It’s got a remarkable texture…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  20 minute work break/ sanity check.

I feel the need…the need for speed.

1)  I have glanced at the score.  Cardinals 5, Nationals 0.  Poor Nats.  They have the fans on their side, home field advantage, momentum, health, and a great story waiting to happen.  And WHO do they get in the playoffs?  The defending champions flying under the radar.  I am not saying it is over.  Far from it, but I sense all is not well and nerves will start coming to life a little if they go down 2-1.

2)  The Jets owner has declared that no matter what and for whatever role, Tim Tebow will be on the Jets for all three years of his contract.  Sweet.  I don’t care what that means for the Jets.  I am just happy that Mr. Tebow is to remain the 2nd farthest away from me possible in the connected states.  If they start teams in Hawaii or Alaska, shoot me an email.  Otherwise, unless they trade him to New England, I couldn’t be happier.

3)  The USADA has said that ELEVEN teammates testified against Lance Armstrong.  I am not sure if they even have a locker room in cycling, but wherever they warmed up and talked, I assume he was not the most loved locker room presence…or he must have been straight up doping up in full view in the middle of the locker whatever room.

4)  I like Saints Scott Fujita, some from a great article in ESPN Mag and some from him calling out Goodell after Roger gave the final verdicts on the Bountygate appeals today.  Fujita got REDUCED, but still was angry enough to say Goodell is abusing is power.  Nice.  Jonathan Vilma didn’t get anything back.  He is still sitting.

5)  Kevin Faulk retired after 13 years with the Pats yesterday.  He has been injured so much over the last two to three years, I thought he had actually already been gone from the league.  Whatever way you judge him, he was the essence of what the Pats were about:  smart, experienced, and good enough to beat you.

6)  The Buffalo Bills GM ripped the Bills defense after they got trashed over the weekend.  Read between the lines, and break out a flow chart.  The OWNER ripped HIM, because he said it was ok to spend some serious money in the offseason, and THEN the GM ripped everyone else.  Top down, chain of command.

7)  In case you care, Dwight Howard’s back is “progressing.”  I don’t, and truly wish they could at least wait until the regular season for daily updates of the bozo.

8)  Dwayne Wade officially announced his new shoe deal, with Li-Ning.  I am missing something here.  This is just WEIRD to me.

9)  I went crazy and bought 8 slices of cappocolla for my assembly line of sandwiches for the work week.  It makes everything better and is only second to prosciutto in my book.  I used to help unload groceries in my household as a kid to be the first to see if dad had gone to the deli that trip.

10)  Happy Trails to Alex Karras.  I am glad to know his family at least got to be with him at the end.

11)  A day after cutting Joey Altidore, we hear that Landon Donovan can’t play in the qualifying matches for US Soccer?  Geez.  Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, no pun intended.

12)  Phil Jackson joins the sudden urge to compare everyone to Michael Jordan.  Why is it so hot right now?  If LeBron wins this year, I would get it, but can he get TWO before this ridiculous talk?  For the record, Jackson said that LeBron has the skills to “surpass MJ.”  We know he has the SKILLS.  I want to see some more hardware first.

13)  Yankees skipper Joe Girardi is “mum” on ARod’s role in the playoff games coming up.  I guess he is mimicking ARod’s perfomance in the games thus far.

14)  Sandusky gets a minimum of 30 years in prison.  Not enough, I say, unless we are feeding 1/4 portions of food and water for that time.

15)  Brian Cushing’s injury is an ACL tear, and he is out for the year.  I am not saying it is as revolutionary as missing Schaub last year, but it could be the difference between winning another playoff game and making it ALL the way.

16)  I did crappy on my college picks this week.  I hope no one listened, although the three wins I DID get were the ones I said were joke, easy picks, so hopefully you went large on those at least.

17)  Coco Crisp has the best name in baseball, and also made one of the catches of the year last night.

18)  I am keeping Rams WR Danny Amendola on my fantasy roster.  I am loaded at WR, and since this is the first internal pointing clavicle injury of its kind in football, I assume no one knows EXACTLY when he can return.  Considering he got me like 8 points BEFORE the injury in the first half, I think he is worth it.

19)  If that Reds/ Giants series goes the distance, I feel bad for Scott Rolen, a veteran infielder who misjudged a simple bounce, that allowed the winning run.

20)  I hope that if Hot Pockets EVER change the microwave directions from 2 minutes, they put that in HUGE writing on the packaging.  Because I haven’t looked at the package in YEARS, no matter WHAT type the Hot Pocket is.

21)  RGIII is cleared to play I hear.  Whether that means a win or not, we might get a few Batman jokes out of it, and he makes every offensive play really, really exciting.

22)  I haven’t shown effects from it, but my fear that Coke “Zero” is the real life version of the non fat yogurt from Seinfeld.  It tastes SO good.  Zero.  Really?

23)  I love the baseball playoffs.  LOVE them.  I love when starting pitchers are relief pitchers.  I love double swiches.  I just WISH they didn’t put the games A) during the day B) on TBS (really crushes my Seinfeld watching schedule).  Split screen, maybe?

24)  I cooked dinner for Lindsey last night.  Well, I boiled spaghetti, and actually heated the tomato sauce.  Yes, that is cooking.

25)  Turn to the last page of the ESPN Mag ( or just use my supplied link) about Ann Babenco and Dan Wheldon.  Crazy story, well written, and just another strand of proof that really eerie things happen out there in the world.

26)  That is it.  Off the clock, and back to work.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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