn bad regardless.  Shame he played literally minutes before his season ended.  We all will wonder what could have been for this year’s Celtics.  So, where does that leave the landscape? Well, it does change it dramatically.  How?  Let’s look at the bright side first.  I LOVE Jayson Tatum.  I think he will be a star.  Hayward’s absence, considering they play similar positions, will allow him to shine.  He will impress fans and give them future hope.  Kid can defend, shoot, and drive with effectiveness.  What is the problem?  Tatum won’t be ready THIS year for the big time.  They will NOT hold a candle to the Cavs or GSW should they get that far.  Hayward was needed for the win now philosophy.  Win in the future?  Sure.  Kyrie can’t do it alone now.  They gave up a LOT of depth getting Hayward and friends.  Sorry, Boston.




  1. I love State Farm these days.  Not because they are my insurance company (they are not), but because they have like the greatest theme song for a TV show of ALL time.
  2. Those people under 40 probably never watched this FANTASTIC show.  Image result for greatest american hero tv show
  3. The site drop down redo is COMING soon.  Promise.  It will be awesome.  Well, let me clarify.  I will address the drop downs and then need to network and find a new WordPress buddy to help me dress it up.  It will be like a sports blog version of My Space for someone who lets his wife do his posts on FB.  Lindsey goes out of town in a few weeks so I will use that mid-November weekend to dress this thing up.
  4. Ever since I watched Hidden Figures (GREAT movie), I have started saying “go/no go” in work and personal life.  Image result for hidden figures kevin costner character
  5. I also am adopting personally the answer to most questions as “what do you want to hear?”
  6. I was cooking spaghetti and butter the other day at work.  SPAGHETTI AND BUTTER.  Simple.  Someone walked in the kitchen and asked what smelled SOOOOOO good.  It was simply the wine and garlic dust you can get from Melting Pot.  I would suggest you get the stuff pronto.  Let me know if there is anything you DON’T pour it on.  Obviously, smells delicious also.Image result for melting pot garlic wine seasoning
  7. A fan caught a home run ball at BOTH Wrigley AND Dodger ball parks in the Cubs-Dodgers series.  Two balls in four days.  Go play the lottery when you are done watching baseball, man.
  8. Mike Mitchell was fined $48k for a dirty hit on Alex Smith.  There is no way around the fact that Mike Mitchell is serviceable and now playing on a more dangerous defense by the week.  But, he is definitely NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  9. I tell you two times a week how your life will be better reading Deadspin.  Well, I have decided another thing.  Whereas’s pop-ups and ads irritate the hell out of me, Deadspin actually has really good offers and coupons on legitimate items people who read that site MIGHT need.
  10. Case in point. When I sell something next at work, I might buy two of these.  They don’t make bulky sweaters anymore I don’t believe, and this might be the closest I get.
  11. My wife has a second job we are both excited about.  Paint, drink wine, and have fun with friends.  OK.  Well, more of a chick thing, but it is exciting.  We just took a bunch of pics for the ad I am helping her design.  Gallery on the go.  Here is her collage for future flyers.  
  12. Not like we didn’t expect it when he was drafted, but Ben Simmons looked pretty darn good in his first game.  I was a Sixer fan growing up.  I got distracted by PLAYERS over the next 20 years (Zeke and A.I.).  I am lost again with no player.  I think I will house myself in Philly again and trust The Process. 
  13. Remember when we were laughing at the Astros 5 years ago during THEIR process?  Fultz, Simmons, and Embiid seem pretty likable to ME.  Image result for sixers fultz simmons embiid
  14. DAMN, Rick Pitino is a good salesperson.  I watched his Bilas interview.  Let me just say this.  Without knowing everything about the situation, I kind of believed him.  Well, at least a little more than I did before.
  15. Sign #1 you are getting older.  You have a habit you think is just yours in liking songs that are WAY past being popular.  That is ok and thought it was just my thing.  No.  Then, you read a USA Today with every single possible division of song categories.  What is #1?  Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers.  Except that it was the “Adult Contemporary” chart.
  16. I saw them live at the last X Games in Aspen, so THAT is a cool, non-old thing.  
  17. Not used to the Yankees being a Cinderella in GENERAL, but get this.  They are 6-0 at a suddenly LOUD Yankee Stadium, where fans seem to understand that they can’t just be quiet because they are supposed to win.  They are the underdog now (WERE, by the time this posts) and that is odd.
  18.  SI named its cross sectional rankings of most athletic…athletes.  Ronaldo got first.  I get this.  Sure, he would win as the best looking also, but we can’t rip him at all.  He is a stud, ripped as HELL, and runs up and down a field constantly in the global sport.  I concur.  Image result for cristiano ronaldo
  19. I had time to prep a costume for Halloween.  It was the perfect year to bring back Slash.  I didn’t do it.  Face paint it is, or a last minute 60% from the home costume that is clever.
