I was winded watching the game on my couch. #ou #boomersooner

Just my random thoughts…again, no time to organize.

  1.  Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. I admit to not flipping channels much this Saturday.  I didn’t even watch UVA somehow beat GTech.  I was too busy watching the track meet that was the OU-OSU Bedlam game.  They hit the over by HALFTIME.
  3. The Heisman is now Baker Mayfield’s to lose.  Image result for baker mayfield dancing
  4. The Sooners can’t really stop anyone, but to be fair, they had a patchwork secondary, were going against the offensive machine that is OSU, and apparently can just outscore you anyway.
  5. At least the Pokes fans got their two cents in BEFORE the game.  Sign on Gameday that read “even your mascot is a bandwagon.”
  6. So, I guess just on playing extra time next week, Purdue.  Northwestern played its THIRD straight OT game in a win against Nebraska this week.
  7. When I say i was “surprised” that means I probably lost a bet.
  8. I was surprised Stanford got outlasted by WSU.
  9. I was surprised Florida got SMOKED by Missouri.  Missouri???!!!!  Yeah.  It was just the coach that was the problem.  It seems like so long ago when Florida could beat anyone on any given day.  Image result for florida danny wuerffel
  10. (It’s ok.  OU saved the day with me.)
  11. The Browns made Joe Thomas the highest paid OL in the league.  That is good, and it should be that way.  Plus, sometimes people spend money when they are sad.  Without the Buckeyes to lean on, their lives are still very melancholy.
  12. I could have seen the Buckeyes possibly losing a tight game before the end of the season.  But, to get absolutely SMOKED by Iowa was confusing, bad, and delusional slightly.  And POOF.  That magical comeback against PSU is GONE.
  13. But they still have the Cavs.  LeBron.  WOW.  Not only did he score 57, but he had ONE three pointer, and showed us what it is like when he enters the game saying “today…I will…post up.”  Scary stuff, man.   Image result for lebron scores 57
  14. Bill Simmons said it right.  Without even looking anything up, that was the best game by anyone 15 years into the league…easily.
  15. Of course, PSU is having its OWN problems.  Three hour delay for a visiting college football team against a worthy opponent.  Had I KNOWN there would be THAT, I would have been all OVER MSU.
  16. Dude, was THIS the plan?  Just curious.  As Denis Leary once said, you have to have goals.  https://screengrabber.deadspin.com/idiot-on-the-field-drops-trousers-1820147416
  17. Image result for denis leary no cure for cancer
  18. We all know Matt Leinart pushed Bush a little in that classic football game way back when.  But, if he had lifted some weights and found some more friends, THIS is what it would have looked like.  https://screengrabber.deadspin.com/push-it-1820146023
  19. Damn.  Now that song is in my head.  Play some background music, TCU-UT announcers.  Image result for salt and pepper push it
  20. There we go.
  21. I didn’t think Steve Kerr had that kind of language in him.  If he says THAT to a ref, I would hate to hear how he talks about Trump.
  22. I am lying.  We would like a PODCAST of how he talks about Trump.
  23. I just realized “why am I watching the TCU game when Miami-VaTech is on?”
  24. Fixed.
  25. Don’t you hate when you randomly hit a few keyboard keys and you do some magical function on your PC?  I just did.  Just erased my next 7 hooks.  Rewriting them quickly.  No undo that I have found in WordPress.
  26. I guess this is what you call a very penalizing “toilet paper high.”  https://deadspin.com/toilet-paper-madness-costs-field-hockey-powerhouse-spot-1820143694
  27. When you have a 3 hour delay for weather, the home team is probably going to have the comfort advantage, and MSU took advantage of it.  There goes the whole PSU in the playoff, Barkley easily for Heisman philosophies.
  28. When my wife asked when the Steelers bye week was, I didn’t really think about the replacement action.  Well, considering her side project is the whole Gallery on the Go business, I am painting a little on NFL Sunday.  That is fine.  I got the undisturbed day of on the couch football all day today.  
  29. I am so confused.  I thought Coke Zero WAS sugar free.  Apparently, I don’t read food and drink labels much.  What is this new Zero Sugar thing they now have?  I feel like I got duped.  Image result for coke zero sugar
  30. I have been wanting to start boxing again.  Took a trip to the local rec center this morning.  I found my new weekly oasis.  My, I will go to town in this thing.  I have to buy my own speed bag to hang (theft worry), but ironic that a Philly accent guy let me use his today.  Love it.  
