It was just the 80’s, we were young, or we were brainwashed…we actually thought Molly was the BOMB.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

On the clock as I worked only 12.5 hours today (less than 13 yesterday), but I am taking off tomorrow…so I guess I will say lots of stuff quickly.

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Let’s turn and burn.

1)       First of all, I finished work and am starting to blog during the waste of time tourney…the NIT.  Watching Virginia’s opponent be on pace for over 60 points WHILE leading UVA, and hoping for a UVA comeback, is pretty much like waiting for Skip Bayless to say something intelligent or for Charles Barkley to stop say the word “terrible.”

2)      The Raiders Carson Palmer won’t restructure his contract.  That would be like asking Rashard Lewis or Gilbert Arenas (who I think is in China right now) to restructure his contract about 6 years ago.  Overpaid, overpaid, and willing to soak in the riches instead of getting players on board to win.  Way to jump on a winning boat, Rashard.  I guess you made enough money back in the day to LOOK like you care about winning.  Either that or you really like South Beach.

3)      Would you like to meet my new favorite athlete?  Or, I guess, my favorite writer now outside of Bill Simmons?  Thanks for the input, Scott.

3a)  Just kidding, Bill.  You are still the man.  I got overtaken in emotion with the Seinfeld reference.  Ewing Theory?  Or THIS?

4)      I choose not to run.  CLASSIC.

5)      The US soccer team picked up an unheard of point/ draw against Mexico last night.  I was pretty impressed by that.  You should be too.  We never do ANYTHING in Mexico City.  Think about this.  No away team between those two has won at the other’s crib in 41 years.  I think that stat is right.  Feel free to check me on it.  I am not married to it.  In that game, by the way, they talked about an American/ Mexican who could have played for either squad because of heritage.  His name?  Joe Corona.  Is that not PERFECT?

6)      Ruining my smart schools are hiring Duke coaching tree kids, Buffalo hired Bobby Hurley.  Figures.  The Jersey kid got screwed.

6a) (WordPress doesn’t automatically renumber my hooks like Word does) The Following was just par this week until it threw me for another loop.  Rules of Engagement was stellar as always.  Please take 25 minutes and watch that show.

7)      Quietly, the Penguins have won 13 in a row.  Look at that lineup.  I am confused how this squad only has 1 Cup.  Oh.  Injuries.  Got it.

8)      Nike is getting heat because of its “Winning takes care of everything” Tiger ads.  What does the biggest Tiger fan think (that is either me or my mother)?  I say that Ty Cobb was the biggest A-Hole ever in baseball, but he is regarded as one of the best ever.  Quit it, people.  I think winning doesn’t take “care” of everything, but I am not bothered by it, and it sure as heck helps.  I have people keeping him from eating at Perkins (NO, it doesn’t get old to the Fillerbuster), people are bad in sports that we never hear about, he is now like the Notre Dame of golf, and just let him be the villain and piss you all off at The Masters.

9)      For those of you who wondered why Tommy Haas got pub for beating Djokovic this week, he is 34.  Still not following?  34 years old in tennis is like 46 in football.

10)   Dez Bryant has proclaimed he will get 2000 yards and 20 TD’s in the league this year.  Dude, you got 1382 and 12 last year.  Since we already know you and your mother (shout out, Scott) are idiots, why don’t you start with 1500 and 15?  Baby steps to the elevator, Dez.

11)   Phil Jackson joined Twitter.  What are you waiting for?  A joke?  Forget THAT.  Stop reading and go start following him.  Like him or not, we would ALL like to know what goes on in that skull of his.

12)   In other soccer news, Costa Rica is still mad.

13)   The Wizards are looking “decent” right now.  John Wall saying he deserves max makes me think he is text buddies with Rashard Lewis and Gilbert Arenas.  Can we see a complete year of your dominance as opposed to 5 weeks?  Who do you think you are?  Jeremy Lin?

14)   Marcus Lattimore is already climbing nets and doing knee bends after that injury in October?  Wow.  I suddenly feel a little lazy writing this blog.  You go, bro.  I am just going to keep ranting.

