No. I didn’t repeat the picture accidentally. You go, El Tigre. Do your shit.

I will blog Sunday morning while Tiger is making a move.  Maybe you think that four strokes is too much.  Maybe you missed the Houston-Buffalo NFL football game in 1992.  Maybe you missed watching Reggie Miller score 8 points in 12.8 seconds.   Maybe you turned off the Maryland-Duke game with :59 seconds left.  Maybe you don’t know who some jockey named Shoemaker was.  Maybe the LL Cool J song irritates you.  Maybe you forgot that Adam Scott hasn’t won shit.  Maybe you have something to do tomorrow morning.  Maybe you don’t understand that the amount of fairways Tiger has hit and the fact that he is still only five off the lead in one of the 4 slams is INCREDIBLE and only means his irons and putting are a little loose.  Maybe you are Woody Paige and hate me starting sentences with conjunctions and ending sentences with prepositions.  Maybe you are simply a hater.  Maybe you are a Denny’s person instead of Perkins.  BUT.  I am NOT losing faith.  Know THIS.  It would have been WORSE for Tiger had he been walking with his ex-caddie Willliams all day in the final group.  He is better off being the group before.  I have said for 9 months that Tiger would make his comeback in the British Open, and I sure as hell am not going to stop believing now.  Tiger will win tomorrow.  Book it.

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