Oh yeah? Well, the jerk store called, and they are running out of YOU.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Quick flight today.  On the clock.

Let’s turn and burn.

1)       UCONN coach Jim Calhoun steps down as coach.  Kevin Ollie will be his replacement.  Calhoun wanted Ollie to be named full time, but they only gave him interim.  I think it will be good for Calhoun to exit stage left, and what an odd legacy he leaves.  Between getting mad at him for being the only Big 6 school to not hit academic standards as a team and getting busted for cheating during recruiting, to feeling sorry for him for multiple bike accidents and cancer, to being happy that he got you three championships…totally a mixed bag of feelings as he retires.

2)      It looks like Manny Pacquiao will fight Marquez later this year.  If this happens, it will be their fourth fight against each other.  FOURTH.  Wow, the politics and red tape of boxing.  We can’t get a sniff of a Mayweather-Pacquiao super fight, we are not seeing a rematch of Pacquiao’s overturned loss because of scoring to Timothy Bradley, but we get to see part four of THIS?  What?  Hey, all you promoters getting these fights together.  Lock and load, and get us the fights we need to see.  UFC is doing it (even getting Anderson Silva to move up a weight class to fill a void in a scheduled fight).  You can too.

3)      Kind of cool.  My flight from DCA to Philly was so short that the captain flew close to the ground, meaning I got to see the eastern seaboard again from an awesome angle.  AND then my plane from Philly to Harrisburg had actual PROPELLERS.  I didn’t even know those planes were still used.  Where the jet area of normal planes just houses the big wheels on each side.  The fact that the tiny plane was packed made the 30 minute flight a LITTLE longer to say the least.

4)      Talk about using your weight and balance training in the wrong way, a former Olympian judo champion has been accused of raping a teenager.  Maybe Masato Uchishiba is actually a Steelers fan and has taken his admiration for Ben Roethlisberger to a level fans aren’t supposed to.  Sorry, that was kind of an insensitive hook.  Moving on.

5)      I hear that the Pylon cameras aren’t ready in time for the Bears-Packers game tonight.  Damn.  I just can’t WAIT to see those things used.  My sleepless nights will have to continue for a bit more I guess.

6)      Dustin Pedroia left a game to go tend to his wife, who entered labor.  Don’t go using that as leverage, Big Ben (wow, I am kind of picking on you today).  There are 162 games in baseball as opposed to 16, and Dustin has been a little cleaner off the field than you have over the years.  You are NOT missing a game, Ben.  He is allowed.

7)      Burglars lately seem to be picking on Olympians.  On the first level, someone stole Kristin Armstrong’s two racing bikes while they were in transit from London.  Estimated cost of both bikes combined?  45k. On another level, someone in Toms River, NJ burglarized a paralympian’s house while she was in London.  I am not sure where I am going with this hook, and we have another four years before we can hear stories like this, but everyone just stop picking on Olympians.

8)      Disclaimer.  We are talking about a Fox Sports headline.  But, it is still a headline.  On top of their wire yesterday, they had “Tim Tebow’s role on Jets still hazy.”  Join THAT club.  Not about his role on the team, but more about how every time he rolls over in his sleep or brushes his teeth it is news.

9)      I hear that LeBron has hired a new agent.  Someone get the new guy a microphone.  Maybe HE can explain why LeBron’s new sneaks are $270 base price.  Ridiculous.

10)   MLB.  I understand Houston moving leagues.  I get that Bud Selig likes trying new stuff.  That being said, I don’t like the fact that interleague play will be on opening day this year with the Angels and Reds.  I liked it how it was.  Warming up the season in your own league, toying with interleague in the middle, and then finishing back in your league.  It was a change from the old, but not radical enough to alter a classic sport.  Stop adding wildcards (unless you adding one this year gets my Phils in-then it is ok), don’t overdo this replay thing, and leave interleague alone.  My next prediction of Bud’s pissing on the rules of baseball?  He is going to mess with the designated hitter issue, piss everyone off, and then ride into his tunnel vision sunset.

11)   I had a burger from Five Guys at the airport today.  I forgot how absolutely wonderful those things are.  I added A-1 and hot sauce to my usual list of toppings and it didn’t cost a cent more and was a good size burger.  If you haven’t had one, try one when you get a chance.

12)   Shawney Kersey, a WR, is leaving Penn State.  Not a major singular loss in the grand scheme of things until you take in the whole picture of this tragic evolution of events.  He is the TWELTH player to hit the road from PSU.  Good job, Sandusky.  You also know they are hurting roster-wise when they announce that they are keeping their pathetic starting kicker (UVA thanks you for that win by the way).  Walk on tryouts are ongoing I hear though.

13)   I was sad the other day.  When choosing a theme the other day, it came down to Yoda vs. Jerk Store.  Yoda won that day.  So, since there is no obvious non sports theme presented tonight, I am just going to post up a picture of Jerk Store.  Here is the video if you forget.



14)   That is it.  Got some work to do, and it is getting late in this exciting city of Carlisle, PA.  I am staying in the dry area of PA I guess.  They don’t have a lounge, they don’t have room service, and there is nothing around but a medical center.  Not my best pick of hotels this go around.  Anyway, will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Hope you enjoyed.  Peace.

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