I’m going to kill the bear…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  Old format.  Evening Sunday rant (odd).  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       I am hanging with Lindsey with no sporting events while writing this rant.  We are watching Tosh.  He just did a clip of someone dropping a sheep down a mountain and the sheep walking away from the fall.  Tosh then said “We just saw a sheep walk away from a mountain fall.  What do you have to say, Derrick Rose?”

2)      The Pacers beat the Knicks in Game 6.  First of all, the better team won.  Second of all, it is an annually happy moment to see Melo and JR Smith fail.  Third of all, this Pacers-Heat matchup is a MUCH better pairing in the Eastern Finals than Miami-NYK.

3)      Serena and Nadal won today in the final tune up for the French.  Copy and paste these winners, folks, assuming they are healthy.

4)      In case you care, which I don’t, Johnson won the All Star race in NASCAR.  What makes an All Star race exactly in NASCAR?  I thought they ALL raced every freaking week.

5)      I don’t care if the Kings are complaining about their OT loss to the Sharks.  It said here pre playoffs that the Sharks would lose to the Pens in the Stanley Cup Finals.  The Sharks stole an overtime game, righteous or not, and they did their job, which is win one game at the favored team’s crib.  Win two at home, drop the 5th game, and take this series in five games, boys.

6)      I was traveling back from the mountains, so I missed it, but the Spurs decisively beat Memphis in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals.  THAT is why I was on the road.  Spurs in 6 if Memphis is lucky.  Scripted if you ask me, and Memphis is not quite ready yet.

7)      Lindsey felt bad about me surprising me that we were out to dinner (more on the trip in a bit) during Game 6 of the Pacers-Knicks series.  Why did I miss it?  Sacrifice for a relationship, and knowing exactly how the thing was going to go down.  Glad I tuned in though for the end of the game.  The Pacers were losing before I turned it on, but coincidentally went on a 9-0 run as soon as my eyes were watching the game.

8)      I love Colorado.  I drove back today from Glenwood today since Lindsey drove yesterday.  While driving through the mountains, we had warm cloudy weather, rain, snow, hail, and then hot sunny weather.  I think we experienced all four seasons in about 2.5 hours.

9)      I witnessed an act of kindness today.  We stopped by Beau Joe’s today, a Colorado staple for pizza in the state.  We sat down and there were about ten high school students having a good time eating pizza.  We witnessed the server telling them their tab was cleared by the small table sitting next them who were no longer there.  Dibs to the kids for not only ALL running out of the restaurant to try and catch them and thank them, but also leaving a good amount of extra cash on the table for the server when they came back in.

10)   They won, but you know it is bad for my Phils when they are pinch running Cliff Lee.  For you non baseball people, he is a slow pitcher who is not a runner.

11)   I see these commercials for Vonage.  Does anyone know ONE person who has that utility?

12)   EJ Manuel says that the Bills system is easier than his FSU system.  That is great.  They also win less games than your school did, and they had 16 attempts and you had 12-13.

13)   Am I moving or just “packing” if I am moving literally 4 small blocks in a month?

14)   I am frightened of bees, so therefore there is NO way this has even entered my subconscious.  http://www.thefrisky.com/2013-05-15/man-has-sex-with-a-hornets-nest-and-dies/

15)   By the way, thanks to all of the new readers.  I have had a ridiculous amount of reader registrations over the last week.  Glad you are enjoying my blog.  Tell your friends  too.

16)   In case I haven’t mentioned it, Spurs in 5 or 6, Miami in 6, although I will say that I think the Pacers could win that series.  I think it, and HOPE it.

17)   I am sending out scouts to New York from my Rant Squad for Mike Gordon, who just got arrested for drugs and weaps this weekend, but I have to tell you, Mike.  Titus has OWNED the last two weeks, and you need two more to qualify.