15)   Matt Barkley was 55-60 in drills today at pro day.  So, with Geno Smith’s performance, we went from possibly NO QB’s in the first round to TWO QB’s in the top 15?

16)   Metta World Peace is out 6 weeks for an injury.  No, Metta.  I am not going to crack on you like usual.  I am going to LAUD you.  The Lakers don’t stand a chance in the long run in the playoffs IF they make it without him.  You are an idiot, but you ARE key.

17)   Cards Adam Wainwright just got 5 years, $97.5 million, and left everyone outside of baseball circles who doesn’t know his name going out to play catch with their 5 year old kid.  You made a lot a kid’s lives better today, Adam.

18)   Derrick Rose still can’t dunk off his left foot even though doctors have cleared him.  Dwayne Wade came back from injury in his home town.  Chicago is winning presently.  Wouldn’t it be CLASSIC if Rose suited up in the second half to end the streak?  Do you really want the Spurs to have all the glory on Sunday?

19)   Does anyone else fight freak out when they see the word “resign?”  Are the signing them up again, or are they retiring?  They mean the opposite thing.  Confused.

20)   OK.  Here we go with the quick and dirty Sweet Sixteen breakdown.

UF/FGCU: Donovan has had a week to prep, he uses the DER system of stats (love it), and guard play who has been there, done that.  FGCU is tall relatively, experienced, but less talented.  I think Patric Young holds his ground, Rosario continues to make strides, and I hope you enjoyed your week, FGCU.  Plus, who wants a coach with a supermodel wife AND a rumored mini fortune from company they owned to ALSO get in the Elite 8.  Florida 81-60.


MICHIGAN STATE/ DUKE: Duke is good with Kelly.  It is not like Izzo is going to be SCARED.  Izzo has talent too, and they are more battle tested than Duke this year because of their conference.  ASSUMING Keith Appling is fine from injury, I think Michigan State oddly advances by 8-10 points.  Give me 73-64.


IU/ CUSE: They got past a tough Temple matchup.  They ARE the more complete team.  IU is one of the few teams that will not be bothered by a stretched zone, as they can shoot it, AND go inside.  Give me IU in close to a ten point victory.  81-72.


LOUISVILLE/ OREGON: Oregon, your speed is matched.  Your talent level is matched.  Your coaching is blown away, and welcome to reality.  Louisville rolls.  77-64.


KANSAS/ MICHIGAN:  Freshman become sophomores, and sophomores become juniors.  Michigan is young, but talented.  Kansas is experienced, and talented.  I think that McElmore gets a little shy on the big stage, and Trey Burke and Staukas have stellar games.  I think this one is down to the wire,, maturing my bracket pick.  I will say Michigan 74-72.  KU will get a last second try.


ARIZONA/ OHIO STATE: AHHH…Arizona.  I never DOUBTED your talent.  I doubt how you do the opposite of what I think every year.  Well, against a team without a true, proven third scoring option, I am rolling with you.  Another down to the wire game, with a little bit lower score.  Zona.  64-61.


WICH ST/ LASALLE:  Welcome to the Elite 8, Wichita State.  You can negate LaSalle’s stellar guard play, and the fact that you have already played Creighton 3 times already guarantees you have had a harder schedule.  Wichita State, although LaSalle WILL be feisty.  73-67


MIAMI/ MARQUETTE: I am getting crazy here.  I thought that Marquette was done in the first round, but they made it.  I know that Miami is everyone’s sweetheart pick, but losing Reggie Johnson in the middle takes away part of their interior advantage, and Marquette’s guards can BALL.  Shane Larkin IS a youngster, genes or not.  I like Marquette in the upset.  59-54.


21)    That is it.  Going to enjoy the rest of my non working 4 hour day.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

21a)  Confused by the theme and waiting for the reference?  It is Sweet Sixteen, therefore Sixteen Candles seemed random and odd enough.  Does any other guy between 37-43 remember when we were stuck thinking that Molly Ringwald was a hot chick????  Even if you think she is cute back then, she still looks like a stuck up…you know.

22)   JUST a tagline.  I have training tomorrow, and then basketball at night.  Look out for a Friday one.  May the force be with you.

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