Oh, but I guess my consultant betting picks would be useless if I didn’t post them the day before. May the force be with you, betting people.

The Buster 11 (just starting it this week as a regular feature)…

GEORGIA -7.5 vs. Missouri

VIRGINIA TECH -8.5 vs. Pitt

TEXAS TECH -14 vs. Iowa State

Western Carolina +43.5 vs. AUBURN

Stanford -8.5 vs. UTAH

Michigan -2.5 vs PENN STATE

Baylor -17.5 vs. KANSAS STATE

LSU -7 vs. Florida

Oregon State +2 vs. WASHINGTON STATE

Georgia Tech +7.5 vs. BYU

Northwestern +10 vs. WISCONSIN



I smell something wrong with the A&M game.  I would definitely THINK about taking the money line or definitely the 6 points and Ole Miss.

Second Tier if you have a betting problem and need more action…

Oklahoma -13.5 vs. Texas

South Carolina -5 vs ARKANSAS

MARYLAND -7 vs Virginia

CLEMSON-24.5 vs. Boston College

PURDUE +14 vs. Nebraska

Kansas +24.5 vs. TCU

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