It cheers our hearts and warms our blood to hear them shout and roar…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  20 minute work/ sanity break since it is the next to last day before the end of the quarter.

Let’s turn and burn.

1)  Tony LaRussa has declared, with the Angels struggles this season, that signing Albert Pujols to a ten year deal was a mistake.  Wow, Tony, thanks for the insight.  Way to wait until he has one struggling full season and then alert the world that as his ex-manager that you don’t recommend it.  I see you are splitting the atom in retirement.

2)  I know EVERYONE is already looking forward to the WNBA draft.  I know I am.  I believe that Phoenix got the #1 pick (not worth the time of our presently slow network to Google).  Anyway, if you DO follow the draft, you know it WAS important…their little version of the ping pong balls or whatever they use determining draft order.  Because basically it is Baylor’s Brittney Griner and then everyone else.  Not only can she dunk and shoot, but you at least know that she has a mean hook (hey, that was funny accidentally) if she gets stuck in those multiple areas of ghetto in the desert.

3)  Yay.  Playboy declared the University of Virginia as the #1 party school in the land this year.  I am glad to see them back in the mix.  When I selected schools, I applied to the school with a very complex system of metrics that I devised.  First, it had to be a school from a Big 6 conference that was in the mix for the President’s Cup, a measuring stick of quality across the board in all sports.  I wanted to be able to watch them on national TV for my entire life.  Second, it had to be one of the best academic institutions.  They were #17 overall, and the #1 public school at the time.  Third, they had to be Playboy’s top ten party schools.  They were #7 at the time.  It was a very thought out decision.

3a)  The title of the rant is from our theme song/ fight song.

4)  The NFL owners and the refs reach a deal.  It will be good to have guys who know the rules out there, and they even might get a few hugs.  The over/ under on every game before a coach or player swears at them is 7.5 minutes game time.  One bad interference call and it is back to normal.  At least we know they won’t be partying with the team’s fans after the game as much.

5)  Nebraska AD Tom Osbourne resigned yesterday.  Not a bad last few decades, pal.  You pick up three national titles in a semi-dynasty, you go off to politics for 8 years, come BACK to your coaching school to try and save them, and then LEAVE with them back in the mix for power schools.  Not bad at ALL.

6)  The Mets David Wright broke the all time record in Mets history for hits.  1419.  ONLY 1419.  AMAZING the amount of great players who have passed through there and the record is only 1419.  I guess my last statement is accurate.  They “passed through.”

7)  The Atlanta Braves clinched this week and will be in the playoffs.  After rivaling the Red Sox home stretch meltdown last year, that squad has to feel pretty good.  With my Phils out, I might even root for him.  Something wants the class act that IS Chipper Jones to go out in style.

8)  I want to go to D Las Vegas next time I am in Vegas.  They are the only major casino to REFUND all Packer bets after the debacle Monday.  What a guy.  What a job.  What a thing to own…a casino.

9)  Not that anyone cares anymore as it is old hat, but Penn State lost another guy from their team.  He is listed as QB-TE, so I guess he must be some faster, slimmer version of Jamarcus Russell.

10)  I guess Bill Belichick gets another notch in his belt.  I think he will be the last coach fined for abusing the replacement refs.  50k.

11)  A fraternity chapter at the University of Tennessee was suspended this week after their involvement in widespread alcohol enemas at a party.  What’s that?  No, that wasn’t a misprint.  I guess I played quarters, recent people play beer pong, and these kids are doing other creative drinking games.  Ugghhh.  Read it yourself.

12)  The Jets Joe McKnight is going to play corner for Revis moving forward.  What a turn this kid has taken.  I remember watching videos of McKnight from back in high school on before he went to USC.  He is athletic as hell, and perhaps has come coverage background, but he is a poor man’s Eric Dickerson, not a poor man’s Revis.  Hey, QB’s.  Throw THAT direction.

13)  I don’t remember ever liking a P.O.D. song enough to know it was them.  Well, that ends today.  This song is awesome, and will be on my shuffle tonight.  If you don’t like the beginning, at least stick around for the chorus.  It is different.

14)  Take THAT Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber.  TJ Lang, a little known player for the Packers, broke the retweet record all time with 92,314.  All he did was drop an f-bomb, and tell everyone to fine him and pay the real refs so they come back.

15)  The city of Paris has revealed a public statue of Zidane’s famous head butt back in the day at the World Cup.  Talk about different paradigms, give me Philly and the Rocky statue a thousand times over before I look at their statue.

16)  I like to tell you when I laugh out loud uncontrollably at Family Guy.  I did last night, even though I had seen the episode.  Peter forms his own country, gets vansihed from the US, and decides to have a party at his country/ house.  He has to invite all of the bad leaders.  Hussein is next seen telling Khadaffi about the Seinfeld scene where Jerry calls the lady “Mulva.”  Hilarious.  For those who don’t know:

17)  Adrian Beltre has said that instead of Eric Gagne saying 80% of the roster used HGH’s, he should have named names to protect suspicion of the innocent.  I could comment on his comment, but I am laughing about how this hook also has another Seinfeld reference.

18)  I hear that Arnold has already accepted FIVE roles including his starring one coming out next year.  Damn, dude.  When you said you would be back, you weren’t kidding.

19)  The Astros obtained Bo Porter from the Nationals for their managerial job.  Anything is an improvement, and anyone coming from an atmosphere where they are already DOING what the Astros planned on doing about 15 years ago is also one.

20)  Lack of options last night on TV, and then I found Ghostbusters.  Had to watch it as it was the final scene.  Marshmallow men, crossing the streams, gatekeepers, keymasters, and choosing the form of your destructor.  Put that movie on the list of 5 or 6 movies that make up about 90% of my daily sayings.  Lindsey also appreciated me going around the room for the next ten minutes saying “choose the form of the destructor” in Sigourney Weaver/ David Bowie tone.

21)  That is it.  Back to work.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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