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Let’s turn and burn.


The Chicago Blackhawks are 17-0-3, almost unfathomable for hockey.  They won again decisively last night.  They are approaching crazy record ground, and with only 48 games in the season and with the amount of playoff spots there are in the NHL, we can figure that they can win another 10 games and will be good for the playoffs.  They could take the rest of the season off and go back to their strike activities.


OK.  This isn’t in any of those categories, but I care about as much about the “sport.”  There was a possible MURDER at the Westminster dog show.  Let’s get Ace Ventura in here to sort this stuff out.  http://www.chicagonow.com/steve-dales-pet-world/2013/03/dogs-death-following-westminster-may-be-a-murder-mystery/


Chris Johnson says that he will outrush Adrian Peterson next year.  Dude, between you and Dwight Howard, I could absolutely lose my mind with your need for the microphone.  I know, I know.  You rushed for 2,006 in 2009.  Since then, you have had had two glossy years of 1,047 and 1,243.  I got an idea.  Why don’t you prove you can be quiet for 83.58 days?  We would get some piece and quiet, we might like you again when you came back on the scene, and you would have been quiet for 2,006 hours.


Lindsey will of course be glad when basketball season is over (of course, then I just get on the NBA playoff parade).  I definitely don’t think she will watch any more UVA games with me.  I am not pleasant company I don’t think.


Check out Mickael Pietrus busting a move (I know.  I just combined the categories).  http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/blogs/magic-basketblog/os-mbb-mickael-pietrus-videobombs-20130228,0,3532887.post


The grass is green, the sky is blue, and Dennis Rodman is extremely confusing.  Luckily for us, he has found a new best friend (Kim Jong-un), who happens to be on the other side of the world AND in enemy territory.  I suppose it can’t hurt us.  If Kim already hated what he thought was normal Americans, perhaps he will be confused and start liking us if he thinks that Dennis is a normal American.  Or maybe Dennis is a CIA agent who crammed an NBA career before doing agent stuff after being planted here in the States as a kid.  I need a flow chart and the movie No Way Out.


The move is only a small one.  I am sure as hell glad UVA just got off the NCAA bubble.  Because if they were still on it, Temple’s win over Detroit last night would have made them bubble dance partners.


Very interesting article in ESPN Mag about a guy who became a millionaire on betting NBA basketball.  Odd thing is this.  He did it without computers early in his career.  Before Vegas adjusted, all he did was bet on the fact that more points would be scored in the second half because of free throws and end of game situations.  Early 90’s Vegas oddly just cut the over in half.  http://espn.go.com/blog/playbook/dollars/post/_/id/2935/meet-the-worlds-top-nba-gambler


UVA did it.  They had lost to Duke 17 of the last 18 times.  Joe Harris had a cool 36 points, with most of them not three’s surprisingly.  I am really glad the ball had a UVA magnet in it on odd bounces, and double thankful that the refs must have been ex-Wahoos.  I was TOTALLY surprised that UVA was a minus 1 favorite going into the game.  That is CRAZY, and I would have been WAY off in my line prediction, which is odd in hoops with me.  Anyway, when watching a UVA game, the math is simple.  If you guestimate about 12-13 points every ten minutes being scored against them, you can figure out if they are going to win in most cases.  They like it slow, and even when things were going fast GOOD for them, I was begging them to slow down.  Anyway, good win, and after reviewing another mock NBA draft today, I am still stumped as to how Joe Harris is not even ballparked at ALL to be chosen.

One other thing.  The court storming.  UVA SHOULD have gotten Duke off the court, because the 1% chance that someone would do something dumb is STILL 1%.  Maybe the security guys even thought they would find a way to blow the game.  OR, they understaffed BECAUSE they expected a loss.


The Catholic 7 are picking up recruits, will form a new conference, and will even jack the Big East Conference’s name.  I got to tell you.  The 7 plus the teams they are discussing looks pretty solid…well, if St. John’s and DePaul are ever good again.  They are already picking up Xavier and Butler, with the next name on the list being Creighton.


Texas Rangers Elvis Andrus had to leave a Cactus League game because of new tattoo sensitivity.  Come on.  First of all, why is your tattoo in English when you are from Venezuela?  Second, were you too booked in January to get that bad boy?

That is it.  Tomorrow is the long free style rant.  Hope you enjoyed the new format in its first week.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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