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Let’s turn and burn.


Gonzaga decisively beat St. Mary’s last night for their conference championship.  Intriguing game, as we are not sure who it tells more about.  Since St. Mary’s and Gonzaga have played some really close games over the years, was it clarification that Gonzaga is coming into that good of form, or an indication that St. Mary’s has fallen off that much this year (the first meeting wasn’t really too close either)?   I think Gonzaga is that good more than St. Mary’s is that bad.  But, get St. Mary’s in the tourney with their 33 RPI…and give the Zags the #1 seed.


WR Anquan Boldin is presently doing his annual offseason volunteer work with Larry Fitzgerald in Africa I believe.  He was extremely surprised to find out he was traded to the Niners.  What a separation this is between a team and a guy who said he would rather retire if he was cut.  They couldn’t even give him a heads up.  It could be worse, Anquan.  You are going to a great town with a pretty damn good team.  And what are YOU complaining about, Flacco?  If you wouldn’t have taken the extra $2 mil per year, maybe your team could have KEPT Boldin.


I mean “smart.”  This hook is in this category because this is where the team usually resides.  That being said, what they did was kind of SMART.  The Jets signed David Garrard to make a more crowded QB battle.  Interesting pickup, and if you took salary totally out of the equation, I bet you he would win out.  Unfortunately, they are still paying Sanchez better money, so Garrard would have to put up a HELL of a persuasive argument in practice.


I was rooting for Florida International last night.  It would have been pretty cool to have father-son in the tourney together with Rick and Richard Pitino.  It didn’t happen, but it is nice to see Pitino starting to show life at a school that Isiah Thomas was unable to.


Snowball goes back to Orlando tonight for a game against the Magic.  The Fillerbuster is sending as much mental negative energy as possible across the country.  Do something stupid, Snowball.  Say something idiotic.  You can do it.  Use the force…or the dark side…or whatever you use.


The Nuggets won again.  The Clippers better watch their rear view mirror, because not only is Denver 9-1 in their last ten, but the #4 Grizzlies are ALSO 9-1.  This is a key part of the standings, people.  The winner of this three team race not only dodges each other, but gets Golden State, Houston, or Utah.  Ahhh…

BUSTER HOOK has added to Magic Johnson’s money already on the table.  Magic has a cool million out there, and now has thrown $5 million in the ring.  Their spin is that they will pay Kobe $5 million to enter the dunk contest next year as long as LeBron is also in it.  It kind of pains me that all of this wasn’t going on about 3-4 months ago.  We have to wait a freaking YEAR for this if it pans out?  Those guys have bigger fish to fry then to agree to a dunk contest NEXT year as the playoffs loom.


The line is a phone line.  You know that injuries, age, and a better division overall is troublesome when you hear the players that the Yankees are reaching out to are Derrick Lee, Scott Rolen, and Chipper Jones.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.   Derrick Lee is probably staring at his phone in between sprints, Scott Rolen is probably subconsciously injured, and Chipper Jones probably is on his front porch with a fifth of bourbon next to him.


Ex-NBAer Renaldo Balkman was banned from his league for choking an adversary in a game.  He plays in the PHILIPPINES.  I would say he must be at the end of possibilities if he is balling over there AND getting banned.  It seems like yesterday when Isiah Thomas prematurely drafted Balkman in the first round while Marcus Williams, Rajon Rondo, and others were still out there.  As Bill Simmons once said, maybe he thought he was drafting ex-All Star ROLANDO Blackman.

That is it.  Theme is forced/ default/ Seinfeld, as I didn’t really have anything non sports today.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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