18)   Speaking of Titus Young, apparently he has gotten a restraining order.  Is that restraining order against all of society?  Police, cars, etc.?  Dude needs to go to a prison football team or go live in a witness protection program in a log cabin in the same setting as that The Edge (WATCH that movie if you haven’t seen it.  Hopkins, and very under the radar).  It still makes me say ” I am going to kill the bear” if I have to do something important or scary.

19)   Gronk needs back surgery too??  I am not a doctor, but can they just knock that out during his fourth arm surgery?

20)   Thanks, Comcast.  I worked from home for the first time in months Friday.  And you have NO service?  I haven’t seen PTI when on air in months, and you screwed that up.  Now I know why my buddy Scott watched TV on his laptop for months out of rebellion.

21)   Lindsey and I went HERE Saturday.  One of the best kept secrets in CO.  Amusement park on top of a mountain, and one that Groupon has picked up on.  You get apprehensive just waiting in line, the Alpine Slide is the most fun ride I have ever been on, and this swing thing is NUTS.  You wait in line, watch everyone cussing on it twenty feet from you, and then get nervous about it yourself.



21a)  THEN, the next day, Lindsey and I went HERE.  AWESOME.  Challenging hike of 1.25 miles called Hanging Lake (exit 121 or 125 off of route 70).  Worth every minute of the challenge.  Lake on top of a mountain that is still blue.  Take the secondary hike too to chill out underneath a huge waterfall.





22)   The Seahawks Bruce Irvin got busted for PED’s.  At least one person on that team is doing SOMETHING wrong.  They are young, talented, and extremely dangerous.  If Green Bay can’t do its thing, the Niners and Seahawks OWN the NFC next year.

23)   The X Games are going on.  You are reading the wrong blog If you actually think I am going to comment on results so far.

24)   Thoughts and prayers to Dick Trickle’s family.  He committed suicide this week.  I would like 5 minutes with his ‘rents to know how the hell they can pick that first name with that last name.

25)   When Chad Johnson gets bored and decides to fight Jose Canseco, can we arrange a fight between Oates and Tortorella of the Caps and Rangers?  We don’t have to wait long.  It said here the Rangers would advance to the second round.  It also said they were toast in the second round.

26)   Good luck to Maurice Clarett in rugby.  Seriously, he is trying it in a semi-pro league.  Still have nightmares about going pro a little early from a school that would have made you a star?

27)   A soccer player found a pig’s head in his locker.  Perhaps he watched Seven that night and completed the cycle.

28)   Why do we care if Lindsey Vonn is on Tiger’s yacht now if they have already announced they are an item?  That is like the celebrity version of someone saying they saw Lindsey on MY yacht…IF I owned a yacht.

29)   Kobe says that Phil Jackson’s Jordan over Kobe comparison is apples to oranges.  That is fair, and your Shaq argument is valid…IF we didn’t question IF you would have more than 2 titles WITHOUT Shaq.

30)   Real Madrid lost SOMETHING.  I can’t track this shit.

31)   Mr. Rooney, PLEASE tell me you have at least dropped a LINE to free agent Charles Woodson.  Just saying.  He is old, but we didn’t make the playoffs last year…at ALL.  I know the Steelers’ fan base is spoiled, but tell me he is on speed dial at least.

32)   I don’t like Conan, but this is pretty funny about NBA post game outfits.  http://extramustard.si.com/2013/05/17/conan-obriens-spoof-nba-postgame-outfits-only-slightly-more-absurd-than-reality/

33)   We went down the other night to check out the America Ninja Warriors set up two blocks from my house.  We might go out and check out the competition tomorrow night.  LOVE where I live.

34)   I wasn’t exactly livid about the whole Comcast blackout thing since I was working, but how many times am I actually going to get to catch the NBA Combine?  Larkin and Cody evidently lit it up.  NFL gets all of the hype.  It was on that afternoon.