  20. (Actually, Lindsey and I just figured it out this weekend.  She will be Dany and I will be a DRAGON.  We had everything in house except for the dragon mask obviously)  Image result for dany dragon game of thrones
  21. If I don’t become a Sixers fan again, I will be a Bucks fan.  They have my UVA guy, Brogdon, and this absolute stud that no one outside of basketball circles seems to know about.  Image result for giannis antetokounmpo
  22. Wait.  Jigsaw movie?  Is this just Saw with another name?  Wasn’t that HIS name?  Confused.  Not looking it up.  Making someone come up to my face and explain.  Image result for saw movie
  23. The sequels got a little too much for me overall, but damn that first Saw was awesome, unexpected, and riveting until the very, very end.
  24. Does this mean we have a future movie called Jigsaw vs. The Snowman?  Image result for alien vs. predator movie
  25. Confused about the Andrew Luck saga?  We all are.
  26. The Pistons have a new arena!  The Pistons have a new arena!
  27. Jon Jones right now is reading this article saying “Yeah!  Even canines cheat!”
  28. Look at this basketball list that most kids would DREAM of recruited by.  Baylor, Duke, Kansas, Florida, Louisville, LSU, Texas A&M.  Nope.  Five star recruit decided to commit sexual assault and now no soup for him.  Image result for seinfeld no soup for you
  29. There is no 24 hours of marathon bball at the beginning of the college basketball season.  I get the lack of coverage.  But, lots of us people who watch.  Like eleven of us globally.  REALLY enjoyed it.  Image result for college basketball 24 hour marathon 2016
  30. Since Melo says Phil wanted to trade him for a bag of chips, I wonder what kind?  My standby is Pringles, but ALWAYS go now these if they have them.  Image result for lays baked chips
  31. Get the ones with ridges if you can.  For those, you have to get really, really lucky.  But the ridges change the game.
  32. But since it is Melo, know that the above chips are way too good.  He would be a chip with no (sub something bad for you that starts with a D).
  33. I disliked Kobe when he played.  I still dislike him.  But, I have to say, for about 30 seconds yesterday…I thought he was above average.  Pretty cool note, bro.  
  34. I have decided I LIKE Tony Romo announcing games.  Sure, he has some newbie stuff he does wrong, but man, does he say logical things that are slightly outside of the announcer box that I like.
  35. Image result for tony romo announcer
  36. Shame about the Jeremy Lin injury.  Seriously, this guy’s flow chart is off the radar.  Flash in the pan, flameout on a good team, then decent player again on a bad team, and now this huge speed bump in his career.  Image result for linsanity
  37. Seriously, did you hear Jalen Rose drop the fruit salad cliche last night talking about Melo?  You didn’t?  I got you.
  38. I was sad to know he didn’t just make up that quote.  Good job, Miles.  Would have been funnier if Jalen made it up.
  39. Beware, all.  Lonzo Ball is coming off the injury list.  We either will get peace…or…this.  We will get this unfortunately.Image result for lavar ball
  40. Landon Donovan is thinking about being soccer president for America.  Well, it can’t get any worse than right now, so what the hell…
  41. The only thing worse than Nike freaking out about LeBron’s ripped jersey is that they will probably decide that is a uniform idea and Oregon will be all shredded up next week.
  42. I KNOW they can’t have shredded uniforms in sports.  That would not be practical and be silly.  I was more focused on the ugly uniforms Nike makes.  Image result for oregon ugly uniforms
  43. Seriously, I might have the problem that I don’t know how happened of having TWO cats (the other one needed a damn friend, ok?), but WHY would I spend money on fancy cat trees when I have boxes that are free?   
  44. Cheaper than a tablet.  
  45. Don’t worry, readers.  We are getting dogs soon.  I promise us both.  Image result for st. bernard
  47.  Almost November.  Second year in a row I will bust out my incredible 1976ish porn mustache.  It is absolutely horrible.  But noteworthy.
  48. Klay Thompson’s look-a-like is pretty spot on.  Image result for klay thompson impersonator
  49. Better than Jamie Foxx doing Stephen A Smith.  Image result for jamie foxx stephen a smith
  50. Picking out my favorites for The Voice.  At this point, I got to go with the youngster who sang Heart’s Crazy (impossible) for the blinds.  Image result for girl sings heart crazy the voice
  51. Or THIS rocker.  Image result for tom petty the voice
  52. You know, it would be hilarious if Zeke keeps appealing his suspension until after Game 11, it is upheld, and he has to sit the LAST six games.  Image result for ezekiel elliott
  53. Breaking ankles is a good thing.  Breaking jaws internally fighting is NOT.  Portis breaks Mirotic’s jaw.
  54. Mirotic needs to get good overall fast.  I can’t wait to hear HIS nicknames.  Image result for mirotic bulls
  55. Dozier will wear #35 jersey in OKC.  Please.  Thank you.  Did we ever think someone would NOT wear KD’s number again?  Move on.  Hate you, KD.  You ruined the NBA for like three seasons.
