I’m in a ranting state of mind…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock, as I am not home.  Dog and cat sitting for a colleague.  Oh, and there is football to watch, and always work to do.

I feel the need…the need for speed.

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1)  Well, I said it the other day.  The spending mecca has shifted west.  Way west.  It used to be the Yankees and Red Sox outbidding everyone and their mother, getting all the big names.  Now?  The Red Sox can’t even get the Mike Napoli pickup ok’d because of some double secret probation medical condition possibly, and the Angels sign ex-Ranger Josh Hamilton for 5 years/ $125 million.  The Angels might have 4 players on their roster a couple years from now because of money, but they ARE going after it when they can.  The Dodgers and Angels are the big spenders now.  That Josh Hamilton contract number gave me deja vu.  Oh, that’s right.  It is the same contract the Phillies gave the recently useless Ryan Howard.  I hope that works out better than the Howard deal.  Well, at least the Angels aren’t giving more ten year contracts that they squirm in their seat over (Pujols) when brought up in conversation.  And I bet you that Utah wish they had a baseball team.  Josh would be safe there.

2)  I just saw a funny crawl subject on the NFL network while getting ready to hopefully watch the Bengals lose.  It said ” Coach Jason Garrett says Dez Bryant caught a few balls in practice today.”  What it fails to mention is how many balls were actually thrown to him.  He has dissed surgery and will play this week, and had problems catching the ball healthy.  May the force be with you, bro.

3)  Stacee McWilliams, the second person on the scene for the Brent/ Brown accident, made a proactive statement to make sure we knew that SHE had to persuade Brent to pull his teammate out of the car.  Is this really necessary to do this publicly?  I appreciate the info, Stacee, but I know not to believe everything I hear, and I don’t think that kicking a man when he is already down doesn’t help things.

3a)  He is WAY down.  His BAC just came back as .18.  Not good.

4)  Ex-PGA player, and nine time winner, Colleen Walker died this week.  What?  Why am I reporting that?  Yeah.  Since I am not at home in my comfort zone, and really only have my laptop and the NFL game as entertainment, I thought I would clear the things on my legal pad that I move.  There.  Reported, and happy trails, Colleen.  Thoughts and prayers to your family.

5)  Texas Tech hired Kliff Kingsbury as its new coach after Tommy ducked out during a recruiting dinner and exited stage left rudely.  I think this is a good hire.  He was a successful QB in this fast paced offensive system, he is already in coaching, and he will bring loyalty since he went to school there.  Plus, take all of those things out of the equation, and guess what else?  He did a pretty good job instructing some guy named Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M this past year.

6)  Lindsey bought me an HD TV for my birthday.  I haven’t made the 2 minute phone call to transfer me to HD.  I should.  I am house sitting for someone with a VERY nice TV, and this HD stuff almost fools my eyes because it is so different.  Note to self.

7)  Bama fans are already celebrating a good 3/4 month before their final game.  Why?  They go into the game at least THINKING and BELIEVING that the fact that their star QB SAYS he is coming back to school MIGHT be true.  He must be legit though.  What idiot would announce it before a chance at a national championship if he thought there was a chance he might skip out?  It must be a girl.  Or, common sense, knowing that he will have ANOTHER strong chance at another championship next year.

8)  Kevin Love has publicly questioned the “plan” of the Timberwolves.  Kevin.  Stop it.  I love you (no pun intended-this is stream of consciousness and not edited) as a player, but let your play do the talking, and question the leadership with your agent in private.  Don’t be the bad guy, since we ALL didn’t think you would be THIS good coming out of college.

9)  Don’t lie.  You thought what I did.  Kevin would be a 11.8/5.7 guy for his career.

10)  Giants leader Justin Tuck has told new kickoff sensation David Wilson that there will be no more back flips.  I concur.  You do it once successfully to prove you can do it, and get on YouTube.  Then, you just play, and avoid injuries.  Re-invent something harmless like the Ickey Shuffle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8f-m-Fmd1lY

11)  I was taking a shower the other night, and this huge crash happened, sounding like someone busted through the front door.  I was like, “shit, here we go.”  The reason I was upset was because I don’t mind someone attacking me or breaking in.  I am strong and big.  It can’t go THAT bad.  And, I have a Samurai sword (gift from a friend).  BUT.  I would be pissed if my apartment was broken into while I was in the shower and I had to fight naked.  That would SUCK.  The crash was my shower shampoo holder thing slipping to the shower nozzle.  I have a large bottle of shampoo in that thing.  Moving on.

