It’s TOO easy…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Work break/ sanity check.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)  Roger Goodell and Sean Payton are planning on talking pretty soon.  I wonder if Payton will be looking at Roger while he talks thinking about cutting off the head and letting the body die.

2)  I don’t have a lot of free time at all.  Deal with the lightning background until I get around to fixing it a little more creatively.

3)  Week 4 of my workout program brings in free weights and ups the ante.  Sucks that I am traveling tomorrow and Thursday though.  I guess I will be improvising.  Until I can afford a TRX, I guess I will be Herschel Walkering it (yes, I am coining that phrase-much more exciting than “pushups and situps”).

4)  Very cool of ESPN MAG to not only do a “next issue,” but to also grade their predictions over the last 13 years or so.  There are some huge hits and misses.  Check it out.  True to ESPN form though, the chart is about as confusing as they possibly can make the thing.

5)  Since I have subconsciously phased out Criminal Minds from my weekly habits due to lack of quality, but I also like to watch serial killer shows, count me in on Kevin Bacon’s new series, “The Following.”  This TV series SO puts that 6 degrees game to bed now.

6)  Yes, the NHL might be coming back.  Yes, some of the players went elsewhere to kill some time.  And yes, there are some incredible plays still happening.  Check out this one.

7)  Things happen in three’s.  If I am up in the Northeast, and with Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook both happening back to back, I am staying away from girls or entities named Sandy.

8)  Can we just all sign a petition and send it to Dwight Howard that we are simply tired of his whole act these days?

9)  The previous injury didn’t help things, and the field conditions certainly piled on.  RGIII has two tears in his knees.  The way he is going, he is going to make Tracy McGrady look like a 25 year veteran.

10)  It won’t be a headline, and people might not be aware, but know that Seattle losing Chris Clemons (during those same Washington field conditions) hurts them a LOT in getting pressure on the QB.

11)  Andy Reid is introduced as KC’s new coach.  No one outside of K.C. cares right now. We are too busy watching coaches who MADE the playoffs, not ones with idiot QB’s predicting a “dynasty” and then not even making the postseason.

12)  The sky is blue, the grass is green, and Lionel Messi got POY.  You are updated.

13)  Celtics PG Rajon Rondo got banned again for bumping a ref.  What the hell is this guy so MAD at?  I know Kevin Garnett probably rubs off on you, but I would even say his anger is more channeled.

14)  The NHL is talking about a 48 game season.  We don’t care.  Just start playing and map it out after the fact.  Chris Pronger is lacing up.

15)  The Jets release QB coach Matt Cavanaugh.  Ummm.  I don’t think the QB coach was the problem.  I think it was the final decision maker putting the player in the game.  All Matt can do is give you HIS order of starting.

16)  The Browns are interviewing CFL coach Marc Trestman.  Two days ago, I had never heard of him.  Now, he is apparently the hot commodity.  I think the Browns are just copying the Bears.  “Who are they looking at?  Ok.  Bring him in whoever the hell he is.”

17)  FSU tailback James Wilder is evidently trying to get on my Rant Squad.  Three arrests. Check (he just got busted for failure to appear in court).  First of all, my Rant Squad has been eerily quiet.  VERY quiet.  Second, James, you have boring offenses.  Go to a strip club while on drugs with guns in your car.  That has promise.

18)  Through research from Lindsey’s Boomer Sooner family, it was found out that in the “hello” commercial, it took Bob Stoops over two hours to do his one line scene.  Nice.

19)  Finally, the BCS Title Game.  Miss it (or at least the first half)?  I got you. Before I quit watching the beatdown, here are my notes (homage to my writer hero, Bill Simmons):

-I will be sad when Brent Musburger exits stage left.  He truly has a great announcer’s voice for big games.

-I know the teams shared the same tunnel pregame, but even odder that Notre Dame apparently went to the entrance too early and had to wait for Bama to exit BY them.

-Beautiful 1st drive pass by McCarron on play action.  Notre Dame looks like they are TOO pumped.

-ND’s Dan Fox adds to a big Bama play by also getting a personal foul penalty.  Too much energy and playing not smart are a bad combination.

-Bama scores.  ND allows its 4th rushing TD all season and its first drive of more than 75 yards.

-I am glad I skipped the gym and am catching the beginning of the game.  This game is too easy for Bama.  No, no. TOO EASY.  No, no, no.  It’s TOO EASY. White Men Can’t Jump.

-A ND catch is reviewed.  Beautiful catch.  The shift to the other hand at the VERY end ruined it, bro. No catch.

-ND punt.

-BIG third and 5 conversion by Bama on scoring drive.  14-0 Ugghhh.

-Brent Musburger’s A.D.D kicks in.  He finds McCarron’s hot girlfriend who was an Auburn alum and Miss Alabama, but he mixes in a little too many “whoas” and “wows” to escape Twitter and other social media criticism.  It was a little weird.

-ND fumbles.  Reviewed at last second.  What the HELL is this official review rule?  Why did it take so long?

-Why did I skip my workout?

-ND runs it up the middle.  Nope.  Not going that way.

-ND makes a GREAT catch on the sideline.  Unfortunately, it was by a coach about ten yards out of bounds.

-Extracurricular conversation starts to occur between Lindsey and I.  I thought FUN was a CO band.  Ends up they are NYC.  I also tell her about how when I moved here, I pronounced Louisville (Denver suburb) like the Kentucky city and thought all of the UNC jerseys I was seeing were from North Carolina and not Northern Colorado.

-21-0.  Ugghhh.

-Three things are occurring.  I am looking for a TV flipper, you can see in their eyes that Brent and Kirk are thinking of players stories to talk about in the second half, and my 31-13 prediction might end up being way off.

-A nice long reception by ND still ends up with a ND punt.

-Bama gets a holding call on a run where ND rushes TWO players.  Weird.

-ND gets the ball back.  They surprisingly have to punt shortly thereafter.

-It is 21-0.  I am saying “if ND can get a touchdown, this becomes a two touchdown game with them getting the ball first in the second half.”  That is a weird, not realistic, and optimistic thought I decide.

-Ball control at this point is 14 minutes to 6.  You can figure out who is who.

-Bama misses on a long pass I thought Cooper should have dove for.

-Bama punts, and the dumbass ND returner catches the ball inside the 5, one series after nearly fumbling the kickoff from Bama.  Come on.

-Bama sack.

-ND punt.

-Mind drifting (I wonder if Eddie Lacy got made fun of while growing up with that last name).

-Bama gets a first down on a missed Te’o tackle.  Wheels are coming off even for ND’s best player.

-ND loses DE Kapron.  Not good.

-Bama converts a 3rd and 6, smartly throwing at a freshman CB from ND.

-Score.  28-0.

-I sign off, but not before hearing the funniest line of the game.  Brian Kelly says before heading into the locker room that “maybe Bama doesn’t come back out.”

20)  That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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