I’m gonna slip him a mickey…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Old format.  KIND of on the clock (NBA game starts in an hour).  Evening rant.  Let’s turn and burn.

(OK.  Here is the thing.  I am going to stop saying “old format.”  I tried the organized approach, but a couple things came to the forefront for me.  I work too much to also have time to organize every single rant, it is almost summer so I would like to think that I won’t have time for the monster rant on the weekend every time, AND it is a RANT, implying a random, stream of consciousness monologue.  I have more fun writing this simply going point to point.  Sorry if you became attached to the “new format.”  Email me if you have input that needs to be voiced.)

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1)      Thoughts and prayers to everyone in Oklahoma City.  Scary to see the tornado was 1.3 miles wide and 210 MPH, and even sadder that of the 24 people proclaimed deceased at this time that NINE of them were children.  Sad.  It puts sports in a very small perspective of life.

2)      Cabrera’s three home runs got ESPN and I thinking about the best losing efforts of all time.  I could go through a bunch, but ESPN covered most of them.  If I am allowed to include an entire series, I still feel bad about Charles Barkley losing the ’93 Finals against MJ and the boys.  He averaged 27 and 13 for the series with a bad elbow.

3)      I complained about the NBA not having games last night.  I guess it worked out right.  Lindsey is gone until June 6th on a family trip in Europe, and things would have been more messy had there been an NBA game last night.

4)      Weird to walk by Civic Center Park, just a couple blocks from my house, and see the HUGE America Ninja Warrior set up spanning most of the large park.

5)      Scary whether you like them or not.  43% of the Yankees starting lineup is on the disabled list, and they are STILL in first by 1.5 games.  What is YOUR excuse, big spending Toronto?

6)      Funny.  A golfer in a European event had to take relief after hitting the ball…in the bathroom.  http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/golf-devil-ball-golf/nicolas-colsaerts-hits-tee-shot-hazard-relief-bathroom-185055317.html

7)      I am watching pregame for the NBA lottery and game tonight.  I think it is funny when Jalen Rose tells Bill before he says something “Don’t get fired, Bill.”

8)      Mattingly is on the hot seat.  Mattingly is not on the hot seat.  The Dodgers probably aren’t pulling the trigger on firing him because they look at the standings and see still hired coaches in L.A. and Toronto.

9)      I missed it for a while because I was too busy laughing at the “opportunity waits” line, but I ALSO like when the Dos Equis commercial says the most interesting man in the world “gave his father THE TALK.”  Funny.

10)   Mario Williams denies his threats to kill himself in this whole engagement ring spat with his ex.  He might be also denying signing with Buffalo at some point if this thing gets crazy.

11)   Lindsey is gone.  PLENTY of time for blogging.  And my unlimited text messages account with Verizon deems useless as I am pretty much not very popular.  I have no fear of going out by myself though.  Travel safe, Linds.

12)   Snowball has said today that he thinks he was utilized wrong in D’Antoni’s offense.  OK.  I think he has a bet with Gronk’s left arm on who is mentioned more daily on ESPN.  Be a QUIET idiot, my man.

13)   Chad Johnson only has a $1k bond in his arrest after headbutting his wife at the time.  Maybe his name should be Pago Dolares.  I am having so much fun with this story.

14)   Tiger doesn’t plan on reconciliation with Sergio.  Why should he?  I believe the score is 14-0 in Majors.  Grab a mic, Sergio, if you win the Open.

15)   The Revenge episode of Seinfeld is a classic (all of them are if I am on the record).  Poisoning your boss and “My guys don’t know your guys.”  They didn’t have the “guys” scene online, but here is another one from that episode.  Hilarious.


16)   I am about to watch the NBA lottery.  So, I guess I just rant until I find out which team bucks the odds and screws over Orlando and Charlotte.  MJ, Kwame Brown is not available in this draft.  The only good news for anyone who gets screwed is that there is NO clear #1.  First time in a while.  Everyone just wishes that old rules were still good and they could take Andrew Wiggins.

