Now, THIS was a SONG.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version.  Day rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  LIKE Julius Randle going pro and UNLIKE Isaiah Austin going pro, I am ready.

2)      Slick Rick was…pretty much as you would expect for an out of date rapper singing songs us older guy wonder how were hits.  I was a UTFO guy anyway.

3)      I could have taken the lightrail to the show.  Why would I do that when I can just walk unafraid through legendary Five Points.  Transportation is for wusses.

4)      The brawl bans were Gomez with 3 games and Maldonaldo with 5.  Just like in all of life, the guy with the first wrong got a lesser penalty.

5)      The NFL schedule will be released tonight.  Why is it at night?  No clue.  Did I submit my $100k St. Louis Rams schedule guess?  No.   Hoping for a Steelers play day in Denver?  Yes.

6)      So, if the Seahawks and Richard Sherman are “inching” toward a new deal, I guess the progress is about how he thinks all receivers run in a sprint.

7)      I never said I was funny.  Never.

8)      I miss the Flyers game and they get smoked.  Ugghhh.

9)      In case any of you WANT to stop reading this blog, I won’t be offended.  I was literally TYPING my blog on Sunday, Lindsey told me NOT to put the fact that she was still on Candy Crush level 461 in my blog, I typed those exact words, and haven’t heard about it at all at home.  She has given up keeping up.  Too much basketball I guess.  Guess she will be joining us at the start of Sooner football season.  I guess I technically could just say whatever I want without repercussions.

10)   But, as I say in my disclaimer, I don’t care.  This started as an angry email to my friends way back when.  They will give websites to anybody these days.

11)   Frank Vogel MIGHT be coaching for his job against the Hawks.  True.  Of course, EVERYONE is coaching for their jobs when playing the failing to tank but somehow still in the playoffs Hawks.

12)   In a MILLION years, and if you asked me TWENTY million times, I would NEVER have said the Wizards would be up 2-0 on the Bulls, winning two at THEIR crib.  Never.

13)   The Red Sox are not playing the Rockies in Colorado this week.  That didn’t stop some dude I passed on the road wearing a Red Sox jersey to the game.  Special people are out there.

14)   I am getting tired of Raiders players telling us that the Raiders are a playoff team.

15)   A Bills cheerleader is suing the team.  She must have wasted 10 minutes of HER life too reading that damn cheerleading article in ESPN Mag that I read also.

16)   The Raptors might have beaten the Nets last night, but don’t get too excited.  The Nets did their job.  Win ONE at the other team’s crib in the first two games and you are set.  Unless, you are the Wizards.

17)   The Suns Goran Dragic won most improved player in the NBA.  Well deserved from a guy on a team we all kind of WANTED in the playoffs this year.  What I am MORE concerned about is the voter who gave a third place vote to Paul Milsap from the Hawks.  He averaged 17 points this year.  He also averaged 17 points three years ago, and had a decent 14 points LAST year.  Do I need to take your voting privileges?

18)   Good luck to Stephen Marbury on that Chinese team venture.  I still have those $14 sneaks, bro.  They are fantastic.

19)   No monologue hook today.  I am behind at work and just needed to get this out.  Slick Rick tired me out.

20)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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