  56. NFL ratings are down 7.5%.  Maybe it is because we are all confused on which teams and games to watch.  Read my last blog.
  57. I HATE the 2-3-2 format in seven game series in ANYTHING.  Can’t believe the Astros are going home down a game.  Should be 2-2-1-1-1.
  58. Had to offer uplifting hope to my wife and her family, who seem to be really pessimistic fans.
  59. Little bit easier to share that now that OU escaped this weekend.
  60. Two people had them at least IN the playoff.
  61. Hey, one more TIME!!!  UVA is 5-1.  Wait.  They have the same amount of losses as OU.  College football playoff?  Here we come.
  62. Sarcastic.  VERY sarcastic, folks.
  63. (and obviously written a day before they got SMOKED by BC)
  64. Some people love Cubs fans.  Some people are Cubs fans.  Some people hate Cubs fans.  To the last group, isn’t this fun watching them suffer just a year after rubbing their whatever in our face?
  65. I consistently rank Park & Co. as one of the best burgers in Denver.  I continue to do, they serve burgers with fries now (didn’t before), they have a new burger (Au Poivre), and make sure you get the low fat truffle aioli to dip the fries in.  Delicious.
  66. Just joking, the aioli is probably the worst thing for you since that chicken sandwich from KFC.  Image result for kfc chicken sandwich worst
  67. The Double Down.  I had one when that came out.  Maybe two.
  68. Sire is one of the best bartenders in Denver.
  69. How do you get THAT name?
  70. Do they have a football referee gym just for them?  Image result for buff college football referee
  71. Do they all acquire southern accents at that gym also?
  72. The Cubs fired their pitching coach…because THAT was the problem this year.
  73. The Pelicans, trying to start ultra-slow again this year to make sure they dig themselves a very big hole again, signed Jameer Nelson.  Now HE can figure out how to pass to either AD or Trouble.  Image result for jameer nelson
  74. Speaking of the Pelicans, another day, and another fine for Mr. Cousins.
  75. Besides the fact that I smartly teased the game to -1 and the under, Oklahoma State continued to struggle on offense and barely beat a feisty Texas squad.  This helps my home life as the Sooners need everyone on their schedule and Iowa State to keep winning.
  76. Of course, I am writing this during the Sooners game and they forgot that other important element…WIN their games.
  77. (On final read, they pulled it out)
  78. So, Louisville FINALLY showed up and beat FSU at Doak.  Do you realize that FSU is about to go from #3 preseason to not even making a BOWL game for the first time in many, many decades?  Image result for jimbo fisher fan
  79. My life going to a Mexican restaurant is finding one thing on the menu that looks good that isn’t ruined by ordering it WITHOUT beans.  Tough, right?  Well, I had the shrimp scampi at Lime last night, and the sauce probably wasn’t much more healthy than the garlic aioli at Park & Co., but DAMN it was delicious.  Highly recommend it.
  80. We were going to a movie.  American Made.  Simple synopsis.  “Fun” movie that is basically Blow II adding guns WITH the cocaine.  Cruise is pretty good in it.  Storyline, although I know it was based on a true story, was ALL over the place.  It starts FAST, like in the first 5 minutes with no worry about character development.  Not believable in many places.  But fun regardless.  I give it a B.  Maybe B+.  Image result for movie american made
  81. CP3 is out for a few weeks, so James Harden I guess can go back to being a one man show.
  82. I really wish this guy would have made The Voice next round  Dammit.  Image result for james harden the voice
  83. At work on Friday, people from the 2nd floor had meetings on the 3rd floor and had leftovers, but took them down to the 2nd floor.  It made me sad.  Extra sad because one of the things was PIZZA.
  84. So, Kirby Smart flies in on a HELICOPTER to see his new prized recruit on Thursday (Justin Fields) and the kid breaks his hand.  I would say that Kirby should save those helicopter rentals for a rainy day in the future.  Image result for kirby smart helicopter
  85. LaVar doesn’t know who Patrick Beverly is, doesn’t seem to recognize his kid has a boss, and continues to talk smack.  Can you wait to be an A-hole like every five games or so?  I love the way your kid plays and would like to enjoy him in your silence here and there.  Small favors.
