My money says that guy on the left gets teased a lot on the movie set.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version style.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       The Birdman signed with the Heat this weekend.  It is a ten day contract that I believe will end up being extended.  You could talk about HOW this helps them all you want.  Picking up ANYONE who plays anywhere near the middle helps them.  It is nice that LeBron and Wade say they can just flip the switch, but you still need warm, tall bodies inside.  I don’t think they are done tinkering with that roster.

2)      The Pats lose to the Ravens. Ray Lewis is one game away from walking out a winner, which is obviously very hard to do in any sport.  With the loss, you have to ask yourself why we all think Tom Brady is so dominant.  I personally think he IS, but do you realize that it is going on 8 years since he won ANYTHING?

3)      The Niners come back and beat the Falcons.  Don’t worry about it, Atlanta.  You were already known as a playoff choker, and you simply just added an ahead AND at home checkmark to that developing pattern.

4)      I have two weeks to think about it, but no matter how dominant the NIners have looked, I am sticking with my midseason prediction.  Give me Baltimore over the Niners  30-24.

5)      This is really, really funny.

6)      Stan the Man dies at 92 years old.  I wasn’t alive during his playing days, but I hear he was pretty special.  I look at his stats and he is up there in the rankings for me.  The other thing is I have never heard one bad thing about the guy.  He must have been a class act and then some.  Odd stat.  Tell your friends.  He had 1815 hits away AND at home.

7)      The Gonzaga-Butler game was pretty special.  I enjoyed every minute of it, and am amazed that Butler hung with the Zags without their primary weapon, Rotnei Clarke.  I thought I heard Dick Vitale say that it was his first trip to Hinkle Fieldhouse.  If that is true, I am very surprised.

8)      Jockey Ramon Dominguez has a fractured skull.  Sounds pretty painful.  I don’t think I would want one of those.

9)      The Cubs are planning a Wrigley renovation.  I LOVE that they are just going to pretty up one of sports’ landmarks instead of replace it.

10)   Shame to see opposite teams’ fans stabbing each other outside of the Georgia Dome after the game.  It is just a game, people, and now the Falcons guy has TWO things to be sad about.

11)   While watching the Ohio State-Michigan State game, they told the story of the Game of Change.  I hadn’t heard it for a couple years, and it was great to hear again about an important step in race relations.

12)   I got to play Golden Tee yesterday for the first time in a while.  I truly love that game.

13)   It is hard to believe small school Butler’s run ONE time.  The fact that they did it TWICE is unbelievable.  SO close to winning it all.

14)   I watched 8 straight hours of basketball on Saturday on my couch.  It was a wonderful day, especially with all five games I wanted to see all coming down to the final play.  I will go as far as to say that it was pretty much my favorite day of non tourney or conference tournament games…ever.

15)   I am very excited about watching the Following tonight.  It better be good.

16)   Jo-Wilfried Tsonga won again in the Aussie Open to make the final eight players.  Ok.  Do me proud, kid.  You have dodged all early potholes, and now have the usual suspects to go through to win it all.  First up?  Roger Federer.  Take him DOWN.  I am your biggest fan.

17)   The Suns named Lindsey Hunter their interim coach yesterday.  I don’t think there is any danger of him impressing upper level management by winning a bunch of games.  That roster is pretty laughable.

18)   Now that the Niners are playing in the Super Bowl, someone go get Michael Crabtree an ankle bracelet.  He has two weeks with a lot of free time.  Not good.

19)   Good luck to the 42 year old woman still in the Aussie draw.  Considering the prime of that sport is younger than other sports, that makes her run scary impressive.

20)   I saw Expendables 2 the other night.  I was ready for a horrible flick, but it turned out to be pretty watchable.  Chuck Norris plays the part of still the baddest man on the planet, there are lots of joking about each others’ taglines, Van Damme plays a bad guy which luckily hides his horrible acting skills, and I am not sure where Jet Li goes.  He kicks the crap out of a bunch of guys early, jumps out of a plane, and we never see him again.  I kept waiting for him to come back like I did with the dog from Gladiator.

21)   I know you are already badass for just BEING in the sport and therefore like to talk some trash.  But, if I was UFC fighter Vitor Belfort, I don’t know about calling Jones a “clown” and Sonnen a “punk” within a day of winning your fight.  Sonnen seems like a punk, but no clown has had elbows like Jones.

22)   I wonder if that billboard with the Ray Lewis retirement countdown is still up.

23)   UVA beat a decent Florida State basketball team over the weekend, allowing 36 points.  Now I am confused.  Make up your mind.  Do you suck, or are you good?  Perhaps I just need to not watch ANY of your games, but it was painful doing so.

24)   Lindsey made a delicious breakfast the other morning.  It was like a breakfast cupcake, all held in place by a piece of bacon.  Brilliant.

25)   That is it.  Back to work.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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