Love that T-Bone…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant because I had no time for a lunch blog at work once again.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Back from gym, and catching the OT of this crazy Cuse-BC bball game.  If the Cuse lose, I assume we can just blame it on the Cuse mismatching uni’s.

2)      I am going to make an effort to skip over small things on this list next to me.  I am married to my laptop too much anyway, let alone at night too.  I can then go post a tweet on social media that is poisoning Rick Pitino’s athletes.

3)      So let me get this straight.  The Cleveland Cavaliers trade draft picks and a troubled child with skills and get a young talented veteran who has an expiring contract.  They then continue to lose in the Leastern Conference and now are shopping Luol Deng at the trade deadline.  It is nice to see the Cavs are as badly run as the Browns.  Maybe they are having a contest.  It is an internal joke, and we have no idea.

4)      The Cowboys won the coin flip against the Ravens today for the NFL Draft’s #16 pick.  This simply means that Dallas CAN win past the first of December in the Romo era.

5)      Now that Ole Einar Bjoerndalen has officially become the most decorated Winter Olympian with 13 gold medals, let’s get his name up in Wheel of Fortune or made legal in Scrabble.

6)      Aha.  Ray Rice didn’t just hit his fiancée…he knocked her OUT.  So, those strong hands CAN hit a woman, and CAN’T hold on to the football in a game.  We are clear now.

7)      I will admit it now.  I am getting a little pumped for this upcoming US-Canada Olympic men’s hockey game.  Yup.

8)      Poor Russia, though.  Wow.  Putin must be going IRATE right now.  They got worked by a 43 year old Anaheim Duck and some friends.

9)      I suppose the Rockets are finally realizing that the preemptive Jeremy Lin pickup in free agency a couple years ago was NOT the answer and now are apparently looking at Rajon Rondo.

10)   How does a tight end who didn’t even make the playoffs just now get suspended for substance abuse.  Good job, Skins Fred Davis.  Way to take some of the media heat off of the Skins nickname.

11)   This is speed version, so I HAVE to keep moving, but kind of sad I have no joke in the holster about the three OU football players who were cited by the NCAA for a violation of eating more than their share in pasta at a graduation buffet.  They had to give back $5.00 and we are all glad the NCAA are watching the REAL violators.

12)   Oh geez.  Too many jokes.  Brett Favre, lonely and out of the spotlight, says he sees himself in Johnny Manziel.  Stop it.  Just stop it right now, Favre.  Go back to throwing long passes to high school WR’s in Louisiana fields and give us the break still we all deserve.

13)   The Nets traded Jason Terry and Reggie Evans to the Kings for Marcus Thonrton.  Before you all go Google Marcus Thornton until remembering his play at LSU back in the day, just know I think it is a subpar trade…UNLESS you have figured out that you have too MANY moving parts, and having one less part and more youth isn’t so bad.  I would say that Sacramento was not the dream location Terry wanted to end his career at.  And yes, yes.  He is leaving crappy New Jersey, but that is just across the river from The Big Apple too.

14)   True Detective.  Alright.  HERE we go.  It was ALREADY the best show on television and then just got better this week.  Well, it HAS to have gotten better, because otherwise the obvious solution would make it less than the best show.  And then, the other episodes would be meaningless.  No.  It is brilliant, and the last episodes are going to be epic.  I am TRUSTING you show making people on this.

15)   Hey, IU.  You are not top of the mountain this year, but falling ceiling tiles will NOT help you in EVERY game, ok?

16)   I know I have bad knees from basketball when watching the slalom on my couch hurts my knees.

17)   Sorry.  Go, go USA.  But yay that Lolo Jones stumbled in her event.  Just saying.  And I will buy, Chuck Berkeley, if you would like to go out for beers.  We can trash talk about Lolo the entire night.