35)   For all of you people who get tired of me talking about Sidney Crosby, I think that the hat trick the other night was my middle finger to you.  What is scary is their depth.  They don’t need him technically to win this whole thing.

36)   I THINK the Indy 500 was either today or next week.  Not sure.  You have clicked on the wrong blog if you think you might get an update on this, and I was just glad that Helio said that Rick Mears was his hero.  I KNOW who Rick Mears is and somehow watched him watched his titles.  Must have been a break in the trout fishing schedule and my dad was bored.

37)   I am sad that Ken Venturi died.  Everyone is.  His voice in the Majors announcing over the years will be missed.  Dare I say the Hubie Brown of golf?

38)   Oxbow wins the Preakness.  He was 15-1, which is a surprising win.  That being said, Gary Stevens was the jockey and Wayne Lukas was the trainer, meaning this is like next year Steve Nash and Phil Jackson winning a title somewhere.  Big names.

39)   There is no easy way to say this.  Girls have groins, people.  With all of the hiding of what happens or how it is documented when an athlete gets hit in the junk, I was doubted this week.

40)   Matt Moore is now 8-0.  Why am I telling you this?  He is the first lefty under the age of 23 since BABE RUTH (known as a hitter-lol), to start 8-0.  Tell your friends.

41)   “Bae prevails at Nelson for his first PGA win.”  I admit it.  I don’t know his first name.  YOU Google it.

42)   The Wings split the first two games with the Blackhawks.  Read my last blog.  No surprise on this side.

43)   I noticed that either Fox FINALLY picked up on the whole Metta World Peace weather thing, or they are just re-airing it.  Anyway, here it is again.  http://now.msn.com/metta-world-peace-does-the-weather-on-fox-la-channel

44)   I was lucky enough to watch arguably one of the best final rounds of all time in golf…the 2008 US Open in San Diego.  I was sad to find out that Rocco asked for Tiger’s quote to frame afterwards and that my boy just signed it and left it at that.  I hope that is not true.

45)   Coach K might return to the USA Olympic Team.  Good idea.  Plus, his $9 million paycheck in 2012 and the recruitment of Jabari Parker will probably find him some time.

46)   Griner’s coach in college to keep quiet about being gay.  I can’t WAIT for this thing to blow up.  Baylor has already had a freaking murder.  Adding this would just be icing on the cake.  Good luck with this one if has any legs.

47)   Forgot to tell you.  The health of George Hill is paramount to the Pacers beating the Heat.

48)   I watched the old roast of Bob Saget the other night with Lindsey.  It was awesome.  http://videogum.com/15201/norm_macdonalds_genius_roast_of_bob_saget/stand-up-comedy/

49)   Forbes listed the most favorite mascots in all of sports.  I think the list was BS.  I MET the Phillie Phanatic.  Coming in at #4 is wrong.  Benny the Bull and Pat the Patriot were #1 and #2?  I assume you all don’t like Italian accents and didn’t do live interviews.

50)   I am not from Boston, but I will be sad to see Paul Pierce play for another team before he retires.  Can’t everyone be Tony Gwynn and Carl Ripken?

51)   I see the Rockies are coming back to .500.  Never thought THIS would happen with a pitching staff that I can’t name TWO off the top of my head.

52)   If you are local, PLEASE try to check out the Cantina.  11th and Broadway, owned by a buddy of mine, 1 block from my place, and VERY fun environment.

53)   Michael Phelps is contemplating a Rio comeback.  As Lindsey said, has Brett Favre and him gone for drinks lately?

54)   Apparently, Mario Williams sent some suicide texts.  This is coming from a girl who got a $785k engagement ring.  Who do YOU believe?

55)   Vince Young says that graduation was better than winning a national championship.  Go figure.  This is coming from a guy who scored a 6 out of 50 on the Wonderlic, where the average NFL score is 21.  Good job to you and the grand university of Texas.

56)   That is it.  Finishing up Family Guy new one and crashing early before work tomorrow.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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