12)  I keep breaking down that basketball commercial where they bounce the Christmas song.  I WANT to believe it, and then I don’t, and then I WANT to believe it.  Either way, they did a pretty good job at making it persuading.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyf1lz0je5U

13)  Sam  Bowie has said in a recent interview that he was injured when drafted before MJ in the most legendary draft mistake of all time.  He said that he had a poker face when doctors asked if things hurt.  They did.  He beat the system, and I can’t blame him either.  It was all about the Benjamins.  I would have done the same thing, and so would have you.  I am glad that the Northwest gets lots of rain, because it has hid the passionate basketball fans’ tears for the last 30 years or so.  Well, only about 25 years of actual tears.  My bad.

14)  Damn.  My brother texted me that Bon Jovi was killing it at the Sandy concert, and I didn’t even know it was on (there are obstacles in society I face by getting all of my non work information from sports sites).  Anyway, I DID catch a little Billy Joel.  Still as smooth as ever, and New York State of Mind was always a great song, but PERFECT for the occasion.

15)  There is a “monster” insect in my room evidently.  Lindsey and I wake up with mammoth bites occasionally.  Unrelated, I also have a phobia of Brown Recluse Spiders ever since my mom let me read an article about a guy who got bit on the arm (I don’t fear spiders, gents, as I can recognize a brown recluse pretty quickly-all other spiders are toast), the tissue disintegrated within his arm, and then he had to get it amputated.  Anyway, I thought it was funny that our newest bug catcher lists all of the pests it can catch, and literally lists ‘brown recluse spiders” as a totally separate pest.  Not “spiders,” “brown recluse spiders.”  Great.  I am going to die someday, and I would go double or nothing that it is either going to be a killer bee attack or a brown recluse bite.

16)    Kobe has said that Magic’s talks to the Lakers are helpful.  What Kobe is actually saying is “get out of here old man-I got just as many championships as you.”

17)  Don’t do it.  Seriously, this is NOT a joke.  Damn, I wish I had more readers.  The NFL is considering expanding the amount of teams in the playoffs.  It is PERFECT.  No changes.  Keep kickoffs, no more playoff teams, and I am sure everyone will be just FINE with the mandatory new protective pads that you just authorized.

18)  Tom Watson is the new Ryder Cup captain for the next go around.  Well, you might as well come into the mix.  You can NEVER have as bad as coaching Sunday as Davis Love just had in that legendary meltdown.

19)  The Golden State Warriors just beat the HEAT on the ROAD to go 5-0 on a recent road trip…without Bogut.  Anyone else think that Stephen Curry is overpaid at this point, or that Marc Jackson SHOULDN’T have been given a chance at a head coaching gig?  Thought so.

20)  Today’s Filler stats.  Two stalls with Eleanor, and one phone dying mid browsing.  It sounds like a technological country song.

21)  He has been around long enough and been an All Star, and I like him, so I am not busting on him.  But.  Watching Shawn Marion shoot free throws is just fun and weird.  How he makes them and Dwight and Shaq never figured it out is beyond me.

22)  Yay.  Your brief soccer update.  I am not looking up the tournament, the league, the names, the place, but I read that in a tournament the other day, the security team attacked the PLAYERS.  That is awesome.

23)  The greatest thing about being a bourbon and water drinker is that I don’t need a lot of extra mixers or liquids wherever I go.  Whether it is a hotel or dog sitting, I know that most places have ice, a container, and running water.  This colleague even has a ice machine.  I am easily entertained, and that is fancy to me.

24)  Delonte West might be signed by the Lakers.  Great.  I know they need a PG, but bringing in a bipolar, depressed guy into an already depressing situation just doesn’t sign optimal to me.  Just saying.

25)  One other thing about the dog.  It is AMAZING.  It is taught that it can’t go past ANY obstacles in the house.  I gave the dog a bone with peanut butter on it and set it on the kid door they use to block the back door sometimes (they can literally LEAN the door in the opening).  The dog was whining, I went to look why, and it wouldn’t touch the bone on the doggy door/ kid door thing I had set it on.  Adorable.

26)  Adrian Peterson has said that Eric Dickerson should be “nervous” about his record.  Hey, A.P., I don’t think that Eric really gives a shit.  Just so you know.

27)  More news about the West Virginia mascot who actually uses his mascot musket to HUNT.  He doesn’t wear orange.  Thanks,  Fox Sports.  You are the best.  Keep up the good work.

28)  Ichiro is to return to the Yankees.  After years of rotting away (not you, Brandon Jacobs) in Seattle, why wouldn’t he?

29)  Finally, I am glad DeMarcus Cousins is still…an idiot.  He was suspended for hitting a player in the groin.  What a class act with an NBA body THAT guy is.  I have been to Sacramento, and that is no place for that guy.  At some point, as George Costanza would say, worlds will collide.

30)  That is it.  The legal pad is complete.  I have work to do, and go scratch my head as to why the Eagles are as dysfunctional as they are.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Hope you enjoyed.  Peace.

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