18)   You have to love Pop.  Why is Tony Parker sitting out, coach?  “variety of maladies.”  And you can take THAT to the bank, Mr New Commisioner.  He doesn’t care about ruining kids’ experiences at the arena.  Just about winning.  I love Pop.

19)   The Olympic technology that allows us to see one skiers run overlapped on another’s is plain dirty.  Call me stupid if that was around a couple years ago.  I just noticed it now.

20)   This is the time you have to watch checking the CNNSI site during work hours.  With the swimsuit issue being released, one wrong click can make a co-worker think you are looking at porn and not sports.  “I just wanted to check the freaking score of the Olympic hockey game-SWEAR.”  It seriously irritates me…kind of.  I AM meaning well and I do frequent CNNSI.

21)   I think Richie Incognito is bipolar in life and on Twitter.  He is a mean texter and kind Twitter guy.  If you have extra time in your life, just go check his tweets out.  They are all over the place.

22)   I was traveling, sure, but did Nova go to double OT vs shitty PROVIDENCE right after losing to Creighton?  The wheels of the bus are getting a little shaky in Jay Wright’s world.

23)   I am so confused right now.  I have the genius of Hubie Brown announcing NBA basketball on one channel and the entertaining train wreck that is Bill Walton announcing college bball on another channel.  And I am blogging and about to do some work and then hang out with Lindsey.  And, I am trying to figure out when that Ted Ligety win will be shown.  In my tiny little world, I am overloaded.

24)   I am sure LeBron exploding for 42 points when Bill Russell was in attendance were not related at all.

25)   For people who don’t watch the NBA, we might rag on him, but LeBron COULD score 45 points a night with no problem most likely.  We all pretty much recognize that.

26)   Russell Westbrook is coming back.  So, for you people who live in a bubble, they already ARE the best team in the NBA with their second best player out, and now he is coming BACK.  I could flow chart that for you if you have some time.

27)   Seriously, what the hell IS ice dancing?  And the coach who headed up the Americans ALSO coached the Canadians.  That is just whack.

28)   The Cuse lost by the way against Boston College.  I forgot to mention it because I had to tweet it first.  Dammit.  The Wahoos can’t be the first one to beat them.  AND they will be pissed.

29)   Hot off the press.  Steve Blake is going to the Warriors with little in return.  GREAT trade for the Warriors.  Blake is the backup PG that every champion wants, whatever that means.  The Warriors truly are in this thing to WIN the WHOLE thing.  Great trade.

30)   So cool that the Sixers signed that Down Syndrome kid.  They might not be winning, but that is about as classy and refreshing as it gets.

31)   In case you missed me saying it a few hours before the game that got postponed, it says here that the Tar Heels upset the Blue Devils.  Since I hate both of them pretty equally, that is as unbiased as it gets I would say.

32)   LaMar Odom is playing in Spain and eyes a comeback.  After his last comeback attempt, I think we need to send him to Milwaukee or Minnesota.  Just somewhere that might have less drugs and clubs is where I am going on this.

33)   You were my FAVORITE basketball player EVER.  Still are.  But, can you stop doing and saying DUMB shit in retirement?   Please?  When Isiah Thomas tweeted about HIS Mount Rushmore, he named four players and then said the 5th would be a toss up.  Zeke,  that is WHY it is Mt. Rushmore.  There are FOUR, space cadet.  If there WAS five, it would be a TEAM or starting five.  Geez.  Let me be your freaking PR person.  You CAN’T do worse.

34)   I ask Kevin Durant to NOT pick The Servant as his nickname.  Go watch the T-Bone-Koko episode of Seinfeld and WE, the PEOPLE, will let you know when we have your nickname ready.

35)   Well, I guess it wasn’t the amount of Super Bowls that had Tony Gonzalez replace Dan Marino as a CBS pregame guy.  And isn’t having Shannon Sharpe on pregame like having Chuck in NBA?  Dangerous, but necessary?

36)   That is it.  I skipped a LOT, but there will be more blogs.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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