17)   Yes, I am an odd dude, but did anyone else notice that the new Valvoline commercial uses the Bourne theme?  Awesome.  I wish I could change my own oil.  I would run out, be sold on the product, and buy some.

18)   I watched Silver Linings Playbook last night.  I was way overdue, being that I like movies and am from outside Philly.  It was ok.  It is watchable.  It is decent.  That being said, Lindsey and I BOTH agreed that the movie people didn’t do good research on what it is like to be a manic depressive.  Cooper was solid, the chick who won supporting was great, but it was overkill on the changing of moods.  Lindsey knows what one does through her job, and I am a bricklayer expert due to dating and living with one for too much time.  You don’t change up THAT much, THAT fast.

19)   The Hornets changed to the Pelicans, and now Charlotte might go back to the Hornets.  I am ok with this change because I assume there are more hornets in Charlotte than bobcats, once again Kwame Brown is NOT in the draft, MJ, and I need a freaking flowchart to track this stuff.  Geez.

20)   Dibs to Jack Nicklaus for existing in general AND for inviting the 14 year old phenom from across the ocean to his Memorial.

21)   It is true that I honestly think the SAME chick who sings the opening and ending scene of Gladiator when he is having his hands go across the weeds is the same one in like 20 movies over the last 15 years.  Listen to the new Superman movie preview.  It IS her.

22)   It was reported Manti Te’o attended a Maxim party.  What is the problem?  We KNOW those chicks exist.

23)   No.  It never gets old.

24)   As Dennis Leary said in No Cure For Cancer, you have to have goals.  Most backflips in history on a pogo stick.  Thanks as always, Deadspin.  http://deadspin.com/man-breaks-record-for-most-backflips-on-a-pogo-stick-508974617

25)   The Wings won last night at Joe Louis against #1 seed Chicago in the NHL playoffs.  That means I had a jovial colleague at work.  THIS guy.  Much love, Ponto.


26)   My lady grabbed breakfast at Moe’s before heading to the airport.  Moe’s is a SOLID breakfast place a couple blocks down the street.  Check out the Seinfeld reference.  Awesome.

MOES-photo (6)

27)   If I am someone following golf and TRYING to like it, I am tired of the whole anchor putting story.  They finally banned it.  Hopefully, there aren’t stories of an anchor putter in Lousiana throwing to high school WR’s.

28)   The joke was there.  I want REGULAR readers.

29)   I had a bad day of work work, but a good day of free food/ feeding my tapeworm day.  My boy, Brian, grabbed me free pizza from the lunch and learn that I missed, and some prospect did not eat enough sandwiches on their visit in house today.  I had to refill my water and had JUST eaten the pizza.  That didn’t stop me from grabbing 3 more bacon and turkey sandwiches.  I have a ridiculous metabolism even at 40.

30)   Hah.  The Charlotte Bobcats/ Hornets just got kicked out of the top three in this ping pong ball fiasco.  Congrats, Scott, for the Wizards moving in the top three even after their late season run.

31)     I have to perform Thursday on stage playing keys at the company party.  I got my one hour of practice to learn 10 songs in 60 minutes since I am still dumb enough not to own my own keyboard even though it is my favorite thing ever.  Anyway, we weren’t splitting the atom, but pretty amazing what a couple musicians can pull together in 60 minutes at a 65 hour a week job, especially when some of the guys have families…and instruments to practice on.  I will get keys.  I just want a weight sensitive Roland, and those things aren’t cheap.  My skills are wasted on a NOT touch sensitive keyboard.  Classically trained.  Need the weight.

32)   Holy smokes.  The Cavs snuck in at #1 in the NBA draft, with that ridiculous young kid with goofy glasses as their rep.  Orlando got screwed, but this is the draft to have that happen.  With Cleveland, we might be talking about how they were the NBA version of the Pens from 5-6 years ago.  Two #1’s in this short of span?

33)   That is it.  It is 6:56.  Game time.  I already have 10 things on the list for tomorrow.  Thanks to you all for reading.  You have NO idea how much I love writing this thing.  This is now a self supporting blog, and please tell your friends.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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