  86. There is nothing like having a team -2.5 points up 6 having the other team have like 5 chances at scoring a touchdown with no time remaining.  Nice to see the Raiders we thought we would see before the season showed signs of life at least for one evening.
  87. Faith and Need You Tonight.  The two songs at the top of the charts the last time the Dodgers were in the World Series.  Image result for george michael faith
  88. My buddy at work is going to be him for Halloween next week.  I would say BOOM but makes more sense to say WHAM!!
  89. I will regulate hooks and not violate…you get the idea.  Image result for need you tonight video
  90. FINALLY found the basketball video of me at Elitches from years ago.  Mind you, I had already won two prizes before they started filming.  On fire.  Image result for nba jam on fire
  91. Dammit.  Just saw that Lonzo bounced back in next game with 21-11-9.  Not bad, and shut up, DAD.
  92. Portis hasn’t heard from Mirotic yet.  Yeah, man.  You might go visit his house before he files on you.  Image result for portis mirotic
  93. Kyrie profane with a fan.
  94. Vols DB profane with a fan.
  95. Jimbo Fisher profane with a fan.
  96. Derrick Rose is injured.  This is not an old copy and paste.
  97. Baker’s stats vs. K-State were absolutely ridiculous…just with an asterisk interception.  Like 410 and 4 passing, 100 and 2 running.  Something like that.
  98. Rodney Anderson, the RB from OU, is fast as HELL when he gets into anything close to an open field.  He reminds me of A.P. when he got in the open field.
  99. It’s Baker, Love, Fitzpatrick, and Barkley right now I think.
  100. Lindsey says I am the guy who does air triangle in the commercial.  Probably.  Sounds about right.  Can NOT find an image of that guy.  Weird.
  101. Maybe I thought Notre Dame would win.  Maybe I thought USC would win.  Doesn’t matter.  I NEVER thought the game would be absolutely unwatchable.  Watched PSU-Mich instead.
  102. Why aren’t MOST kickers both punters and place kickers?  Seriously.  If you develop a foot skill, why not give a shot at the other in parallel?  I would think most teams would look at you because you cover two things.
  103. You can keep making Bama point spreads more, but they keep covering them.
  104. The Yanks ended up losing their Game 7, but pretty successful season that is different because rather than talking about which free agents they will pick up (Bryce Harper), they actually simply have home grown talent that will mature and get better.
  105. We went and watched Lindsey’s gay friend do his drag show last night.  I have decided it was easier going to gay bars when drunk then when sober.  No pics of that.
  106. We went to Lettuce after.  Non singing reggae-jam band WITH a guy who can sing like better than everyone out there.  Cool light show too.  
  107. Ran into a street band on the way home.  Lindsey LOVES street bands.  Very New Orleans kind of thing.  
  108. SD State was my late night go-to for weeks this season in college football.  After getting SMOKED at home by Fresno State, I will simply move on from my odd relationship with them.
  109. Anyone remember when Harbaugh and Michigan were about to revisit their glory years?  Wasn’t that just last year?  Now they have no offense, and no college playoff hopes again this year.  Image result for jim harbaugh
  110. Penn State just might be really, really good and I have been ignoring that fact.  Whatever.  We have a week until a LOT of things become more clear when PSU goes to the Shoe in the game of the week.
  111. I believe everything should have cream cheese in it.  Everything.  So, I have attempted twice in the last week to order cream cheese with my eggs.  Both times I have gotten a little container of cream cheese on the SIDE.  Come ON, people.  Mix that shit. in.  Image result for cream cheese eggs
  112. The Sixers are presently 0-3, so The Process has a temporary speed bump presently.
  113. Got complimented again last night by someone who said I “looked fit.”  I guess my mother was right just from the pics.  I was chunky for a couple of years.  Well, THAT shit is now done.  Lean and mean en route.
  114. I am wrapping this up before the Steelers game, so my quick thoughts on the early ones.
  115. The Browns I feel like had their chance today.
  116. The Cardinals are a team that defies logic, as they have skill everywhere, but not only lose, but can look HORRIBLE in losing.
  117. The Bucs might have problems winning on the road, but damn can they execute a going nowhere flea flicker for the longest amount of time.
  118. I love that I sit Jameis Winston because of his shoulder injury, and he finally puts up numbers I have been waiting on.
  119. Once again, I have no idea how the Vikings are winning.
  120. The Saints literally find a different way of delivering drama every single game successfully, whether they are successful or not.
  121. So, Fournette sat and the Jags STILL won going away?  They are a mystery wrapped in a riddle.
  122. Houston took down GSW in the first game of the season.  More, more MORE!!!  They might only win 66 now!Image result for death star star wars
  123. Before posting this, GSW lost AGAIN.  More, more more!!!
  124. Image result for darth vader
  125. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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