Plow The Road. #nbafinals


I went from talking Cavs fans off the ledge after Game 1 to writing the epitaph after only Game 3.  Whatever.  Last night was brutal at the end.  My thoughts:

-I don’t really care if Kyle Korver was open.  There is a time to trust and a time to remember you are the best player on the planet.  Get the foul or the layup, LeBron.  At least,  at THAT point of the game.

-LeBron was on the floor a bit, got limited rest for fear of the Warriors going on a run, and although he is the definition of toughest, most in shape athletes on this earth, he was definitely TIRED at the end.

-I was actually impressed.  LeBron sits for 1:47 and the Warriors went from down 1 to 39-31.  I thought it might get ugly right then and there.  Impressive quick comeback by the Cavs.

-Don’t feel bad for LeBron though.  Karma.  He formed a super team years ago, and now has lost to a different super team.  He was the one who came back to be adorable to Cleveland.

-I just thought about someone more upset than I am.  Russell.  Text me, Russell.  This sucks.

-As soon as last night ended, did your mind also start thinking about possible new 2018 locations for LeBron OR possible players to be brought aboard to beat the Evil Empire?

-Sort of scary that the Warriors have the framework and contracts to not really lose anyone big next year.  Horrifying.

-Tristan Thompson sure is earning that big contract he got last year with much debate.  I think he has 8 points thus far in three games and zero’s in various other columns.

-If you watch Curry run around, you realize that he knows he will get his 30 foot jumper chances, and that just running around distracts teams’ defenses and gives his Legion of Doom open looks galore.  Smart player knowing he has multiple ways of winning big games.

-Yes, it depresses me greatly that A) not only did Durant join a super team B) play awesome enough that you can’t just say he was along for the ride C) has some idiots (IDIOTS) talking about a changing of the guard for best player.  Sad.

-Shut up, bitter Paul Pierce.

-I think the last couple of years have made me realize that Kevin Love is just a solid player and not even close to a superstar.

-I think Kyrie Irving made some incredible shots in Game 3.  But here is the rub.  Yes, he played amazingly, but is anyone else just a TAD bothered that his stat line is 2,7,3 in three games?  He is the PG on a team of three point shooters and LeBron.  Just saying maybe he should kick it out 2-3 times more per game.

-But I will say the shots he was making last night were magical.

-The series literally went from very interesting to a waste of time.  The only interest now is if LeBron gets SWEPT and if the Warriors complete the first perfect postseason.

-Amazing how JR Smith still gets the dumbest fouls known to man and it doesn’t even seem to register up there.

– I accidentally told my wife I would do something Friday a while back before knowing the NBA Finals schedule, and now…I can just tape the game and watch it late night without care.

-The Warriors have some of the best passing you have seen.  From every single position.  And, they have musical chairs from behind the arc.  No one can stay cold for too long, anyone can catch fire, and every single one is relatively consistent.

-And IF someone catches fire, they lay their egos on the ground and FEED him relentlessly.

-I don’t care WHAT you say and I get rewarding hard playing players with minutes.  Kyle Korver played too long for that stage.  Good job, man, and now go sit down again.

-I will accept the relative argument that maybe LeBron has faced better teams in the Finals as long as you let me tell YOU that there is no way in hell MJ would get SWEPT though.  Win the last one, LeBron.

-Are we all ready for a summer of Bulls vs. Warriors debates?

-Game 4 should be fun and ugly, because if you tell JR Smith to play lose like there is nothing to lose, then I expect his normal play to escalate to behind the back three pointers.

-Hmmm.  What else.  What’s that????  Oh yeah.  We are just Game 3.  I still have at least one more game to comment on this.  Let’s move on and round this out.



-Tonight, I will definitely be checking out some of US vs. Trinidad WC qualifying.  I actually had a buddy get me a ticket, but my wife just got back from Cabo and she needs a non bball, hockey, or soccer night from me.  Staying home.

-Edelman is signing an extension???? Go figure.  Hmmm.  I have WR help, Gronk is getting healthy, Brady will throw me an occasional pass, and we will go deep in the playoffs.  Rocket science.  Atoms SPLIT.

-I think my ultimate happiness in basketball upcoming now that Cleveland is wasting away is if the Lakers DON’T take Lonzo Ball.  THAT would be epic.  Incredible.  Dude will only workout for one team, and they bypass him?  Yes.  And, it wouldn’t be TOO surprising on two fronts.  A) Technically, the Lakers already went all in on a PG (or I know he is interchangeable to SG a little). B) You wouldn’t fault ANYONE for taking Josh Jackson over anyone in this draft.  He is a very, very strong #3.

-(won’t happen most likely, but I will give that 10% probability a CHANCE)

-I did it for like 10 years before last year.  Should the obvious happen, can I go back to referring to the French Open to the Nadal Open for the next year?  Cool.  Thanks.  Dude is making people sad enroute to a title.

-But, Stan or Andy can beat him.  I KNOW this.  But, I don’t think THIS year that is happening.

-Nadal draws an unseeded semi-finalist, but Halep draws an unseeded FINALIST.  She wins.

-Wow, that unseeded dude really jacked up a Djokovic-Nadal matchup though.  He paved the road.  Kind of like Independence Day, or whatever Bill Pullman says in that movie.

-Clear the road?

-Plow the road?

-Plow the field?

-Dammit.  I will look it up when I am done.

-I think Djokovic will be fine overall.  This IS clay, his weakest surface.  Everyone relax in his camp.

-I can’t wait to see how many more coaches turn down Ohio State.  This is getting fun.  For you non basketball people, a guy who has been to the tourney 4 times in the last 11 years just turned OSU down.

-Big week for the Sooners.  Their long time coach “resigns.”  Let’s keep with his positives since the paint is not dry, but I know closely some OU fans who are fine with this.  I mean he was going on close to 20 years without a title, right?  He got a lot of very good teams very close.  I am skeptical of when and why he left oddly, but overall I wouldn’t weep if I am a Sooner fan.

-At least OU won softball this week though, right?

-Guy at work thinks he got tagged by a sea urchin.  He wasn’t sure.  He did.  Trust me.  My story going through the same exact experience backed his story up.  He didn’t have doctors at hospitals opening medical books in front of him, but you can’t have everything during the experience.  I found out that I am NOT Aquaman oddly when part of the see turned on ME.

-Sure, it is only early regular season, but that Strasburg-Kershaw matchup sure lived up to its billing, didn’t it?  ONE earned run between both of them.

-OBJ gets a fat endorsement contract and still can’t show up to OTA’s?  Weak.

-I may or may not have had to look up Scooter Gennett.  Leave me alone.  That was a weak spot in my current MLB knowledge.  I know him like a brother now.

-Did the top dual threat QB decommit from Penn State right after finding out Pacino was playing Sandusky in an HBO movie?

-I think Crosby and company win again tonight.  We will re-evaluate Game 6 when we get there.

-Looked up that Independence Day line.  It WAS plow the road.  Looking for a connection between plow the road and the NBA Finals.  I didn’t make one.  I simply got in my head that the name of the blog should be plow the road.  Less obvious than any “sweep” reference.

-That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That’s a CLOWN question, bro.  I might not write one in the time that the CB took to get from Chicago to NY in an uber, but will work on one before he hypothetically takes one from there to L.A.  Peace.

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