  31. I went to town there today.
  32. Back to being caught up.  Won’t do THAT again.  Anyway, funny betting story.  I have a couple of regular bets I do who are good at covering the spread.  FAU is one of those teams.  LUCKILY, that game did NOT appear in my queue last night.  Spread was 6.5.  FAU was up 7 with 14 seconds to play.  Lane Kiffin took a safety to guard against a punt problem and they won by 5.  Wow.  That would have driven me crazy.  All good, but typically idiotic Lane decided to tweet about it too.  Whoops.  Image result for lane kiffin tweets point spread
  33. Remember Dave Meggett?  Returner extraordinaire in the NFL?  Well, if he breaks anything else, it will be out of prison.  Sentenced to 30 years.  Image result for dave meggett sentenced
  34. There was a highlight of Doug McDermott reverse dunking on someone and I looked outside to see if the end of the world was occurring.  It was not, but that is just CRAZY.  Image result for doug mcdermott reverse dunk
  35. I love Mark Cuban.  Love his style.  Love that he has a ring.  Love his involvement in his team.  Love him on Shark Tank.  And definitely LOVE that he fired at Draymond Green to get an apology about him dissing owners and what they were.  LOVE it.  Draymond is unfiltered and that makes him fun, but no need to throw ALL of the owners under the bus, bro.  Cuban is right.  They own EQUITY, not people.  Back off, Draymond.  Image result for mark cuban shark tank
  36. The Celtics beat OKC last night, and Kyrie did NOTHING until late in the game.  That dude is scary when he catches fire, which he did.  I am sure Melo was all over people about their defensive effort.  What a leader.
  37. Why does the media use “Kap” when it just makes more sense to use his accurate letters, “Kaep?”  I don’t get it.  ONE single letter.  I will continue to use “Kaep.”
  38. ANYWAY.  In the Kaep case, they are grabbing owners phones.  That is great and all, but how did the masses know about this before they were actually seized, therefore giving them time to clear out some shit?  I personally wanted dibs on Jerry Jones’ phone.
  39. Did you hear about Bettor X during the World Series?  Crazy story.  This guy went casino to casino maxing all of his bets in games 1,2,3,4 and 6.  He took about $10 million from Vegas.  And I am sitting here playing around with $10 parlays.
  40. I KNEW Porzingis would trump his brother’s comments and say he loves NYC.  Don’t piss anyone off, bro.  You, right now, are the Golden Child.  And your stat line this season is ridiculous.  
  41. Tiger Woods says we need to change the golf ball.  I will tell you what, bro.  You play 5 consecutive tourneys and make the cut in each, and THEN you can tell the sport to change the focus piece of equipment.
  42. Kelly Oubre is averaging 12 and 5 and wearing clothes that say F-U to everyone around.  Not following.  Image result for kelly oubre coat
  43. I have decided in 2018 I am writing a book.  More on that over the holidays.  I have a plan.
  44. We saw the Motet last night.  GREAT band, where every single solo makes you think that THAT guy is the best one in the band at his craft.  Funk.  Groove.  Jam.  Brilliant.  Fun covers galore.  His Micheal Jackson cover was awesome.  
  45. Yeah.  I am usually going to vote for the keyboardist.
  46. Good food day Friday.  Free pizza across the street at Pieology at their soft opening, and before that Chill bought me a breakfast burrito.
  47. Chill just won a sales contest.  He can afford it.
  48. Do the judges have Ezekial Elliott on their fantasy team?
  49. Brian Bowen was cleared by the FBI at Louisville.  Now just wait to see this phenom play.  He is stellar.  Image result for brian bowen louisville
  50. Justin Verlander and Kate Upton are getting married this weekend.  So, all in all, not a bad week for the lad.
  51. Caroline Wozniacki is now engaged to David Lee, and says she has found her soul mate.  Adorable.  So, three years after she found her last famous athlete soul mate (Rory), she NOW has officially found THE one.  Good job.  Image result for wozniacki lee engaged
  52. If you are a basketball fan and have not yet read Zach Lowe’s Ten Things this week, then you should be ashamed of yourself as a basketball fan.  READ it.  It is fantastic stuff.  If you are a semi-basketball fan, then don’t read it.  High level.
  53. Got my Movember page up and working.  No semi-moustache pic yet on there (will be by Monday afternoon), but I am now live for my horrible month long look for a good cause.  https://mobro.co/13689336?mc=1
  54. My wife is not very happy about this whole month long thing.  At ALL.
  55. I don’t have any of last year’s moustache picks handy, but you will get fresh ones soon.
  56. I don’t know him, so maybe I shouldn’t dislike him, but I just feel that if anyone should get burglarized twice during baseball games, it should be Yasiel Puig.  He got robbed during Game 7.
  57. You knew this was coming.  A Navy vet declined an award by the Saints out of all of this anthem issue stuff.  Not sure I can blame him.  The anthem kneeling CAUSE is fine.  But, the flag isn’t the problem, and military people will get irked.
  58. Va Tech came out in this game like they enjoyed Miami too much last night.  Hope you had a good time.
  59. You will get one more blog from me before I head to Aspen on Thursday for a long weekend.  My favorite town in the world.  No blog-zone for that trip.  I will say goodbye though.
  60. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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